Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [트위니는말이야 | TwiNny is..] ‘Teddy Bear’ MV Behind Ep.2

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[TwiNny is...]

[Knock knock knock]

[TwiNny is going in~ Go!]

[This is NATTY's Teddy Bear music video set!]


I'm going to shoot my first scene now.

Do I look okay?

[Yes yes!]

[Good luck NATTY!]

It's good.

Cut, let's cut.

[NATTY way to go, way to go!]

[20020530 spoons of cuteness]

Do you feel comfortable?

[Nods, nods]

[TwiNny breaking news, TwiNny is scheduled to appear in the music video / Because of TwiNny's appearance in 'NATTY's' -Teddy Bear music video,' a part of 'TwiNny is ep. 2' will be filmed as 'Natty is' by the staff instead] Focus / TwiNny is filming]

Teddy bear here~

[The Bear is a professional actor]

[Acting cute]

[Loveliness falling...]

[Ding dong]


What do you think, Twinny

My behind-the-scenes scene. (?)

I'm so curious how the music video will turn out

but we're having fun

having fun?

having fun

filming the music video.

It used to be so cute and lovely

but suddenly, this teddy bear turned weird.


I looked at the manual

to fix the bear.

[Teddy bear manual] So, now

this is the process of fixing it.

Doesn't it sound fun?

Please look forward to it.

[Beware of cuteness] Let me introduce to you

our room.

[Let me introduce you to NATTY] Let me introduce you.

Let me introduce to you our room.

This is my friends and family.

(You're) my TwiNny.


What's your name?





Is it Mint! and

What should I name this one?

What should I name this one?

I'm the only one without a name





I'm good at this.

[Spin] I did this at a gymnastics competition.

[Huge kitty... Nope it's a teddy bear]

[My NATTY... Don't catch a cold...]

[I'm behind NATTY! / I'm here!]

[NATTY, tie my hair too...]

[Hello hello]

Hello TwiNny!

We meet again?

This is my shooting range.

It's my shooting range.

Please look forward to it.

And if you look at the music video, there'll be a scene here.

I believe it came out really pretty.

So I'd like you to focus on that scene





[NATTY and teddy bear (NATTY's team wearing a headband) 6 people]

[The way she monitors is cute]


[NATTY's team (6 teddy bears, teacher) Going home!]

[How do you feel about filming your second music video] I can't believe I shot a music video

[Deeply moved] for the second time...

That's what I think and


I couldn't believe it

the first time.

I thought I would be

practicing and filming like a trainee

I was excited back then.

But this time,

I thought 'I want to show more of myself. '

so I studied

I studied about

how I could express myself more.

I'm hoping it'll come out well...


I think it'll come out better.

[Shooting's almost finished]

[All finished~]

Thank you for your effort!

Thanks for everything!


It's over.


I'm leaving.


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