Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dendi about new 5th player in Na`Vi squad (ENG SUBS)

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Music by Alexandra Pakhmutova, lyrics by Grebennikov and Dobronravov, performed by Danil Ishutin.


Okay guys, hello everyone. As you probably understood here with me is Danil ìDendiî Ishutin.

And this is the interview.

Danya, hello.


How are you?



Iím kidding, itís alight.

There are a lot of things to discuss. Unfortunately we werenít able to record it after TI,

thatís why I expressly came to Lviv to record it, because a lot of people asked about it.

There are a lot of things to talk about, as I said.

Letís start with International and move step by step to other topics.

How you did personally endured the International from the results point of view?

It was a failure objectively.

Or do you think it went well?

Well, itís probably the worst result possible, the last place at the tournament.

Thatís why it is bad, but I endured it well.

So you didnít have a depression or comparing to the previous Internationals your results were better,

and this fairly the worst result during all the TIís.

Well, I felt bad of course but not for long, compared to previous Internationals,

I donít know why, maybe because we have Zhenya this time, who helped us to overcome it.



Okay, talking about the results, what are the reasons for that performance?

Was the format inconvenient or you didnít prepare?

There always is a reason that can be called an excuse. What excuse do you have now?

We played bad.

Itís obvious. ButÖ You certainly analyzed what went wrong.

I mean in fact a single game with Vici Gaming sealed your fate,

but in fact your failures started before that, in the groupstage, you just failed it.

We played really bad.

Very bad music and very bad play.

Well, probablyÖ usually people expect that answer, because if you answer something else,

then people write angry comments like ìexcuses again, we had enough!î.

I mean if you express your opinion and say how it is, people donít like it.

If you answer that way, people donít like it, so people donít like anything.

Well itís fair that you played bad, but I ask you to extend on that.

In your opinion what exactly you failed to realize to achieve better result?

All in all we didnít play that bad at the tournament in my opinion, itís just my own opinion.

We improved greatly in last three months, because the team is 3 months old in total.

Two new players joined the team, we started to practiceÖ

When you change both supports usually you have to start from the scratch.

Basically we had to start from the scratch and in three months we improved a lot,

we won qualifiers, we almost won Dreamhack, we placed 2nd with 3-2 score vs. VP,

who placed 5-6th at the International tournament, itís just a fact.

And when we arrived at TIÖ CW in Seattle, if I recall we won most of them, if Iím not mistaken.

Or we just didnít care, I mean no one was really serious then, but we played Chinese teams,

and we were gaining confidence because it looked like our chances were good.

But then we started playing at the tournament and after the first games we kind of fell apart,

I mean we started losing some games that we planned to win, because of different reasons.

A lot of negative emotions appeared in the team, I mean in relations and communication between each other.

Then it was just growing day by day and it was getting harder to play,

in the last day vs. IG in the groupstage we didnít play as a team at all.

Then when there was a break between the groupstage and playoff we tried to recover somehow,

to practice, to communicate, I mean we had a lot of talking, we tried to decide something somehow,

to change something so we would be able to play as we did before in the playoff.

However during those 3 days I think we lost almost all of our CWs,

I mean if we won almost all games before the groupstage, there we lost almost all of the games.

I think itís because our mentality dropped a lot, we probably lost faith in each other at that pointÖ

That is, and a lot of other factors.

When we entered the playoffÖ We played in playoff better than we played before, during groupstage and CWs.

But due to a lot of reasons that I named a few times already,

we lost the game in the end, that just happened, itís a pity.

Can we say thatÖ Quite often we can hear that negative emotions arise in the team

and they prevent the team from playing normally.

So do you analyze why that negative arise and who is the source of it?

How do you fight with it as a professional team? You probably have to fight it.

Of course we analyze, talk, try to solve problemsÖ What? Why? How?

Itís absolutely normal, and in general when there are some misunderstandings in the team itís normal.

Every team has some misunderstandings in the team.

This tournament showed that all of the teams were rather close to each other and every team could win.

I think that top was occupied by the teams who were more united, friendlier, who didnít have dissonance.

I mean the likes of CDEC, they unexpectedly good to place top 2.

I think a big part of it was that they were as a team.

I mean a team as a relations, you argue a lot, you make peace and a lot, lot, lot happens,

but there is not 2 but 5 of you and it also complicates the process.

And you have to fix it somehow, soÖ

Everything is difficult and Iím sure a lot of teams who lost at this tournament have the similar problems.

I mean those, who win, they win because they donít have such problems,

and those who lose, they have problems like that.

There are teams like C9, Team Secret, for example, I also think because ofÖ

They had top all-star roster, very strong players, but they also had some misunderstandings,

quarrels and they also fell apart and placed top 5-6, or 7-8? 7-8.

They placed in top 7-8 along with team MVP, I mean thatís how it is.

So is matters a lot and yes, we certainly try to solve those problems.

And how do you try to solve it? Do you gather, voice your complaints to each other,

I mean in an adequate form, so it would be received well?

How do you talk? You said Zhenya supports you psychologically, does he try to solve it?

Or if it still happens does it mean you donít work enough on it? Do you agree that itís not enough?

Of course, you can work on everything all the time and you can always work more,

I mean you can always say that we donít work enough on something.

Yes, we talk about it, I mean we gather together and talk, tell each other everything straightforwardly.

Because I think itís the right way and itís good to do itÖ To be precise we try toÖ

Someone can do that, someone canít, after all itís difficult to say something bad straightforwardly,

or something that may hurt him, just because you donít want to upset a person or to offend him, or something else.

And then we draw some conclusions and decide how we want to work in future and we move on.

So we try our best, there I something like that.

I mean we can take different paths, we can fall apart as a team, disband, we can split in two parts,

we can invite someone and so on, but we try to take the most correct decisions.

I mean everyone should have a chance to change somehow, at least I try to do that,

I mean not sure that everyone does the same in my team.

Right now eSportsÖ we are witnessing how he moves towards business future taking huge steps.

So there is more money, more tricks appear from the other fields,

I mean as in real sport, in football, coaches appear, analytics, masseurs.

Maybe the team lacks those extras, plug-ins, to be more successful?

You are used to that 5 people and manager and that is enough, but maybe itís not enough nowadays?

Tell us your thoughts.

Thoughts? Well, probably we need a coach, I think we need a person,

who will sit with us during the games like CWs and officials online in skype,

so he would listen us, watch our games with us and he would have unbiased opinion,

because quite often there are mistakes that you donít notice and you would see them only after watching replay carefully,

because everyone sees things differently, from his screen,

and this way there would be unbiased opinion of the person who sees things globally.

He would be able to put someone in his place or advice somewhere.

We probably lack person like that, but I think we work towards it as far as I know.

Okay, but then again, I know for sure that a certain analyst, coach, advisor helped Virtus.Pro during TI.

Talking about Na'ViÖ If we look at the scene, can you name 4 people, 4-5,

who would be able to be your coach potentially? You can skip Lost.

Well, I donít know. Dima, Artour. Lost, Goblak.

So there are 2 of them?

Maybe someone else, I just didnít give this considerable thought.

But do you think there are people like that in the scene?

All in all you donít have to know a great deal about it, or have some extraordinary understanding of Dota,

or be famous, you just have to understand the game at certain level to see and understand certain mistakes.

So probably everyone can do that, most likely.

BecauseÖ Iím not sure we need a person who will pump us up tactically,

because here itís uncertain who has more knowledge and so on,

I mean would people be able to fully trust that person, believe in his idea,

because he would probably have his own way, and itís not a given everyone would agree with it,

because as Xboct said there can be 100 corrects solutions and you never know until you try all of them,

and you just donít have opportunity to try all of them, so you have to choose something.

In those cases you choose whatever your captain proposes, for example.

And if there will be a coach there would be another extra opinion.

I donít know how to work with that.

Captain, captainÖ Right now the team doesnít have a captain.

Vanya Artstyle unfortunately left the team, how did you react to that and what do you think,

maybe Vanya didnít have time to show what he can or what is the reason,

why the organization and the players decided to play with a new captain?

Well, itís a difficult question for me, I wanted to continue playing with Vanya.

If there are some troubles I suppose we have to try to solve them.

Speaking about Vanya, I think we didnít provide him opportunity to solve some problems,

or to show what he is capable of.

We have a difficult team, there is a lot of pressure from outside and a lot of pressure inside.

But I think Vanya did great after all, he improved a lot himself as a player in those 3 months,

or at least thatís what I think.

So I felt comfortable with him as a captain, so I feel sorry it happened, but thatís what we decided,

we made a collective decision, so weíll what happens next.

I hope Vanya will continue playing, thatís it.

I that final game a lot of people said that he didnít play well on Dazzle, if I'm not mistaken.

How can you comment that, because in fact, you know,

when people mark the weakest link, they point out mistakes.

Maybe he lacked LAN tournaments experience? If I'm not mistaken he performed only in China and Sweden.

I mean there were only 2 LANs, all of you have more experience.

Well, even Sonneiko, to my mind has a bit more.

You know, Vanya received a lot of undeserved criticism after that game,

because people only see what they want to see, people mostly look at digits,

people donít understand Dota well at all, and the funniest part, not only viewers,

but our revered analysts and caster and so on.

I donít try to offend them or something, but if you watch and analyze replay,

in my opinion Vanya played better than most of us that game, just because he had a role and a hero,

where he couldnít do anything with that hero, especially in that game,

because enemy always moved as five, we were split-pushing, Dazzle donít participate in split-push.

Dazzle is a hero on which itís hard to show your worth, if you donít fight or push.

I mean he did what hero allowed him to, and he didnít do any crucial mistakes.

Even when he diedÖ There probably were some deaths that were good for us.

For example once he died revealing four people smoke, who were going behind the tower.

They killed him and were revealed by him, probably it was for the better,

they earned 200 gold for the whole team and we avoided death of some core hero

and they spent smoke, time and so on.

All in all the criticism is too aggressive, people talk about the Grave in the end of the game,

but it didnít effect anything, the game was already lost,

that Grave wouldnít change anything, regardless of who received it.

However there were far more crucial mistakes made by other four players.

If you watch replay you can see them, so blaming Vanya in that defeat,

I mean what our analysts and casters do, they just feed their ego and pressure others.

Well, you touched an interesting topic and for sure it will become hot after the interview.

I mean, when analyst or caster expresses his opinion and it is biased,

But a lot of people watch him, so if the person is mistaken,

it is spread in the community and there is hype in comments and people start to criticize undeservingly.

Do you think itís possible to tackle it? Maybe the players should talk more to the casters,

or the quality of casters should be improved? How to solve that problem?

I donít know, people should be more positive, friendly, both casters and analysts.

Even if they see some fails they donít have to instantly address it aggressively,

because everyone has his own fan base, everyone has people, who would trust him.

Roughly speaking that person can manipulate people, I mean if he says ìhe is badî,

people will repeat that he is bad. If he says someone is good, people will repeat that he is good.

But itís his biased opinion and probably he is not always correct, so in that case the most correctÖ

And itís very bad example for the community, I mean when you speak badly about someone,

people also start speaking badly and there are a lot of negative emotions in the air,

instead of saying something good about someone, so that people would also talk about good.

I mean giving the example to the young community of how should you behave positively.

Then probably people would change in positive direction, not negative one.

We haveÖ CIS mentality is to badmouth each other, so things like that come from there.

If we talked about itÖ can you compare style of casting of English casters and analysts with Russian?

Well, you already said about the Russian speaking, so just describe the English speaking,

so people would understand the difference.

I suppose that EnglishÖ

Sorry, maybe they have the similar problem?

Everyone has similar problems, just in our case itís stronger, more aggressive.

English speaking to my mind have a bit more professional attitude.

If you listen to themÖ Well how I understand and translate English, maybe I'm mistaken somewhere,

but thatís what I think, that English speaking casters are a bit more

professional and forgiving toward everyone, compared to Russian speaking.

Thank you. Again a question about Vanya, before the interview we talked a bit,

you mentioned that Vanya re-qualified during that tournament, he is not a full support,

and of course not the support who have to suffer.

I mean he gets items, he farms something, so maybe his role didnít quite fit him?

Well itís a very hard and odd question, I mean looking at Vanyaís career, even at how we played at the 1st TI,

Vanya almost never played supports, he mostly played some tanks, pushers,

those who make some mess and action, he was running around, creating action,

made the people focus him, always baited some spells, made some HP items,

it was very entertaining to watch.

He played really well some Chens, Enchantresses, Night Stalkers and so on, heroes like those.

When he joined us, he had to take on the support role, which is rather unusual for him,

but we did really well, he went at hardlane with Hleb, they went duolane there.

He went into the jungle with Chen or Enchantress, he made a lot of mess there and so on.

But step by step we re-qualified a bit, they started to swap with Akbar a bit,

so I think at TI Vanya played 70% or 80% of the games as full support,

however Akbar also helped him a lot, and in some games Akbar was full support.

But mostly Vanya played as full support at TI and in general itís not where he can do his best.

I mean the 5th position, full support is a role with such heroes where you have to choose the right position,

be very calm and self-restrained, you have to choose the right timing, stay behind someone, come somewhere,

but itís not the hero who will run, make a mess and create some action, I meanÖ

provoking enemies somewhere on the map, pull some enemies there and so on.

Usually they are not those type of heroes.

So Vanya was out of his comfort zone during TI, as I think, in my opinion.

Thatís why he probably didnít do his best.

Okay. Is the 5th player and captain position vacant now?

Then again, maybe you know who will be your 5th, or maybe you donít.

In general you need a captain, or you will have some changes inside?

In fact we probably need a captain, but in general I think Akbar would be able to fit that role,

because he is very active in game, he talks a lot in game, he has his own view of the game.

He is a very strong player and I think with the right support from us, he would be able to do that.

Thatís why itís not necessary, and yes, I know what our future would be.

Okay, probably the interview would be out after the announcement, you already can tell about him.

And share your thoughts about that person.

It will be PSM.

At this moment, when we are recording this interview, I don't know much about him.

We've talked only in skype.

This was the offer from the guys, they were watching him

and perhaps someone has already played with him.

They believe in him.

So, I talked to him and he made a good impression on me.

He is an adequate and a very articulate person.

And he has all the makings of a good leader.

So I'm ready to see what will happen in the game.

What is his previous team?

I don't know...

Didn't he play in Yellow submarine?

I think, yes.

Seems like this is the way for teams and players to be noticed.

They played very well the TI qualifiers and thus he became worthy of note.

Most likely, this is the way to get into eSports.

And continuing this topic, a question that is often asked, how to get into pro scene?

It is unlikely that top tier teams will take a risk and invite the unknown player,

whom no one has never seen and hasn't played in weaker team before.

Because it is a big and often unwarranted risk.

You have no right to do it, because your audience is waiting for instant result,

and it doesn't matter whom you take, when you take and how much time do you practice.

If you don't come to good result immediately, they will flame you, hate your team and so on.

Therefore, it's unlikely that top tier teams will take the unknown player to the team,

only if they really have no other choice and there's no one to call and give it a try to prove he is worthy.

This is transitional moment, usually teams take those who have already managed to show themselves,

in some slightly weaker teams.

He proved his worth in YellowSubmarine.

They have passed the open qualifiers, and I also heard a lot of good comments about him

but I've never followed him, and I've never seen him playing.

Surely you were focused on your own game.

How do you think, can you achieve a teamwork with him?

He is 28 years old, if I'm not mistaken.

Akbar is only 18, and since the difference is 10 years and according to the ethical standards

you should speak with him in respectful form.

How do you think, will you find a synergy in your team?

Excuse me, Oleg. Didn't know how should I call You.

To be honest, I do not know how old are they, actually I don't care.

I don't like to talk about the age.

It comes from our analysts and not only from them...

I won't say anything, although I have something to say.

Do it.

No. I don't want to make it public.

Age is doesn't matter, it all depends directly on the people,

their dedication to work, how much free time do they have,

and how much time they are willing to sacrifice,

their willingness to work hard, etc.

Young people use their time unwisely, they don't need to think on family planning,

no surrounding problems, they don't need to think about building a house or something else.

They are still young.

But when you are older, you already have such problems.

Perhaps their interests have changed, and if they change, then you have nothing to do in Dota,

because you have to be focused only on your game.

This is all the difference for me, I can talk a lot about it so I just briefly told you.

Okay, thank you.

The next question is about all current reshuffles, not only in your team but the whole scene.

As considered if the teams are playing bad on TI, they are already starting to look closely to the other players

and create a new team.

Maybe you noticed that some two players who are hanging out together, so that means that they will play together?

Or something like that.

Or maybe there was a room where all players were getting acquainted with each other?

How do you see this situation with the reshuffles?

Was it conspicuous during TI?

I think yes, but I didn't care so I wasn't interested in this.

Actually I dislike those reshuffles, only when it is really necessary.

I didn't care, so I have nothing to say.


I've got few new rosters so I'd like to hear your opinion about the changes

and analyze the current rosters.

What do you think about the Team Secret?

I was really surprised.

Was unexpected to see all these players in Team Secret with Clement.

But it's his decision, I hope he will succeed with these guys.

Very interesting roster, it will be interesting to see them in action.

Alliance is back to old roster, they have a lot of oldschool players,

what do you think, the old men will be able to rule?

What do you think about the new Alliance?

Positively, I think they can rock with S4, who knows...

I guess they have good, homey atmosphere,

definitely they have a chance to start playing well.

The winner of this TI team EG.

It was a big shock to many when the team that have won the first place made a replacement.

But on the other hand, as you already said, the team has its internal cause.

How did you react when they kicked Aui and took back Arteezy?

Negatively, for me it was a big surprise.

Not because Arteezy has returned, I know he is a very good and strong player.

Just because Aui was kicked, he is also very good and strong player as it seems to me.

But again, this view from the outside, I don't know what is happening inside,

This is only my opinion, without any facts.

Not sure that they will play much better without Aui.

Everything can happen, they can start to play better and be unbeaten

or they can start to play worse, because Fear will change his role from carry to support,

it will take some time to adapt.

When you change players, everything is changing, even if you change one player.

You need to completely rebuild a new team.

Time will tell whether they cope with it or not.

Perhaps they will be one of the unbeatable western teams.

You probably read the blog by Peter Dager, ppd?

In which he explained the reason, that Aui is very toxic.

Do you know such players in the pro scene?

What an interesting question...

I think it is wrong to do it this way, wash one's dirty linen in public.

Honestly, I dislike what's going on.

This is mainly comes from the younger generation of Dota players.

Because we, those who play together for 8-10 years...

we played lots of leagues with each other, we know each other for 100 years,

we have that mutual respect and it is not right to wash dirty linen in public.

This should not be, regardless of the reason.

But it's completely up to them, their decision.

Speaking of Aui being toxic...

I have no idea.

Everyone has their own temper.

And if you somehow stack these tempers in your team

and due to this team starts to win or lose, play better or worse.

Only time will tell.

Can't say anything about the toxicity

and how many of such players are on pro scene, it sounds funny for me, honestly.

Do you agree that this is a very strong step to change the actual working roster after the win at TI?

Yes, it is a very cold-blooded decision.

And maybe in this particular situation it was inevitable

and he had to tell something to the public, because everyone including me were at a loss.

And this blog probably explained me the real reason...

but I think it should be done in a softer manner and not so forthright manner.

Perhaps he said the truth and probably it is the truth,

but it can ruin a player's career, because every player has his own fan base,

the community, who believe him and his words and...

they just ruin his career, bury him alive

For no apparent reason.

He doesn't deserve it, especially since they've won TI with him.

It is wrong.

Pretty much the same situation with Kuroky and Arteezy on the internet.

And I dislike what happened there.

Can you tell us more what actually happened between Arteezy and Kuroky?

The conflict has arisen during the TI?

To be honest, I don't know.

Specifically about the conflict I don't know much.

So from what I've read:

People publicly began to complain each other on the internet,

I think it is absolutely wrong and it should not be like that.

It is a bad example for the community.

And Kuro doesn't deserve the hate he got after that.

Because, firstly, back in 2008 I was a huge fan of his,

or even in 2007, I do not remember exactly.

I watched his games, I really wanted to play with him in the team,

I was amazed by his plays,

He was an incredible player for me.

Afterwards I played with him in one team, maybe not everything turned out well

not exactly because of him, but because of the team.

Next I played in DTS and somewhere else.

After that we reunited in Navi, and in the two years that we played together

yes, we were arguing, we had ups and downs, we have been winning and losing,

but I can't say anything bad about him.

He is a very good and positive,

and he's not like people say about him,

that he is one person on the public and he is different person in the game.

Yes, publicly he behaves..


No, but..

Isn't he an introvert?

I think he behaves correctly.

He does it for the people, for the community.


Yes, ethically. Let's say like this.

And he is absolutely normal guy and I could easily continue playing with him.

I didn't have any hard conflicts with him during these two years.

He is a guy of peculiar temper, but he has never done something negative to me.

He was always good to me and I was comfortable playing with him.

Perhaps we had misunderstandings specifically in the game,

but outside of the game we were absolutely fine.

So I think that he definitely doesn't deserve all this negative he got from the community.

I would like to discuss your role on the map.

In one of the previous interviews you mentioned that you play on mid lane,

because it's very improtant in terms of strategy

and you have a lot of impact all over the map.

Accordingly, don't you think that carry role has also a lot of opportunities?

Did you think about switching the role?

Maybe, carry?

Unlikely it will be support, but share your opinion.

Are you ready and did you think about that?

I'm tired of hearing these 'great' advices from our analysts

"Dendi switch to support! Enough for you. Give way to the young! Bla bla.."

But if the analysts would have seen more clearly what happens in the games at TI

I don't see that I'm losing mid to anyone.

If I feel that I'm losing to young players or someone else,

then maybe I'll think about that.

But since I'm not losing and frequently, most likely, I'm winning,

it's just my personal opinion,

and maybe it is selfish and I'm wrong,

But I don't see any reason why I should it.

But if not because of the need

have you considered this option?

Maybe you are not comfortable or you think that there are people that fits their roles.

So carry players have to be more persistent.

Earlier I was playing support role, as far as I can remember,

as well as roaming heroes.

Carry too, occasionally.

But I really enjoy playing midlane,

how many opportunities do I have,

what can I do and what can I learn still.

The endless process of studying, so I just enjoy the game.

So I don't want to play another role.

But perhaps in the distant future...

Thank you for the answer.

I would like to talk a little more about TI.

The traditional question, if we compare TI this year and last year,

what's the difference, what did you like or dislike?

Basically, I liked everything.

You said the same last year.

I have nothing to complain about.

I do not want to complain in the interview on anything that Valve are doing for us,

because they provide us a life that you can only dream of.

And they bring a tremendous amount of happiness and joy to everybody.

To the community and to the players.

It would be too much to complain about something, it would be some kind of insolence.

Some constructive criticism?

If speaking constructively, they have taken into account a lot of factors from the last year,

although it seemed there was nothing to take into account, but

many things have changed, everything was good and comfortable.

The only thing that..

TI is becoming more professional, we had rooms with PCs,

where we could practice at any time of the day or night.

The last time we had the so-called PC lan,

there were a lot of computers and where we all were playing, having fun, spent time together.

But you must agree, this is less professional.

You can't play CWs there, you can't show your strategies,

but it is more fun, roughly speaking it was just a field for warmup.

But now the approach is more professional.

Valve did everything for us.

These were our demands and wishes.

But, nevertheless, I have a lot of good impressions about

not impressions, but...

emotions from the last TI, about this PC lan and so on, it was fun.

What surprised you the most on this TI?

I was very surprised by the results of the teams.

On one hand I was surprised, but on the other hand I know the reason why did it happen.

Could you tell us?


Okay, in the next interview then.

At this TI you have recorded a series of interesting, personal videoblogs,

we could see the creative component and the work of the producer.

Now after the break are you planning to continue personal videoblogs for your fans?

Yes, of course.

My friend made all the producing stuff and I'm very thankful to him, well done.

Was fun.

I did it for the people, without any purpose, just like that.

Okay. I have a few questions from your fans, who wrote their questions on Navi's website,

and I impertinently stole some from there.

But first, let's speak about the All-Star match.

Initially, you were not in the lineup

so how come you ended up in this pudge costume? Whose idea was that?

That was Valve's idea.

I was offered and I agreed.

It was hot in that costume?

Yes, very hot.

What were you talking about with Puppey during the showmatch?

Or was it just regular talking?

If I'm not mistaken this day Team Secret has lost in the morning,

I was surprised that he was in such mood.

He didn't show his frustration at all.

For example the last year, when we lost and in the same day there was a showmatch,

I couldn't play this game for fun.

It was very difficult for me.

But this year he seemed very cheerful, we were just talking, having fun, nothing special.

It was fun.

Besides the All-Star match do you still communicate with him?

And how's your communication going?

Actually we didn't have any disputes

and we've always been a good friends.

Though, we communicated only on the tournaments,

but now we converse outside the tournament.

Got it.

A little hint that you have considered him for your team?

He wouldn't leave his team, most likely.

Okay, Danya, few more questions.

I want to sleep.

Wait a bit.

The question from your fan.

Relating to your friend, who has helped you.

Describe one of your relatives and which traits you appreciate in him?



I love my friends, for everything.

They are reliable and always ready to help.

Very good.


Of course, they wish me only happiness and kindness.

And I wish them the same.


If everyone would have such friends...

But you don't friends.

Maybe you will be their friend?



You don't have friends, ha-ha.



It's a shame when you have no friends. Isn't it?

For sure.

What about you?

I'm fine.

You have no friends.

I'm not upset.

Okay, the next question from your friend.

There are rumors that you became a father, how do you plan to combine these duties?

A father role and solo mid role?

I'll handle it, there is always a break in between games.

To change pampers?


Okay. And one more important question.

Daniil, do you know that professional actors after the role, can't get out of the character image?

They stuck in the world of fictional characters and they going crazy.

We all know that you throw invisible hooks and eat people with the ult.

And the last showmatch could be called a 'one-man show'.

As an aspiring actor, I'd like to know what techniques do you use to remain yourself?

Eat a carrot in the morning and drink two liters of water a day.

This is Danya's formula for success.

Thank you for this interview.

Thank you very much.

You can say something else.


Good bye.

The Description of Dendi about new 5th player in Na`Vi squad (ENG SUBS)