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This is get old TV with C Street and salute the my real geez tuned in the GTA V and if

you ain't real g subscribe to the tribe baby is C street the most ghetto is Nikki you know

upon you to pitch with somebody geez let's get into it your boy why being all my DJ just

been raw they say they took his chain allegedly and they stripped him of his shoes kick them

beat them down and had that man running let's go and put up that footage you're

looking to go my mother but I will try to pull up on the elevator

You put your wife Are you looking to go my mother and again I've been trying to pull

up on the elevator and

everything like that boy why bl mighty j should apply for track and field because that boy

gets run a skill that boys

additive for real for real you see that play with no problems due to be out there talking

about they go in and they go in and a goon but winning the situation and they talked

about they bout that life madam boys out of their bra or skirt out of it for real for

them when no problems in the street for real through see what happens when you talk and

all that gangsta mess and all them games as want to see what's up abolishing dueling one

no problems like Chance the Rapper for room here in z TV we don't take Hales we give them

we will get why being Almighty J K L for just handle it so flight then when you claim to

be a street kid that's not how you operate like that my do even though it's cool to run

when you get a job because you always

Number but it's the way you do things you know I'm saying you gotta be g with it we

g TV geez up in this thing you feel all my religious know what time it is going to hit

that comment box let me know what's good how you feel about the situation what would you

have done a few words in a situation would you have done anything differently Would you

let them do is take your shoes like they took issues though like for real let me know what's

good in the comment box mo geez I appreciate y'all for rocking with me like damage I know

I got that drip like leaky faucets the channel been growing we got over 3000 subscribers

about the headphone thousand subscribers I'm being washing over five different countries

listen to about four different languages over quarter million views 250,000 views and over

a million minutes watch. I appreciate shot to the fullest HGTV can be with it without

sign appreciate shop rocker when the only true God and my day was I've preached

Off with subscribing to the channel in the comment box showing me love I show you I love

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g which I think geez HAVE THE REAL JESUS CHRIST and remember you ain't gang gang unless you

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