Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Covid-19 | Agradecimiento Frost-trol

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We have lived a situation where we have learned

that we are stronger than we thought.

And the opportunity to appreciate the work from a different point of view?

Yes, was possible too.

We never thought about living something like this.

However, we got through it.

The day we were aware that we were an essential company

we understood immediately

We had a mission

to guarantee the food chain always prioritizing

the well-being of our human team

by adapting all the necessary safety and health measures.

Day by day

during the state of alarm

our workers, men and women

have demostrated their absolute commitment to achieve this mission.

Generosity and team spirit based on respect for others

has been dormant in every mask

every glove

every process

The contagion risk was not an option for us

and every detail could make a difference

In such hard times

away from our family and friends

we have worked to continue serving the food sector.

They are also heroes.

They have been able to overcome adversity and change

in a positive and exemplary way.

Because behind every mask

even if you don't appreciate it

there is a smile

Because behind every mask

there is a story.

Because behind all those masks

there are people.


that very important value

that has allowed us to continue reflecting our identity.

Because without them

none of this would have been possible

I warmly appreciate the commitment shown

by the whole Frost-trol team during these months

of uncertainty we have experienced

Their exemplary work has allowed us to continue alongside our customers

guaranteeing the food chain and the society well-being

We open the way now to a new stage.

It's time for attitud, action and passion.

The Description of Covid-19 | Agradecimiento Frost-trol