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Is it a roe? -Yes.

Oh, yes. Fuck, yes.

Munchies presents

The New Hunters

People are increasingly interested in honest and natural products.

This includes game, which is obtained by hunting.

The practice of hunting has always been a controversial subject.

Hunters where often slandered on...

and people often think of hunters as rich guys...

who will shoot an innocent animal just for fun...

after which they would eat it at their huge mansions.

'Murderer, animal slayer', that's what they called us.

To eat it, you must shoot it. It doesn't grow on trees.

Nowadays people tend to focus their anger towards the bio industry.

A new kind of hunter has stood up, young people who care about healthy food.

And with that in mind, they hunt.

I think if people had to kill for meat themselves, then we'd eat less meat.

It has improved. I don't hear many objections anymore.

Even vegetarians who don't eat meat say: if I had to, it'd be game.

We follow a few new hunters to see what role hunting plays in their lives...

and how they experience it.

I'm on my way to Max. Max hunts now and again...

but not according to the rules, he didn't follow a course.

He doesn't stick to the season.

He walks out of the house to see if he can catch a rabbit somewhere.

He's coming down. Hi, Max.

Everything alright? -Yes. And you?

I couldn't open the door. -No, I saw. It jams.

Come on in. -Chill.

I was a vegetarian for a year.

I couldn't eat meat for a year because it was too hard emotionally.

At least now, I can look in the mirror and say:

'I've done it, so I know what it's like.'

What do you take with you? An air gun? -Yes.

You'd think that the more often you do it, the easier it gets emotionally.

It's still heavy and I'm not sure that I could provide in all my food by myself.

If I'm cycling home after a night out and I pass a McDonald's and I'm hungry...

I'm not sure that I won't choose to have an easy snack.

Rather than go into the woods in the middle of the night.

That's an elaborate way of getting a snack. -Certainly.

Many new hunters grew up in cities.

Noni and Jessica are from Amsterdam and they're chefs in different restaurants.

They've signed up for a hunting course to see if they can hunt their own game.

Do you work with game a lot? -When it's the season, not in summer.

Why do you work with game? -Because it's tasty.

That's the best reason.

I think that people nowadays are more busy with being healthy.

It's because of that, that they are looking for better and tastier food.

And therefore want to know what their food really is.

First, we were all enjoying the pleasures of ready-made

supermarkets and convenience, but now we've gotten used to it.

So now we think: damn, these supermarket packets make us unhappy.

How do we get back to being happy?

Nuts and seeds and everything from the forest.

Yes. -That's what I think.

How did people react to you signing up for a hunting course?

My environment thinks it's cool. -And no one is surprised.

So, at last you're going to... Yes, finally, cool.

Okay, this is where they should be. Nice.

There are quite a few of them. Damn. -Yes, quite a few.

We're at the railway tracks in Sloterdijk and we've seen a lot of rabbits.

Already. -Yes, so we're going to shoot one.

Are there any rules in general?

Yes, I think it's not even allowed. -Ok.

Now I always start to doubt whether this is actually such a good idea.

I think we should just get on with it.

Did you see whether you missed? -No.

I think you... -That I hit it, yes.

I'd really regret that. -Perhaps it's still out there.

I didn't think about the fact that normally you need certificates to hunt

and a hunting and a gun license and this entire...

We never experienced the entire bureaucracy. We never thought about it.

It's not the most pleasant of lessons, but we have to cover it together.

The pheasant starts on October the 15th. The male from January 31 to December 31.

Try to remember why.

You follow lessons on animals, the natural environment and legislation.

If you have land where you're allowed to hunt...

there is a circle of a certain diameter...

I think it has to be 100 acres, right? -Yes.

But if there's a ditch... -It depends on how wide it is.

Then the rules suddenly change. A road this big, is that allowed or not?

And once you know that and have passed that exam, you have to do a practical exam.

You must be able to shoot clay pigeons, which is quite hard, actually.

Move the top lever to the right. Now you have opened it up.

Does it suit you? -No, it takes getting used to.

I have to get over my fear.

But you can stand there holding it. -Yes, but it's a potential noise maker.

I'm also afraid of balloons, for instance. -I see.

But you took up shooting? -Yes.

I think that it has become less stringent than before.

One group of people are from the green sector.

And other people feel that after completing this course...

they want to join someone on a hunt.

Before, it wasn't really talked about, not even by hunters.

Now we're more open about what we do: Come and see what we do, join us.

Sjoerd Evenhuis is a fulltime hunter who runs a small business with his brother...

that supplies restaurants with the game they shoot themselves.

I was a chef for quite some time. -Where?

I've worked in different kitchens throughout Amsterdam.

And I wanted to do more with game.

I wanted to present it to a broader audience, and that's how it went.

How are you doing? -Fine.

Could you close it?

You did a pretty good job there.

So, how often do you deliver here?

Here? Well, quite regularly, actually.

Of course, it depends on whether there is game about.

They're not domesticated pigs.

It has to do with the weather, the season, the type of game you're allowed to hunt.

And how active is the game now? -It's starting to move again.

The weather is quite bad and in the rain they don't move a lot.

Then you can't really hunt.

We're heading to Germany to go hunting with Sjoerd Evenhuis.

Today, we're joining him on a hunt for large game...

which are deer and wild boars.

During the day, the animals hide in the forest...

and when the sun sets, they come out to feed in the fields.

So, that's where we'll be.

We will be in one of these cabins on the edge of the forest...

waiting for the animals to appear so we can hunt them.

So from now on we must be quiet and wait? -Yes, until it's dark.

The circumstances aren't perfect, but Sjoerd knows what he's doing...

and we're excited.

Sjoerd is waiting with his gun until a deer or roe appears.

So that he can shoot it, but I think it takes a certain kind of person to do this.

You spend a long time waiting and sometimes nothing happens at all.

A few minutes later it started to rain...

and the only animal that appeared was this fox.

A few weeks later, we were invited to come to Drenthe to try again.

This time, we saw plenty of game, but it was too far away to get a good shot.

Again, we didn't hunt anything. -We did hunt.

We did hunt but we didn't shoot anything. -True.

They were a bit far away. They must be close enough to engage them.

To see whether it's a fawn or a stag, and whether it's young or old?

Because you can't just hunt everything. -Exactly.

You said that we didn't hunt, but this is what hunting is all about.

Anybody can learn to shoot something that moves...

but engaging game and taking your opportunity or not...

is a split-second decision. That's hunting.

If you don't enjoy seeing so many roes, we've seen a fox...

it was more than exciting, but if you can't enjoy it without shooting...

then you shouldn't go hunting. I think.

Now it gets real. You're going to use pellet cartridges.

This is what you see. You start by aiming at the tower, this is a clay pigeon.

As soon as it's flying, raise the barrel and aim at the middle of the pigeon.

It sounds simple, but it's hard to execute.

Ready? Put it against your cheek. Line it up.

Not bad. -What's the course like?

Harder than I thought. So is this, I thought it would be easier.

Yes, but the course is fucking detailed.

You almost need to know on what grass you can and can't walk.

Yes, more or less.

Press it against your shoulder. Here it comes.


I think it's good that you have to make the effort.

It would be strange if everybody could go hunting everywhere.

To hunt anything in the Netherlands you need to memorise all the rules and regulations...

and pass your practical exam.

After that, you'll need a special insurance...

and then you have to find a land owner who'll permit you to hunt on his property.

So you have to become friends with a farmer...

because farmers need hunters to keep their land clear...

and to make sure that rabbits won't eat their crops.

Did you know that? -No, not at all.

I thought you could just hunt if you're a hunter.

I also thought that you just buy a hunting license from the government...

and venture out into the woods with your elitist friends.

Only after finding a land owner, can you request a license from the police.

Only then are you allowed to hunt a wild animal.

Once you've passed the course...

then you have to take out an insurance, buy a gun and let the police check it.

This all comes on top of it.

But then you have to shoot a roe. What do you think that'll be like?

I don't know. -I think it will be pretty heavy.

I don't think it'll be easy to kill something for the very first time.

No, I don't think that I'll enjoy it.

What is that flying there? -A goose.

No, it's a common heron.

Hello, Sjoerd. Are you alright? Here we are again.

Yes, we need to hurry up. -Is there any game about?

The last few days, I've seen some animals so there is a good chance we'll shoot one.

We have to be fucking quiet now or Sjoerd will get mad at us.

And we won't see any deer, so it's in our own interest as well.

Take your gun.

Aim and take a second to calm yourself.

Make sure that you're breathing deeply and calmly.

And build up the pressure on the trigger until the shot fires.

Okay, well, success. Sjoerd is picking us up.

Well now...

So, we'd better go and see what's out there in the field, right?

Yes. -Here it is.

How do you feel about seeing this? -I'm struck by how small it is.

I don't know whether that's relevant. -It's a young roe.

Yes, okay. What do we do now? What happens now?

You're going to help me gut it. -Yes, I was afraid you'd say that.

Tell me what to do. -Hold on to its hind legs.

One second. -This is so weird.

Keep going. -Like this?

Yes, exactly. Have you got it? Hold on to it.

It doesn't smell that bad, actually.


Okay. -There.

When you shoot it, you often hit the internal organs.

So you quickly take the intestines out before any bacteria develop.

If you hit the stomach it can get into the meat?

Yes, if you're not quick enough, it'll affect the taste and its storage life.

What do we do now? -We hang it in the fridge.


Dear Sjoerd, the pleasure and honour is all mine.

Weidmannsheil with shooting this beautiful roe.

Thanks, Weidmannsdank. -Here is your sprig.

What is that, Sjoerd?

It's the sprig that's handed over by the master hunter to honour the game...

and to congratulate me on my correct way of hunting, really.

You can get close to that one from there, behind the car.

There is hardly anybody around right now.

I think what we do has nothing to do with animal abuse.

The consumer buys a piece of meat without thinking about whether it's right or wrong.

And the manufacturer decides how that process goes.

By doing it yourself, you start thinking about what's right and wrong.

Whether a rabbit that's been running around outside for four years...

has had a better life than a chicken in a battery cage.

Are you going to hit it?

Hit it over its head.

Well done.

Good job.

Heavy. Jesus, it really is. -Yes?


Time for a beer.

Despite Max' good intentions, it's illegal. He risks having to do community service...

and in the worst case, he may even end up getting a criminal record.

I've left the keys indoors.

I had the same thing. -Yes.

Put it outside.

Stroke it down its stomach. That's enough, I think.

Now we'll hang it up.

We'll let it hang for at least two days.

We have another rabbit for now which has hung for a week so it tastes better.

This is its stomach, isn't it? -Yes.

Don't cut through its peritoneum. -No.

Now we're going to take its coat off.

This isn't good to eat.

You seem to know what you're talking about. -YouTube.

Do you want a sip? -No, thanks.

Let's find a good recipe. Flemish rabbit stewed in beer.

Sounds good. A bay leaf.

A bunch of parsley.

If you buy meat in the supermarket you see packaged chicken fillets.

You don't realise it was a chicken.

With your mind, you tell yourself that this piece of meat is the same...

as the chicken fillet on your plate, but you feel that killing is bad.

It isn't easy and I found it harder to eat a piece of meat that I had never seen.

This feels better. When this rabbit is on your plate...

then it'll feel better than meat from the supermarket.

It feels like Christmas dinner. -In what way?

This rabbit was shot with so much attention and the atmosphere...

is almost better than Christmas. Not that I'm keen on Christmas...

but I am keen on this.

That's a good comparison. -Isn't it?

Although it'll take a while for game lovers to venture into the forests with a gun...

we have noticed that more and more people are getting excited about hunting.

In Amsterdam, for example, we found a group of new hunters...

who come together to exchange experiences. -Does everyone have the ability to hunt?

You have a hunting license. -Yes.

The longer you do it and the more people you speak...

the more people there seem to be hunting and the more connections you have.

The group of new hunters is increasing...

causing the perception of hunting to change with it.

It is inherent to the times we live in.

You see that we have a different generation of hunters now.

It's a generation of hunters that approaches the hunt differently.

It sounds like a big step to take. -It is.

Killing an animal is the heaviest step.

I keep wondering what I've got myself into but it's great fun.

For us it's an experiment.

Experiencing doing this at least once in a lifetime...

contributes to making you more aware of all those kilos of meat that we eat.

Many people have strong views on hunting...

but how you approach it, sounds like it's done with respect for the animals.

It's not unique. Every hunter does it like this.

We hunt and it's a privilege. The best thing about hunting is...

that you have the best and tastiest meat in the world.

That's what every hunter thinks.

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