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Dancers from Old School Brothers

appeared to be favourites from the beginning,

who were predicted by many to advance to the very final.

The advantage of the OSB is that they belong to the top

in dancing in styles like brake dance, locking, popping

not in Slovakia only, but in the whole Middle Europe.


A group of 5 guys, who were joined by a 13 years old Kamilka,

proved early at the audition, that they belong to a talent show.

You´re going to be a big rival for the others,

because this was an extra-class.

The position of a favourite was justified during

the Big Bang at the castle in Zvolen,

where they won a dance battle in a competition of 17 groups,

and thus advanced to the semifinals.

You are the winners of the greatest dance battle

in the history of Slovakia.

The dance world knows us, so the ordinary people

were important for us, older people and so on.

In their semifinal round they performed a special

choreography, that tickled not only professionals,

but also the mentioned ordinary people.

Despite of tough rivals, and one of them undoubtedly

was deaf dancer Dalibor Gajdoš,

the judges were quite resolved.

It was tense, we started to doubt a bit.

But we made it after all, and we´re glad

we performed well, I think, and that we did it

with the help of fans. Thank you.

Concerning the final, we´re glad you sent us messages,

and we won´t let you down, we will work hard

to do it the best way we can, and to entertain you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Old School Brothers.

Thank you, good evening.

I think you are one of a few who belong here.

Not only that you´ve got a talent,

but you´ve got so many of them:

you´re smart, you can make a show like nobody here,

it has a wit,

you are extra-class,

and if it were up to me, you would win.

Thank you.

I am, at this moment, a little bit angry at you,

because I want to say the same thing. So again:

- But make it brief. - It had a wit, that alarm...

You didn´t say anything different.

I know, I´m going to repeat it all, but in Slovak.

I must confess:

this round is extremely strong, it´s the final after all,

but you are absolute favourites for me.

I won´t repeat what my colleagues said.

If there is somebody up there, who gives a talent at birth...

- You are from Šaľa, right? - No, Sereď, Zlaté Moravce...

In short, where you 6 were born,

somebody spilled a great

- ...quantum of talent. - But they work hard also.

That´s true.

This performance just blew us away,

I didn´t know, where to look first,

it was musically built,

I can´t express myself properly.

You were able to keep up, right?

Absolutely. I was watching the back, the sides...

That wasn´t "stereo" performance, that was "3D".

The first 3D performance this evening.

It was marvellous, and for me it´s the same as...

I don´t know, I´ve got some more favourites here,

but you were great, you´re also very likeable,

and very modest, that counts for me.

What do you say about these words?

We are surprised, thank you once again, judges.

And people also!

Great audience!

You are the only group in this final ten,

and they say a group doesn´t have it easy.

What do you think? What are your chances?

We´ll see, it depends on the viewers,

but we would like... to say it...

Mainly to make a good show, to entertain you everybody...

Nowhere in the world a dance group won this competition,

and we would be very happy, if we could be the first!

If you liked this show, send them messages to 9937.

Ladies and gentlemen, Old School Brothers!

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