Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chris Adler Black Panther Signature

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We're here again with Joe Hibbs from Mapex who is going to tell about the new Black Panther

snare drum. >>This is the first time in Mapex history

that we've done actually an artist signature snare drum, we chose Chris Adler drummer with Lamb

of God to create this new venture with because of the uniqueness of the drum and the story,

basically Chris' first drum he bought in a retail music store was a 12 x 5 1/2 Mapex Black

Panther drum, he's used it all the way through all of his career. This is the drum it's walnut,

it's all black plated parts and...fumble has an artist, a unique image that's created

by an artist by the name of Ken 3, the artist that does images for the band and it

gives a history of Chris Adler's family; his side and his wife's side. The drum is made

of walnut on the interior, ok and the sound it produces Chris tuned it very very loud and it's

a sound, it's the only sound that he knows that can cut through a band like Lamb of God.

The other great thing about this drum is being an artist drum you would think it's very expensive,

only he can afford them, he's a very affordable price for everybody that loves Chris Adler

and the band Lamb of God and affordable.

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