Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "The Phoenix" Najee Richardson Burns up the Course - American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers 2020

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-Here we go!

-Shake it off! [ Starting tones sound ]

-Here we go. I like them pants, too.

Them pants look nice! -Oh, what an explosive start.

Just effortless for Najee.

And this guy, a high-level gymnast

before injuries ended his career.

He knows how to fly.

Made it to Vegas last season, but went out early.

Says his head just wasn't in it.

But he's come back this year with a renewed focus.

-And there's part of it on his shirt.

Najee's been one of the leaders of Ninjas for Black Lives,

using his platform to promote social justice.

-Yes! -Nice!

-Straighten it out! -Well, he's dealt with asthma

and has become an ambassador for the American Lung Association,

has done so much in so many regards, Akbar.

This guy is truly a leader.

-Cool! There it is, man!

-Nice. -Great handwork there.

-Well, nobody has better body movement than Najee Richardson.

-The Phoenix can fly,

but appropriately wary of this balance obstacle.

Alright, here we go. Nice.

Good footwork. -[ Shouting ]

-A little stiff! -Oh! Whoa!

Boy, he rolled on that one!

And gave everyone a scare there, but survives with the roll.

-Whoo! Whoo! -Yeah!

-That's it! That's it!

-And now on the Ferris wheel.

He's not gonna beat Thomas Stillings

for the fastest time,

but I think Najee just wants a buzzer.

-Yeah, first time he's faced this obstacle.

The drop can surprise you if you aren't ready.

-Hold it! -Holds on.

-Nice! -Yes!

-Nice! -Come on, come on!

-Come on, man! -Going up to get over.

-He's got to pull up. -Keep breathing!

-A little higher here.

-Yeah, that's right.

And then when he makes that transfer,

he doesn't have that high to go.

Up, up, up and away!

-Good power out of Najee Richardson.

-Come on, come on! -Come on!

-You're doing great, dude.

-Alright, here we go.

He's got it!


-Can he get this dismount?

And he is through it!

[ All cheering ]

-What is Najee gonna do?

-I think he's going for that 10K.

-Yeah, man. -And you can see him

calming his breathing down.

He didn't get it last year in Baltimore.

Can he do it tonight?

-Beat that wall! Beat that wall!

-The two rookies he brought with him showing their support.

-Beat that wall! Beat that wall! -$10,000.

-Only Nick Hanson has done it this season.

-Fly, homey! Fly, homey!

-Can The Phoenix rise?

-You know, he hits that buzzer, it's gonna turn green --

green for that money.

Fly, homey! Fly, homey! -Come on!

-Ohh! -Oh! Just missed it!

-Oh, man! I thought he had it.

But he's getting that buzzer, no problem.

Najee Richardson!

The Phoenix is back! [ Horn blows ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Way to go, Naj!

-So close! -Yeah, I know.

You wanted that one. -Aah!

-You had the run-up. You had it all!

-[ Laughs ]

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