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hi and welcome Naja tech channel in this video I have firmware OTA for

upgrade your s8 plus to the latest firmware this upgrade is official

official firmware OTA update this firmware can

work only with official firmware more or officially Room firmware official

the upgrade this firmware you have to use your SD card phone if you

don't have an SD card in your phone you can use your computer or your Mac follow

me to download and follow me to listen to the tutorial or you can read the

tutorial from my blogger



tutorial step 1 download the desired update file above step 2 if

you have an SD card in your phone name the file to update dot zip in place

at the room of your phone otherwise

put the file onto a computer step 3 move the phone into recovery mode by

turning the phone off once it's off press pixbe the volume up and power

buttons when returns back on that go but keep the other down

when you back on blue screen appears let go of

buttons step 4 using the volume keys navigate to apply update from sd card if

you have an SD card in your phone apply update from adb if you have the file in

your computer step 5 if you have an SD card press the

power button and wait for it to finish then you're done if the file is on your

computer continue to step 6 step 6 download the Android platform

choose for your OS and unzip them step 7 plug the phone into your computer

and wait for a new drivers to install then press the power button on the paw

update from a adb it will now wait for the computer step 8

open Cm D on windows or terminal from Mac / Linux

file called it warhead docx from the platform tools into the console window

type space side load space and then drag the

firmware update dot zip into the console window and hit enter wait for it to

finish and you are done thanks for all your support

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