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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BabyGirl (Free Full Movie) Bronx teen & single mom. Drama

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what is that

I don't think so

when I moved into my place

I took like two months to

all my boys thought I was crazy, like "what, you working for the boss or something?"

I ain't care... you gotta live for the here and now, right?

every since my brother died, that's what I've been doing

yeah my bro,man... that was messed up

what happened to him?

motorcycle accident


when he bought that bike two years ago, I told him, "bro, you could've saved yourself the hassle and bought yourself a coffin."

I got this tattoo when he died...

see I knew that. Me too; I was born here

I came here when I was a kid

oh, you came with your sister?

My sister...?

I knew that...

she could be your sister, though

you think?


who? the guy on the bus?

I don't think he was a creep.

I don't's cuz he made me laugh

don't you think he looked a little like Marc Anthony?

Ma, he looks nothing like him

(Spanish-speaking television show)

(mother shakes her head in disgrace)

"aw poor baby" mother laments

"here are the DNA results..."

"you are not the father, Manuelito, sorry..."

" little Manuel's real father is in the studio tonight!"

"oh my gosh" (mother and daughter laugh at TV show together)

(mother's cellphone rings)

hello? of course I remember you, how are you?

watching TV

(daughter ) "ugh... fuck!"

(mother ) "Lena, I need you to take care of Alex tonight." (daughter) "why?" (mother) " I got something to do after work."

(daughter exclaims) "but ma, I had-" (mother slams door behind her)


what does it mean when a guy winks at you? it means he's an asshole that's trying to get into your pants

who winks nowadays? that's some stone-age shit (both laughing)

"doesn't matter."

(friend) "tell me." (lena) "no!"

"Tell me!" (lena) "alright." (both laugh)

"um, that Victor dude."

"Your mom's dating?"

"get out! when?" (lena) "yesterday on the bus, right before trying to hit on Mami."

"you tell your mom?"

"no, I just couldn't."

"Lena, your mom's a slut, okay?"

"deal with it." (lena) no she's not, she's just...


(lena's mother) "don't you wanna know how my date went?"

he was soo sweet..."

we went out for drinks, and...

we just talked, and talked the whole time

"ma, I just don't wanna see you get hurt again."

"will you quit worrying about me?" dios mio

everything's gonna be alright

oh, I'll have to put Alex in here with you tonight,

okay? (mom laughs nervously)


well, you know... (laughs)

(mother laughs nervously)

(Victor enters.) "Oh hi... um, where do you want me to put this? (carrying baby car seat) (mother ) "over in the closet."

"alright." (laughs nervously)

(walks over to closet)

(mother looks at him dotingly and laughs)

"buena noche." (mother snaps finger excitedly)

thank you, baby ( blows kiss at Lena)

bueno dia (slang Spanish)

(Lena opens cabinet and grabs something)

"I'm gonna put out my cigarette for you...

cuz Ion like the smell of smoke when I eat."


"mommy smokes." (Victor) "you don't like it, right?"

"not really." (Victor) See, I knew that."

"then why'd you ask?" (Victor smirks at Lena's sarcasm)

(while creepily staring at her body, mother walks in) "Lena, go make yourself decent."

"What?!" (mother) "you heard me." (Lena storms off to get dressed)

"Lena, I'm just saying... you can't walk around dressed like that."

'it's my house, ma, I can walk around how I want."

"not while I got company." (lena) "why?! He doesn't seem to mind."

es un pendejo

pero tu mama le gusta... le encanta pero es half her age

"did he wink at you again?"


excuse me Deshan, I don't think you should be talking like that in front of the customers

and lena... I need for you to close for me tonight, okay? "okay."

"what?!" (que) "tra un vaso de hielo

I can't just be giving out no free ice, sorry

Okay, I 'll bring you the money later." (man) "I tell you, I'm not running no charity here. Sorry."

excuse me, I'm not asking for no charity.

I said I'll bring you the money later. (white man) "Just beat it kid, will ya? "

(lady sitting on bench) "Hey! Can't you see she's got a baby?"

"and who asked you?!" (Young gentleman playing basketball) "hey ,man..."

"how much?" (cuanto cuesta)

(white man) "0.50 cents!..." (young guy slides change through fence)

(young guy calls out behind lena) "hey."

"es Lena, verdad?" it's Lena, right?

I asked around...

look, look... I didn't stalk you or nothing


"whattup." (speaks to baby in stroller)

oh, that looks good on you." (lena) "what?"

I don't know, that thing you're trying to do with your face right now."

"very funny." (xavier) "no,no I'm serious, you should try it more often." (lena laughs) "you see?"

(deshawn) "Lena!"


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