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doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo oh here we go again yeah it's Wednesday night it's

a very cold cold night in fact it is freezing cold outside I can't begin to

tell you how cold it is outside tonight it is absolutely freezing cold well

hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I really really hope so I hope right now

you can hear me clearly if you can't hear me please let me know if you can

hear me please let me know as well sorry I'm slightly late but you know what

happens sometimes especially when you are dealing with electronics sometimes

things go wrong and of course I had a couple of problems before coming on but

I'm here now anyway so hopefully the live chat is up and running oh my

goodness so many people are already on the live chat thanks for joining me and

we are late and alive as you can see the time now is coming up to ten minutes

past ten ten minutes past 10:00 at night we are late and live I hope you are

feeling happy today I hope everything is going just the way you planned how is

your week so far we are actually at Wednesday it seems like a very long week

this week because everything here in the UK has been very dramatic this week

because of the weather I don't know if you've heard or maybe you have

experienced some of the bad weather for yourself but this week here in the UK

the weather has been absolutely terrible very cold lots of snow

having said that we haven't had much snow here yet but apparently tomorrow

and Friday we are going to have a lot of snow in this area as well so goodness

knows what is going to happen next so here we go then late in life and for

those who aren't familiar for those who don't know what this is my name is

Duncan and I have been teaching English here on YouTube for over 11 years I'm

not joking and of course I make lots of English

lessons and sometimes I appear live on YouTube and Here I am right now proving

that point by being here as live is live can be so we have lots of people

including Tahseen hello tarsi nice to see you here also Fatima and Abu Abu al

Wesson hello to you also Shahrukh Shahrukh Jabara I like your name by the

way it's pretty cool tsukete is here hello mr. Duncan in Argentina it is now

just after 10 past 7:00 in the evening in Argentina so it's still very early in

the evening where you are you are very lucky it is summer here in Argentina

cloudy and a nice afternoon well I'm very jealous because it's

freezing here tonight it is I think it's about minus six six below zero tonight

very very cold indeed mr. Duncan greetings from Anya and also Kate hello

Tania and also Kate as well thanks for joining me on this late and live stream

and I know what you are going to say you are going to say mr. Duncan where is mr.

Steve mr. Steve is out at the moment but I

hoping that he will be here at around about half-past ten so I hope he will be

back at around about 10:30 so for all those mr. Steve fans don't worry you

don't have long to wait Spain is watching now

oh hello Spain hi there Francisco is watching all away from Spain oh thank

you very much Mika ODE is here watching in the very

early hours of the morning I think it must be very late there at the moment in

Japan but thanks for joining me anyway now if I remember rightly I think you

have tomorrow off don't you Mika I think you have no work tomorrow

so that's the reason why you are staying up late tonight that's what I think

anyway owl Wagga is here

hello al-baqarah how are you today a big wave to you and hello if it is your

first time watching me please let me know please say hey mr. Duncan I've

never seen you before ever on the Internet how are you Duncan

I'm okay thank you very much I've had a busy week of course on Sunday I was with

you live for two hours in fact last Sunday I was with you for two and a half

hours because the previous Sunday I wasn't there so I thought I would make

last Sunday's last stream livestream a little longer I hope you enjoyed that

Silvana hello mr. Duncan I'm ready to listen to

you grant see from Italy you are welcome no problem I hope you can hear me

clearly now the reason why I keep mentioning the sound is because on

Sunday we had quite a few problems with the sound some of the sound was too low

and some of the sound was too loud so I hope I hope you can hear me clearly and

hope it isn't too loud so if it isn't loud enough if you can't hear me please

let me know if you can hear me perfectly also let me know so Kat says we can hear

you perfectly oh thank you very much EMM Secor as Moe

says I am happy to see you well I'm happy to see that you're happy to see me

very happy in fact Bai Apollo hello Bai Apollo I have been reading some of your

messages this week thank you very much for getting in touch with me and thank

you for all of your lovely comments underneath my videos abdullah do man

says hello hello to you as well hi mr. Duncan and also hope star is here

hello mr. Duncan I am from Syria Wow so many people on the live chat

hi mr. Duncan antony Biss hello Anthony I don't recognize your name are you new

here if you are please let me know quite a few things to talk about many things

going on at the moment in the news here in the UK first of all today it was

announced that two big stores two big well-known stores are going into

administration that means that they are going to have all of their assets taken

away because they are deep in debt and the two companies in question are Toys R

Us which is a very famous store not only here but also around the world including

the United States so Toys R Us and also a shop called Maplins now perhaps

you've never heard of them but they are a very big chain of electrical shops

they sell lots of electric gadgets and I often go into that very shop

so that particular company is also going into administration it means that they

will cease trading it looks as if those two companies are going out of business

and of course over the past seven or eight years many companies many

businesses many big businesses here in the UK have gone out of business they

have had to close for various reasons the most common reason of course is poor

sales fewer people are going into their stores so fewer people are buying things

which means of course that they make less money less profit so many of these

large companies quite often they will they will get a lot of debt so they they

often borrow money so they can run the company and quite often after a period

of time especially if their sales have been bad or poor they will find that

they can't pay those debts back and that is when everything starts to go wrong so

it was announced some sad news today that two big well-known shops Maplins

electronics and also Toys R Us it looks as if they are both going to go out of

business very sad and I always feel very sad when

I hear this because I know that if you work in a shop if you work with lots of

colleagues if you have lots of colleagues in your job especially in

something like sales you always develop a very close relationship with your

co-workers so I always think it's very sad when I hear of stores shops when I

hear about them closing down because many years

years ago many many years ago I used to work in sales and for a while I worked

in a shop many years ago not recently and III made some really lovely friends

so all of my work colleagues were really nice people most of the people I worked

with were actually women so most of my work colleagues were women and we always

had a good time we really became close friends but sadly the company that I

worked for decided to close some of the of the shops and my shop was one of them

unfortunately I know some of you are thinking mr. Duncan maybe it was your

fault maybe maybe you caused that shop to

close down I'm not sure I hope not anyway but I felt very sad on the final

day when the shop closed for the last time I felt really sad it was quite

heartbreaking because all of those people that I'd worked with for a long

time they they all went their separate ways as did I so very sad really

I mr. Duncan I'm very happy to see you again from Algeria I really envy your

snowy moment yes it looks as if we are going to get some snow tomorrow maybe

tomorrow I'm not sure at the moment but it looks as if we are going to get some

snow tomorrow and also Friday and in other parts of the country in the very

far north and the very far southeast they have had lots and lots of snow very

heavy snow deep snow in fact so so maybe over the next couple of days we will get

lots of snow here in the place I live apparently Farooq says it's very cold

here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia very cold

indeed I'm very sorry to hear that I hope I hope you manage to stay warm do

you have the time to see any of the pictures of the place I live sue cat can

I just say now I didn't receive your pictures I didn't get them at all so I

have a feeling that you've sent them to the wrong Facebook page because there

are some people on Facebook who pretend to be me I don't know what bye I have no

idea why anyone would want to pretend to be me but there are some fake Facebook

pages so maybe you've sent them there instead I can hear you mr. Duncan I'm

very pleased to hear that because on Sunday we had so many problems with the

sound mr. steve was very loud and I was very quiet and then I tried to try to

make things better and it only made it worse so your teaching style is nice

thank you sir Maria or Samira Samira thank you very much for your message I

can hear you perfectly super duper sound Thank You Fernando for

your sound check I think I should do this every week actually so when I start

my live streams I should first of all make sure that you can hear me

Henrique is here hello Henrique what does thrust mean can

you give me an example of this sentence well thrust of course means power or

energy to push you forward or to push something forward so thrust just means

energy to push you forward or the action of moving forward very fast you thrust

forwards a rocket will thrust into the sky it thrusts the engines of

course give the rocket thrust so it can be used as a noun and also you can

thrust something as well you can use it as a verb so I hope that helps

I think mr. Steve has just returned I think so

Anthony Biss says I am new here especially on the live video thank you

very much for joining me and I hope you are enjoying what you are watching yes

it is live as you can see 25 minutes past 10:00 o'clock on a Wednesday

evening it is the last day of February tomorrow March arrives and of course

hopefully that also means that spring is on the way

although having said that at the moment we are having to wait for spring because

we have lots of snow on the way Jamelia is here

Jamelia it's nice to say hello to you again yes maybe it's because of the

brexit that things have gone wrong with the shops Thank You Nicole for that a

lot of people have said maybe brexit is responsible in fact today people have

been talking about all sorts of possibilities as to why this has

happened of course over the past few years as I

mentioned earlier many shops have gone out of business some of them very big

well-known shops big stores big companies and they've all gone out of

business so I think maybe maybe it's more to do

with the downturn in the economy so people are buying less especially at the

moment because a lot of people borrow money and then they have to pay the

money back over many years and also they have to pay interest as

well and at the moment the interest that they have to pay back is starting to

rise again it's starting to go up so many people are not buying new things

they basically aren't buying things another possible reason of course is the

internet a lot of people today blaming the internet big companies like Amazon

for example a big company around the world and of course in China there is

also a big company there mr. Duncan I like your clothes thank you very much of

all Adam thank you are you a new viewer are you new here if you are please let

me know Maria Gonzales is here hello Maria Maria I'm saying hello to Maria

I hope the picture is nice and clear as well as you can see everything looks

very clear very sharp I hope you are enjoying the new high-definition look

lovely weather here in Buenos Aires it is hot but not unbearable thank you

Belarusian Belarusian thank you very much and it's nice to see you here again

hello there how not to forget words thank you hope well there are many ways

of getting words to stay in your brain it isn't the easiest thing to do in fact

as you get older it becomes harder and harder to remember things but there are

some good ways to help you to remember words because that's what you're asking

me about so words new words what I would suggest is it's best to try and learn

maybe five or ten new words every day and there are many ways of doing this

you can write them down and as you write them down you can read them read them

again and again so you write the words down and then you read them and then you

put the list away and then you try to see how many you can remember and then

you get the piece of paper again and have a look and check how many

remembered and of course you have to remember the meanings of the words as

well so this is something that you can do on a daily basis try to learn some

new words every day but don't try to learn too many don't push yourself too

far so I would suggest learning maybe five or ten new words every single day

if possible it sounds as if mr. Steve is back I can hear him in the distance

there is the clattering of cups and plates in the kitchen so I have a

feeling that mr. Steve is very hungry but the big question is will mr. Steve

join us here I don't know we'll have to wait and see Mrs here hello Ammar

watching in Jordan hello to you and a big hi is it your first time here MX 25a

says I think that spring has been canceled this year yes I agree with you

I have the same feeling that perhaps spring has been postponed postponed

that's a great word isn't it if you postpone it means you put it off you put

something off normally to a later time or a later date so you postpone

something you don't do it but perhaps you will do it later at an

of a date or on another date it's so there's so much snow in the north of

England Umayr games you are right there is a lot a lot of snow at the moment in

the north of England and also the south east as well lots of snow and it looks

as if we are going to get lots of snow tomorrow and Friday so who knows

just in case we do by the way if we get some snow tomorrow or if we get lots of

snow on Friday I might do a live stream outside yes it's true

go shear Eagle go sheer Eagle is here hello to you is it your first time if it

is your first time here on the live chat please let me know and I will send you a

big special hi there postpone spring yes it looks as if spring might be arriving

late because it's very cold here in the UK because March arrives tomorrow

normally when March arrives when March begins it normally means that spring is

on the way but to be honest it doesn't feel as if spring is on the way at the

moment mr. Steve has returned but is he still got his coat on it looks as if

he's staying outside tonight are you sleeping outside mr. Steve here he comes

it's miss mr. Steve is : cold that's on this side hello hello everyone

guess what the temperature is outside what's the temperature outside mr. Steve

minus 6 degrees centigrade minus 6 degrees C yes I mentioned this earlier

didn't I I said it was about minus 6 tonight so yes it's minus 6 six below

zero mr. Steve your fans have requested your presence says Carlos

well he's here now mr. Steve is here I don't know what he's doing and bowing to

my fan was that what that was about shall I do that as well shall I give you

a bow mmm that's too far mr. Duncan come back up

it's me back you see my back is very stiff that's because of the cold he's

been out getting logs in to for the fire so he's got a bad back I have I been

lifting all the big logs he's not very strong mr. Duncan when it comes to

physical strength there are ones that may be greater than you and it comes to

thickening your back it's a bit of a weak side everyone's got a weak spot

but my weak spot is the whole body just from head to toe

very very weak your fingers are all right aren't they what about your nose

what my nose doesn't really serve much of a purpose though it's just stuck on

the front of my face mr. Duncan has very good hearing don't you it's trilliant

hearing I'm very high this is one of my little skills and I don't have many

skills in this world but there is one there is one skill that I do have and

that's listening to other people's conversations I can listen to maybe a

couple of conversations that are taking place at the same time and you can hear

very quiet sound very quite quiet sounds got a bit of a frog in your throat

tonight oh great it's the cold air that's what it is but yes you can hear

things you sound can you hear that car coming and I can't hear anything in it's

miles away mr. Duncan can hear because he's got very acute hearing

I've got acute what acute hearing I have a very cute hearing I can't make acute

hearing acute it's very cute eh see you te but if you're going to insult me

acute okay that means very you're the English teacher

that means acute sharp sudden without warning you might suddenly get acute

pain acute means sharp sudden without warning some people become very ill

quickly without warning we say it is an acute illness yeah see I love the spring

I get very emotional when I see the new leaves on the trees yes I think so

well at the moment the trees are coming out very slowly because it's so cold

here in England and it looks as if we're going to get lots of snow tomorrow the

birds have gone back in I had some plants in the garden and they flower at

this time of the year and the flowers of all shrunk away so I hope they they come

out again but you know what happens you know what happens whenever it's a bit

like your body because if parts of your body get cold they also shrink your head

for example I wasn't all about your head you're getting rude mr. Duncan how can I

reach fluency of English in a very short time I can answer that question very

easily you can't if she can't listen to us listen to us what twice a week I just

said you can't how you become fluent in English that's the secret isn't it yes

but not quickly though if anyone yes if it if anyone says to you that you can

learn English quickly they're lying okay there are lots of people now on YouTube

saying you can learn English in 50 minutes or 60 minutes you can't it takes

what but they could learn it very a lot quicker if they listen to us

yes you can listen to it you can listen to English and learn it over time but

you can't learn it in 90 minutes people now on YouTube are coming on and they're

saying you can learn most of English in just an hour and a half rubbish it's an

it's a load of rubbish you can't you'd learn maybe five words you me mayor

games asks are you a teacher well what do you what do you think

what do you think just I will let you decide for yourself because I'm sure

your you're a very intelligent person so so what do you that do you think I'm a

teacher so hello I'm mr. Duncan I teach English on YouTube so so the secret

little secret there is in the word teach maybe they don't know about your history

no I think they're just being an idiot well the minimum period I need to master

English from the beginning if you need to learn English from the very beginning

it depends really on how much you want to learn it and how much work you put

into it it can take a couple of years it can take ten years it can take you a

hundred years but it really just depends on what you want to achieve a lot of

learning really does come down to what you want and how much work you are

willing to put into it there are many people who write to me and they say mr.

Duncan my English is so bad and then I ask them how often do you practice and

they hardly ever practice that's the reason why you must put a lot of time a

lot of effort into learning English because you only get out what you put in

it's a bit of a cliche I know but it's true and it's like learning anything

you've got to do it's little bits often so half an hour a day something like

that well half an hour maybe an hour or maybe a couple of times a day so you

give yourself a little bit of time in the morning or maybe if you are at work

if you're working and you're learning English maybe when you have your your

dinner break or maybe in the evening when you've got a little bit of spare

time so you have to find the time you have to make the time it's a bit like

anything really the only way you can do things efficiently and get results is to

make sure you give yourself time to do it little and often you can't rush

things you really can't especially when it

comes to learning you can't learn things in a hurry yeah

it's best to do little littles like half an hour to turn around at Alma do that

regularly yes what an hour exercise it's like anything do you want to drink your

water Steve yes my throat's very dry because it's very dry okay go and get

some water Oh kicking me off already I'm not

kicking you off but I'm worried that you go to drop dead next to me and I'm gonna

drop dead I don't know that's a bit extreme mr. Duncan well I don't know do

I stranger things have happened like the

sound of that do you recommend any stories to improve our English it

depends really what type of stories you like I mean I wouldn't tell you to read

a story that you weren't interested in so normally people know what they like

some people like romantic stories some people like science fiction stories some

people like historical stories so it depends really so choose the subject

first choose the thing that you like reading about or something that you are

interested in and then take it from there

my goodness mr. Duncan this channel is very alive it is it's very busy it's

late and alive that's what it says on the

thumbnail anyway late and live on a Wednesday night and don't forget I am

here every Wednesday 10 p.m. 10 p.m. UK time mr. Steve is coughing now in the

kitchen I hope he's alright I don't know what he's been doing mr. Duncan mr.

Duncan's I live in the Colombian area and it is an honor to listen to you live

Thank You Juan Carlos you are very welcome of course I have hundreds of

thousands of students watching all around the world in fact last week I

passed my 68 million so 68 million view on YouTube and now of course I have over

600,000 subscribers as well so thanks hello mr. Duncan it's very cold and

snowy also here in Italy well of course I think I think Italy and other parts of

Eastern Europe I think I think they've got the weather before us so the weather

has slowly come all the way from Siberia apparently it's Siberian weather that's

the weather we've been getting so yes the weather has been quite quite

turbulent I think that's a good word to use Sergio says your videos have helped

me to improve my English over the past six years and that's true it must be

built step by step yes you should watch my first ever video my lesson one video

where I talk about all of the things you need to follow the things you need to do

to learn English successfully and by the way my original lesson one has just

passed 12 million views I'm not joking it's just past 12 million views mr.

Duncan I'm a little sad because of the death of Billy Graham yes Billy Graham

died this week very old but he had been ill for a long time yes I like love

stories but I heard people say that you should read different types of story and

not just one type yes of course another thing of course that you can do and this

is something that I like doing you might not believe this but sometimes it is

interesting just to read dictionary I'm not joking so if you have a small

dictionary a pocket dictionary an English dictionary just open the pages

and go through pick some words that you like the look of and find out what they

mean so this is something that I used to advise my students when I was living in

working in China I used to get them too do exercise is where they would pick

words out of the dictionary how can I practice my English because I live in

Morocco says redder I think redder what you mean is you

don't have anyone else to practice with well there are two ways of solving that

first of all you can practice with yourself you can listen to your own

voice you can use your mobile phone to record your voice and you can listen to

the sound of your voice back so that's one way of doing it

also of course I'm sure you live in an area where of the people live you could

find out if there are other people in your area who also have an interest in

English so if they are interested in English you can start your own group so

maybe you can put a message on the internet or maybe in a local area or a

local shop you could say anyone interested in learning English or

practicing English please call this number or write this email address so

there are many things you can do you can start your own group your own English

corner once again when I was in China I used to visit many English corners now I

would actually get invites from people and they would ask if I could join their

English corners now my my voice is going now I think whatever mr. Steve has got

I've already caught it that's not very good hello I hear all the words you say

clearly but that's not the same when I watch movies how can I improve my

listening well as I mentioned earlier the only way you can improve these

skills because of course listening is a skill it is something you learn to do

you might not believe that but it's true it's a little like when you're a baby

you have to learn to walk it's something you have to learn to do

even though you do it everyday it's still something you at some point have

to learn to do so yes listening is something that you do

over time you can listen to movies you can also watch movies with the subtitles

so if there are things that you can't understand you can tune your ear you can

tune your listening into different types of English Abdullah says I always think

homeless people when it's cold I always think of homeless people when it's cold

it's very cold now and what they do and why the government doesn't do anything

for them Abdullah yes well here in the UK

homelessness is still a problem certainly in the big cities such as

London Birmingham Manchester homelessness is a big problem but of

course there are many voluntary societies and groups that go out and

they they help they help people who are sleeping rough who are sleeping on the

streets so lots of people on the live chat can you clarify the difference

between photograph picture and image they seem the same to me well in most

cases they are a photograph is just an image that has been captured a picture

is just something that is represented by maybe a photograph or a painting or

drawing so all of those things can be classed as pictures or of course a movie

as well so when you go to see a movie at the cinema we can say that you go to see

a picture although having said that that's quite an old-fashioned way of

describing a moon not many people do that now not many

people say I'm going to see a picture tonight unless they're 60 mr. Duncan

could you please say hello to my city Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza City thank

you very much Clemson you are welcome and it's nice to see you here late and

live hello mr. Duncan where is mr. Steve asks Javed

I don't know he's disappeared he was outside earlier but I thought I think

the cold weather has gone to his throat so he's been having a drink of water are

you better now Steve I didn't tell you to go Steve said that I told oh I'm

taking over now yes well if you get near the microphone they might build a year

they can hear me because I'm projecting you certainly are you pushing me off I

feel like I'm right on the edge that's all right don't worry you can get as

close as you want hello hello can I read out a comment mr. Duncan if you look on

here you can is that keep it still is there any one series in Netflix you can

recommend any Netflix series is there a program on Netflix I'm going to be

honest with you now and this is something I'm going to tell you because

I didn't ask the question you did you asked the question

I recently got rid of Netflix I cancelled it because I realized that

most of the things on there I will never get to watch because I'm always doing

other things and and quite often I forget that I've got Netflix so about a

month ago in fact maybe longer than that now maybe two months ago in fact it was

I think it was before Christmas so yes quite a while ago now I actually

cancelled my Netflix I got rid of it we were watching a very interesting

see science fiction series weren't we called the expand the expanse now that

was quite good I'm going to be honest with you that was good but of course

there are only so many episodes and now of course the series has finished and

there will be a new season later this year but I'm not going to pay for

Netflix just to wait for a new program to arrive so so I got rid of my Netflix

so at the moment I'm not watching Netflix I watched television and of

course on a on a Friday and Saturday evening we like to sit down don't we

Steve we like to watch our favorite TV channel and that is ideal world which is

a shopping channel can you believe it my favorite TV channel at the moment is a

home shopping channel just because one of the presenters on there is completely

crazy we don't buy anything we don't buy anything we just watch it it just watch

it it's live entertainment it is hilarious hilarious it's so funny

it's the best thing on TV it literally is the best thing on television we don't

have satellite we don't have sky we don't have any of that we just have our

normal channels and on one of those chairmen channels it is a Home Shopping

Network and we watch it all the time at the weekend it's it's very very funny

anyone watching anyone who was watching us on Sunday my noticed that in fact I'm

wearing exactly the same shirt Steve is wearing

steve is wearing the same shirt he had on on Sunday I'm going to point that out

before anybody who was there on Sunday notices and says why is mr. Steve

wearing the same shirt he brought on Sunday the answer is I only wore it once

and it's it's still clean oh that's nice it means the t-shirt it isn't smelly

Ahmed asks are you here live every Wednesday mr. Steve can you answer that

question the answer is yes yeah that's a new thing that you've introduced two

shows a week I might to always be here with sometimes I'm

going out so I went out tonight so hence I'm coming in a bit later what time did

you start tonight mr. Duncan I started slightly late because I had a slight

problem with one of the cameras so so the camera I decided to use this one

this camera I had a slight problem with it was my fault because I had taken the

battery out but but normally when I do a very long livestream I normally plug the

camera into the electricity but I forgot and I couldn't work out why there was no

camera so it took me it took me a few moments to realize that there was no

battery in the camera and also the electricity wasn't connected to the

camera so at for a moment tonight I thought there was something wrong with

the camera wanted another camera to go down yes my lovely big professional

camera my lovely big professional camera died about three three years ago maybe I

think about three years ago my lovely big Sony I've I've got this wonderful

camera and it died one day it just stopped working and it wasn't it was

lovely and it was very expensive so yes and answer that question you're now here

every Wednesday aren't you maybe Thursday is it Wednesday or Thursday

you're going cuz you know what you were thinking about which day to dwell extra

sure we don't want to give too much away at the moment but uh at the moment for

the foreseeable future which is probably the rest of March April May we will be

here twice a week twice so we we announced this on Sunday actually so I'm

going to be here every Wednesday 10:00 p.m. UK time and on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK

time that's 2 p.m. in the afternoon of course so two very different times and

the reason why I'm doing that is to allow people in different parts of the

world to have the chance to to watch my live streams

hello mr. Duncan could you tell me the difference between

curiosity and inquisitive well curiosity is the the actual action

of having or being inquisitive so if you are inquisitive it means you are

interested in a particular thing you have curiosity you are curious you think

I want to know more about that I'm very curious to find out so that particular

action is described as curiosity you are very inquisitive so somebody tonight

might stumble across your live lessons mr. Duncan and thinking one bit curious

let's watch that for a bit and see what it's about yes let's see what it's all

about are there any different accents in each

part of England asks row sir yes there are there are so many accents as you go

round the United Kingdom if you go to Scotland you will hear one particular

accent being used a lot then as you come down there there is Northern England

where there are many different types of accents and then as you come down you

have the Midlands once again you have different types of accent and then as

you go further south once again you have many different types of accent and when

you go to a place like for example London you will hear many different

accents from all over the country and of course from all over the world and in

America of course there's lots of different accents but thankfully because

there are enough words which all sound similar you should be able to understand

Inquisition by the way Inquisition no I'm just replying to the question that I

just had inquisitive an inquisition is questioning so an inquisition means you

are questioning you are asking questions so direct questions questions

directly is an inquisition why are in lish sweets so sweet I don't

know but I'm very glad they are lots of sugar yes I answer to that for those who

are regular viewers you will know that I have a little bit just a little bit of a

sugar habit English people are well renowned I think we've got one of the

highest per capita intakes of sugar in the entire world so per person mr.

Duncan's vanished he's must be looking at a technical issue I think we can see

more sugar per person than any other country in the world because we've got

very sweet teeth a sweet tooth and mr. Duncan takes three teaspoons of sugar in

his tea I don't take any yes in my tea I have three three sugars and I'm always

being told off by everyone and everyone says including mr. Steve he really does

nag sometimes you are not any more he's quite a nagger

I've given up he's come down from four teaspoons to three and a half when I was

living at home with my mum I used to have six six sugars in my tea I'm not

joking I used to have six sugars in my tea so I shall not diabetic mr. Duncan

so I think my kidneys are virtually vanished I think they've virtually

dissolved even a gigantic pancreas right all that insulin apparently mr. Steve

thinks I have a gigantic pancreas well it's your pancreas that produces

the insulin that lowers your blood sugar back down after you've had a high sugar

intake I feel very flattered and of course your disease teeth they're all

they're all false all of them because they rotted away when he was about 14

I'm going to swear in a minute just in case there any children watching mr. mr.

Steve it's true my teeth aren't false they're all real and of course I'm going

to the in test on Friday so I have a Friday

appointment I hope I can get there because it looks as if there's going to

be lots of snow around on Friday so I hope I think you'll struggle so I'm

going to the dentist on Friday in fact the last time I went to the dentist

the hygienist said Oh your teeth are really really good at the moment they

they look great oh wow what did she say a year ago mr. Duncan

well not a year ago three years ago when I first went to the dentist here in Much

Wenlock ear Ajira much Wenlock the hygienist said your teeth are terrible

and that's because of years of abuse with sugar actually there could have

been a lot worse because I only have to look at a suite

and I go hunt I need a filling parent I have to have a filling this week poem

Mohammed Shakir ooh or chakkar I says you both have lovely teeth yes thank you

very much someone out there appreciates my smile I had to have a filling this

week oh really mmm where was it in between your ears no

it was one of my molars your molars but what's a molar it's a particular type of

tooth oh it's this is a big teeth is it the teeth at the back it's the big

teeth at the back the molars why is it so difficult to understand Winston

Churchill when he speaks well wince Winston Churchill has a very particular

type of earth speech his his speaking voice well not anymore because he died

many years ago but I think you are referring to the movie at the moment

that is in the cinemas called the darkest hour and his voice she's very

very heavy so any it's a bit like this which is very her never never in the

history of England had so many done so much

for so few clothes is that okay haha that was my Winston Churchill impression

it's yes he has a particular he's got a thick accent quite a quite a posh accent

but also with a particular way he speaks it it is difficult to understand what

he's saying I'm very interested now to find out what that what that sounded

like you can watch it later on the replay yes oh by the way yes you can

watch this all over again just in case you want to why would you do that

yes do watch it learn I have a phobia of dentists frankly I really feel scared of

going to the dentist says Mohammad well I used to have a big fear of going to

the dentist in fact there is a video on my youtube channel all about a very

terrible experience that I had when I went to the dentist when I was a kid

when I was a child there must be a word for being a frightened of dentists if

it's a dental phobia fo there is yes there is actually gone through this

before we talked about this a long time ago I remember but yes there is there is

actually a a word that means a fear of going to the dentist I'm pretty sure

someone out there at the moment is going to Google it was something phob wouldn't

it yeah I think someone is going to google it I think it's dental faux

they're going to tell me maybe we are waiting for more snow here in the south

of Italy oh you have more snow coming well we've only had a little bit of snow

here but in other parts of England they had they've had loads of snow in fact

tonight in Scotland they they're actually having is is it a red alert a

red warning a red snow warning which means everything's just going to go

crazy in fact we were commenting on that because in fact I was listening to the

radio I was traveling today in the car and I

had the radio on and they were they had reporters in different parts of the

country and they were trying to find out who'd had the most snow and in one part

of England in a canticle Kent they'd had four and a half inches of snow and they

were they were making out that this was a major event but if you remember mr.

Duncan only a few months ago when was it before Christmas was it just after

Christmas during a heavy scene was the first I'm about to say ISM is the first

week of December and we actually had eleven inches of snow and it was barely

reported yet the videos are actually on my youtube channel though there are two

videos in fact there is there is one video that I did live in the center of

much Wenlock then I did another video live and and another one outside where

when the snow was really deep in fact it was so deep the snow came up past my

knees because it had drifted but we'd had over 11 inches of snow but that but

the news ignored it they completely ignored all of this terrible weather we

were having because it wasn't interesting but but if you get one one

snowflake falling in London but the whole media goes crazy over it ah what

did you say a snowflake fell in London oh my goodness we better close

everything down nag what does nag mean well mr. Steve can

answer this mr. Steve can answer this what nag means and a G it means it means

to keep going on somebody about something for example quite commonly a

wife will nag their husband for example to go and do the gardening or to wash

the car they keep saying oh when you're going to wash the car when you're going

to do when you're going to put that shelf up when you're going to do this

they keep nagging going on and on anthem amount things all the time you don't

stop saying mr. Duncan mr. Duncan when are you going to put the meal on I'm

hungry mr. Duncan and then five minutes later haven't you put the meal on yet

mr. Duncan why don't you put some logs on the fire go on it's cold in here I'm

not doing it you do it nagging that's nagging ladies and

gentlemen you've just had a taste of my life it's nothing like that at all

ladies and gentlemen I am very tolerant I have to keep him in check if it wasn't

for me around his life would be a complete mess that's true only may Oh

may is going now may may l Goosen is saying goodbye Oh see you later may

maybe we will see you on Sunday hopefully don't forget I'm back on

Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time I might be back before then if we have some snow so I

might do something outside in the snow if we have lots of snow but if we only

have a little bit of snow I won't bother no because we've already put lots of

videos on there's loads isn't in fact there are people watching my my snow

videos in the UK they're getting lots of views for some reason until the snow

pests are next at that time they will take that serious oh okay then mr.

Duncan how do I convince people to learn English well I suppose you have to

persuade them but of course they also have to want to do it in the first place

so you can't really force people you can't say yeah yeah you've got to learn

English you've got to learn it you've really got to learn English if you don't

learn English I'll smash your face in so you can't really do it like that I

have to put up with so I just keep catching sight of what we're doing see

on the screen if it keeps catching me out he's gonna be watching it later

wrong mr. Duncan I'm using your classes to learn new words I've been watching

your classes since and 13 says Rita Rita Gomez oh yes hello

there nice to see yes so yes since 2013 thanks for everything Thank You Rita I

do get many messages I don't often read the messages out anymore because I do

get lots and lots and so the problem is if I read one person's message one

person's email then lots of other people will write to me and say well why didn't

you read my email why didn't you read my question so the problem is sometimes I

get too many emails but I do read them all I read all of your emails I promise

that it's like the messages that we're getting today sometimes there's so many

we can't possibly read them all out so we do apologize for that but it's like

one a second coming through so it's very difficult to read them all out it's very

busy on the live chat so apologies if we don't always read out your message keep

trying apparently it is now it is now coming up to ten pest ate in mr. Steve's

favorite place which is Brazil Raziel ten plus eight at night

no yes at night yes that's right that's it

ten past eleven here they are they are about three hours behind us in Brazil

mm-hmm I can't be right oh maybe it is but eight nine ten past eight in Brazil

see I was different so I thought it'd be more than that and unless my maths has

become incredibly bad in Argentina the weather was so hot my husband and I were

looking for some videos with snow that's how we knew you the one where you are

walking in Much Wenlock Oh su cat so you found my lessons by searching for

something to do with snow and then you found my snow lesson and then you found

my English lessons as well oh that's amazing thank you that's very nice too

in fact you've only got another about another 499 lessons to watch mr. Duncan

Hammond use it about 500 lessons you've got there are over over 500 lessons on

my youtube channel watch too if you watch about one or two a day you'll get

through them in a year and all of the details are under this video so

underneath this video that you are watching now are all of my playlists

underneath the video so if you go down below the video there are lots of

playlists and you can just click on the links and you will go to my playlists do

you think if if somebody who wanted to learn English watched all your lessons

do you think it would make a big difference to have a learning list well

I know for a fact it does because I get people writing to me all the time

telling me that they say I'm learning English and I use your lessons to help

me now I would never say not like other people but I would never say that my

lessons are all you need because I would be lying so I don't say or I never say

that my lessons are all you need my lessons help you to learn English they

are a very good way of listening to English being spoken so it's a very good

way of listening to clear pronunciation and of course it allows you to learn new

words and by doing so you increase your word power so that's basically it really

you see lots of people on the live chat what to say oh are you watching the

Winter Olympics well of course the Winter Olympics have ended so now it's

the Paralympics which is for people with disabilities so that goes on also I

believe that goes on for two weeks as well so yes we actually got some gold

medals didn't we I think we in the end we did I think we got about seven so

about seven gold medals apparently it was the most gold medals

fits Great Britain and ever got in the Winter Olympic normally do very well in

the Winter Olympics no the Winter Olympics we don't normally do very well

although come to think of it we don't often do very well in the summer one of

course it does help when all the Russians aren't there when all of the

Russian athletes aren't there we know that you normally find other people do

very well but if the Russians are there and let's be honest

Russia has some very very good athletes I think the Russia's been reinstated

today I heard reinstall they've let them back in and then back in yes oh that's

good that's good to hear I follow your streaming videos for a long time since

2008 says Mohammad Shikari 10 years so you've been watching my video lessons

for 10 years that's amazing a well I hope they've been useful I hope they've

helped you my English has been improved thanks to you thanks to me so how do you

find my English now mr. Duncan my native language is Arabic yes it's very good I

can certainly understand what you've written here in the the grammar is

excellent so yes you get a thumbs up kudos a

thumbs up from me what's your favorite video of yours oh I see do you mean my

favorite video lesson that I've made well I like all of them but if you want

me to name my favorite ones I will name five of my favourite lessons that I've

made that sounds very big-headed before you do that mr. Duncan I am going to bid

your viewers bye-bye for now okay if you don't mind and I am going to go off and

get ready for bed because I'm very tired okay then Steve is that all right mr.

doom you may go yes there it is how long are you planning to stay alive maybe all

night who knows night well duh bye and see you all on Sunday yeah

there goes mr. Steve what are you doing there goes mr. Steve and of course he

will be back on Sunday live with me from 3 o'clock so I start on on Sunday from 2

p.m. UK time but mr. Steve will be with us what can I do to improve my speaking

well again as I mentioned earlier you can listen to your own voice try to

record your voice listen to it and from that you can pick up the things that you

don't like so if you don't like the way you speak you can change it you can

alter it so don't worry about that just like everything else it takes time it

takes time I love the video where you walk with the snow almost up to your

knees yes that was when we had that snow in December last year it was so deep it

came right up to my knees yes there was a lot of snow and we might be having a

lot more snow here over the next two days apparently the weather is very bad

in her desfile Huddersfield the area is now affected by

snow and my college is closed tomorrow says Joe well Joe at least it gives you

an excuse to play out in the snow I don't know about you but I love playing

outside in the snow thank you very much for your encouragement why don't you

learn Arabic well I think it's a good idea there are lots of languages I would

love to learn it took me a long time actually to learn Chinese I had to learn

Chinese when I was living in China

what does turmoil mean turmoil just means chaos turmoil if something is in

turmoil it means it is in a chaotic situation so too

chaotic or disorganized everything is in turmoil maybe your plans have been

ruined by someone else's decision or action and now your plans are in turmoil

it's a great word by the way so I hope that helps I'm going in a moment because

I have been on now for nearly one hour and 10 minutes but don't worry I will be

back on Sunday don't forget to p.m. UK time on Sunday so I will be going in a

moment I learnt Chinese using traditional

characters oh I see yes I learned to speak Chinese using pinyin pinyin which

is what a lot of Western people use when they are learning Chinese I started

following you in 2009 says do-don quenelle do dong

quenelle Wow so once again nine years you've been watching my lessons well I

hope they have been very useful during that time I am going in a moment I will

be leaving you if I missed your message I do apologize but there are lots of

people tonight on the Live Chat it has been very busy I will see you on Sunday

2:00 p.m. UK time two hours on Sunday and of course mr. Steve will be with me

for the second hour so mr. Steve will join me on Sunday from three o'clock I

will start at two o'clock I'm going to the dentist on Friday as well so I hope

I hope everything will be okay for that because I don't like going to the

dentist I don't like it at all I will be missing you mr. Duncan says so

cat oh don't say that because then I'll feel awful I won't be able to sleep

tonight now I will see one Sunday it's time to go we have a lot of things to

talk about tonight I think we will continue the conversation on Sunday

about the reason why shops and many businesses are losing their business and

in some cases they are actually going out of business if you go out of

business it means your business ceases you cease

to trade so yes there are lots of companies lots of big businesses at the

moment today it was announced that Toys R Us and also a shop called Maplins

a very big shop a very big company both of those companies are going out of

business it would appear bye-bye mr. Duncan bye

bye mr. Steve I'm going to have my dinner it's now 20 pest 21 minutes past

8:00 in the evening in Brazil I will see you on Sunday I'm going now to more

hellos Rossa Thank You Rosa and also Ernesto Thank You Ernesto

d'amato you are very very welcome I will see you

later this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for joining me tonight late and live and don't forget I

am here every Wednesday from now on every Wednesday from 10:00 p.m. UK time

and on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time all of my videos are underneath I will see

you on Sunday this is mr. Duncan for the final time saying thanks for watching me

talking to you live and of course you know what's coming next

yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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