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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cinderella - NEW Chapter 2 | Story Time with Ms. Booksy at Cool School

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Hi kids! Are you ready for Chapter Two of Cinderella?

I sure am!

At the end of Chapter One, Cinderella had just been banished to live in the barn by her mean stepmother!

Lets see what happens next!

Life in the barn wasnt so bad! Cinderella had made a nice little room for herself!

Being that much closer to the rooster meant I never overslept!

And it sure was convenient being able to just roll over and start my chores!

But I missed my old life. Especially my dad!

It seemed like he had been gone on his fishing trip for FOREVER!

Then I heard the awful news!

Extra, extra! Awful news! Read all about it! Local dad captured by pirates!

Yep, my dad had been captured by a gang of pirates!

And to make matters worse, my stepmother and stepsisters didnt even seem to care!

Hell be fine.

Who cares?

I cant worry. It gives me wrinkles.

Ugh! They were the worst!

Fine! ILL go find him!

Dont be ridiculous! You have to stay here and take care of us.

No way! Im gonna find him, and fight the pirates!

Hiyah! Hiyah!

Ill hire a search party. Theyll find him and bring him home.



But like really really?

Really really really! Gosh!

Um, can we stop talking about pirates and like get some breakfast?

Yeah, really.

Cinder-really! He he he!

[sighs] Fine.

With my dad gone so long, things went from very bad to way worse.

My stepmother decided that it was time for my stepsisters to get married.

And of course, I had to help.

There were etiquette lessons.

The most difficult task was teaching them how to be...not terrible.

Would you like to go for a walk?

Um, like, you dont have a carriage?

Ew! Next!

Okay, sooo, maybe dont yell so much?


Never mind...

It was beginning to feel pretty useless. My stepsisters were just big olmeanies.

Meanwhile, my dad was still out there somewhere with a crusty gang of pirates.

Actually...that doesnt sound so bad compared to these guys.

Good thing I still have you guys.

Goodnight, Sir Bonkers,

Lady Blinkie,







Goodnight to you, Squeakers, Pip, and Puff-puff!

Goodnight, Mr. Rooster!


Shh! Save it for the morning!

That night, I had a beautiful dream!

My dad was home, safe and sound!

My Stepmother and Gritzel and Unga were nowhere in sight!

Amazing! I was all dressed up! No more rags!

And I had the prettiest slippers...its almost as if they were made of glass!

[Gasps] Whats all that racket?

Why didnt you wake me, Mr. Rooster?

We must get to work immediately!

This is so exciting!

Whats going on?

The Queen is having a ball and were all invited!

Whoa! I just had a dream that I was dressed up in a beautiful gown!

Just like I was going to a royal ball. So funny!

That IS funny. You, in a gown?

Get it? Because you wear rags!

Yeah... I get it...

Whatever. They're rude. I was used to it, but a royal ball?

Now this was exciting!

What do YOU think kids? Will Cinderella get to go to the royal ball?

Will her father get rescued from the pirate gang?

I can't wait to find out. Chapter 3 is coming soon!

So make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it!

See ya!

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