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Opening our list of the Top 10 PS4 Military Shooters is Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands

A responsive open world and fun co-op?

Ubisofts shooter takes you to the god-forsaken Bolivia.

A drug-filled country owned by the notorious Santa Blanca Cartel.

They spread hate, violence and injustice among their people and your job is to stop them

from turning the place into a Narco-State Empire.

As part of the Ghosts, a badass version of the DEA, lead your elite team of hard-hitters

and strategists to take them down.

Control the land, air or sea and destabilize their operations before they go boom.

Plan your means of pissing them off by raiding their outposts and eliminating the hostile

threats in third-person action.

You have the complete freedom to do what you want in its open-world environment.

As long as you have your resources, youre good to go.

Wildlandsbest feature lies in its cooperative multiplayer.

Call 3 of your friends locally or online to hit them where it hurts.

Want him to do reconnaissance from afar?

Or assign him as your getaway partner?

Your choice.

With its customizable loadouts, beautiful environments, dynamic weather and intense

action, Wildlands received positive acclaim.

However, its server issues, repetitive gameplay and replay value poses as a concern

for most players.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.11


Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Siege

If Tom Clancys latest Ghost Recon game lets you take down drug empires, Rainbow Sixs

latest game does the busting in high-stakes environmental destruction and coope rative


Its eleventh entry of the famed Rainbow Six series after the untimely cancellation

of Rainbow Six: Patriots.

Acting as a reboot, this first-person shooter doesnt involve any single-player story,

only a series of single-player missions with little to no narrative.

The games primary focus is its multiplayer mode.

Which, by far, is Rainbow Sixs finest.

Master the art of destruction, close quarters combat, tactics, and teamplay because youre

gonna need them all.

As part of a Global Anti-Terrorist group, lay siege to every enemy territory with your

wide variety of destructive tools.

With over 5 game modes and 11 unique maps, its almost impossible to enjoy this game

without a friend.

Communicate with your allies and fulfill your objectives for that sweet procedural destruction.

Praised for its brilliant gameplay design and fun multiplayer options, Siege is a great

game to enjoy with friends.

It has a PlayScore of 8.13


Tom Clancys The Division

Three Tom Clancy games in a row?

From Drug-stopping soldiers to Anti-Terrorism assaults, this entry takes you to a dystopian

New York in the far future.

After a terrible smallpox epidemic, follow an elite squadron of soldiers called The Division

dedicated to find the mysterious source of the virus.

This third-person shooter is brimming with mad delights and post-apocalyptic mayhem.

No undeads, just insane people.

It mixes Role Playing and Shooter in one game.

It was met with positive acclaim upon the games release.

It shares the similar elements from Bungies Destiny which involves resource-collecting

and world-sharing.

Some even stated it feels like a shooter version of Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.

But despite its atmosphere and good praises, the game is marred by server issues and content


But nevertheless, the games main selling point lies in its multiplayer.

Go with your squad and enter the Dark Zone, a competitive arena built for intense shooting


Its separate from the games main story, making it inconsequential to your single-player


Climb the leaderboards and prove your might to the desolate city of New York.

This game has a PlayScore of 8.30


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This game ranked number one on our Xbox One Military Shooters.

Sledgehammers first Call of Duty game takes you to the future where Exosuits are a normal

thing and Kevin Spacey stealing every scene hes in.

Technology has overcome society and its the year 2054.

The United States is still the worlds leading superpower but its met with heavy resistance

from other countries also vying for supremacy.

Just your typical war love story.

According to most reviews, the story was the most coherent compared to previous CoD installments.

Its filled with high-stakes action and tense drama.

With the addition of the Exosuit, movement is more advanced.

Making players move from one place to another seamlessly and with style.

Aside from that, it buffs your character to a tremendous degree.

Yeah, the single-player campaign may be fun but the core feature of the game is in its

Multiplayer mode.

Its still similar to the previous CoD titles, but with your badass exosuit, you can unleash

your high-tech carnage at your enemies.

Additionally, its Zombies mode packs a good undead fun with its own single-player story

and co-op mode.

It has a PlayScore of 8.36


Sniper Elite 4

Nazi-killing couldnt be more fun in Rebellions latest entry.

Wartime Italy is slowly consumed by the evil of Fascism.

As Karl Fairburne, it is your task to eliminate these vile human beingsone bullet at a


After the events of the first game, follow him as he leads his band of brothers to restore

Italy to its rightful place.

As the latest entry to their award-winning series, it greatly improves on all fronts.

With the games enhanced verticality, players can now increase the chances of finding the

perfect spot of infiltration and stealth.

Just customize your loadout and choose from the games wide arsenal of juicy World War

2 weapons.

But what sets the Sniper Elite series apart from the other Sniper genres is its iconic

X-Ray Kill Cam.

Landing the precise shot grants you the satisfaction of watching their internal organs get blown

up in spectacular fashion.

Just by hearing the sound of skulls cracking, balls bursting and eyes-popping brings out

the inner demon in you.

Aside from the gore, players can also team up with a friend in its cooperative campaign

and competitive mode.

If the solo experience gets boring, let them join your adventures and watch how many heads

you can pop.

It has a PlayScore of 8.38


Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

The third entry of Call of Dutys Black Ops series takes you to the year 2065.

40 years after the first game, set your sights in a dark and gritty future where humanity

has blurred the lines between man and machine.

With powerful weapons at hand, the countries are facing an international cold war.

In terms of gameplay, the signature shooting from the Call of Duty franchise is still present.

Multiplayer is also the games most loved feature.

Same as cooperative mode.

Team up four of your friends in its single-player campaign.

Customize them as you see fit and load them out with futuristic gear.

Advanced Warfare may have exosuits, but this game has their fair share of momentum based


The game was very well-received.

It even outsold Advanced Warfare and Ghosts in terms of sales.

However, there isnt much anything new offered to the series.

As much as the fans loved Treyarchs dedication, this latest entry doesnt move the series

in terms of scale and grandeur.

Nevertheless, its a good shooter.

It has a PlayScore of 8.47


Battlefield 4

It was DICEs most persistent Battlefield title despite its irritating issues at launch.

Building upon the legacy of their previous titles, they upgraded their features and create

something new yet familiar.

After updates and updates, thousands of players still continue to play the game today.

Packed with an extremely enjoyable multiplayer mode and jaw-dropping devastation, it was

one of the very first games to showcase the true power of the Frostbite 3.

Making every well-designed level into a spectacular fireshow.

Watch towering structures fall into piles of rubbles, exploding vehicles and heavy artillery

coming at you from the distance.

Its just so glorious.

But amidst the positive acclaim, it was criticized for its lack of single-player elements due

to the games heavy focus on the multiplayer aspect.

It was easily forgivable, considering the multiplayer is so good.

Culminating all the best features of the franchise, its undoubtedly one of the greatest Battlefield

games yet, with a PlayScore of 8.52


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: Remastered

Breaking away from its usual World War 2 setting, Infinity Ward returns with their classic characters

such as Captain Price and Soap MacTavish in a grueling Civil war.

Get caught in a spiral of government conspiracies and military deception because this game brings

out a thought provoking narrative about the horrors of war.

During Infinite Warfares release, players were required to purchase the latest game

before grabbing this copy.

It bummed fans of the series, considering they dont actually care about Infinite


Lucky for them, its made available to the public as a Standalone Game just last month.

As a Remaster done right, you get to see Prices face in high definition.

This version runs at a smooth 60 frames per second with 1080p visuals.

On top of that, its enhanced sound and textures makes it feel like a completely new game.

Everybody loves Modern Warfare, and we cant forget the memorable story and characters.

Were glad they did justice to this remaster.

It has a PlayScore of 8.55


Battlefield 1

Unchronological titles aside.

Dont let it fool you.

This is the latest Battlefield game that takes you back to the dawn of war.

Experience World War 1 at its peak and step inside warplanes, zeppelins, trenches, tanks

and more.

Its single-player campaign packs a lot of fun.

Follow through six different chapters in various character perspectives.

Watch as how their story unfolds in different locations around the world.

It may not offer a ton of surprises in its story, but we all know DICE isnt known

for its single-player experience.

The games biggest improvement to this entry is its multiplayer.

Gather your squad and set the battlefield ablaze in its various multiplayer modes: Conquest,

Domination, Rush and more.

Not to mention you can play as a Pigeon!

The games World War 1 setting is refreshing to some players.

Critics and gamers loved the game for its intense action experience.

Making you feel like youre in the middle of a warzone.

It has a PlayScore of 8.81

Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one:


Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition.

Hunt some Nazi's and save Winston Churchill, along with the renowned Afrika Corps.

Packed with some of the best DLC's, it has a PlayScore of 8.09.


Battlefield Hardline.

Visceral Game's venture away from military action and into the dangerous world of crime.

It has a PlayScore of 7.93.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Play your role in this bizarre shooting experience, with outerspace, zero-gravity, and zombies.

It has a PlayScore of 7.65.


Sniper Elite III.

Set off to the vast dunes of North Africa, and use stealth to stalk some Nazi prey, and

kill them in signature gruesome ways.

It has a PlayScore of 7.58.


Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Take part in a struggle for freedom and survival in a nation crippled by war.

It has a PlayScore of 7.32.


And the best PS4 Military Shooter of all time is Titanfall 2

Gear up and step into the battlefield in a cacophony of clanking metal and beeping giants

in this second entry to Respawn Entertainments colossal franchise.

The game introduces new gameplay elements and awesome weapons at your arsenal for even

more exhilarating destruction.

Its parkour elements were refined and simplified to cater the beginners.

Perhaps the biggest appeal to this game is its Single Player Campaign.

Dive into the life of a former operative fighting his way to survival with the help of his loyal


It was praised for its writing and execution, calling it a nice segue to its exhilarating

multiplayer action.

But among all that, Titanfall 2 excels in its multiplayer mode.

With more Titans to choose from, bask in the futuristic mayhem.

Choose from among its various modes and dive into the battlefield.

Grapple away from great distances, slide, wall-run, throw a grenade and call your mech

from the skies, it just doesnt get any better than that.

An underrated gem, Titanfall 2 receives a PlayScore of 8.87

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