Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why Jihadists Destroy Ancient Artifacts

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We live in a time in which Islamic State is destroying

antiquities that are thousands of years old in Iraq.

Why are they doing this? Well it is Islamic.

Earlier they broke into museums and sold valuable treasures for the money.

and then burned manuscripts. Why? Well, that's Islamic.

You may not remember but when we invaded Iraq and Saddam Hussein fell

the same thing happened. Only this time it was mobs who broke into museums

stole what was valuable and destroyed other things.

Do you remember that when Mubarak fell one of the things that happened

was they broke into the museums in Egypt, took what was valuable

and destroyed other things. Why? Well, it is Islamic.

Do you remember when the Taliban brought in artillery guns to

blow down the Bamiyan Buddhas, which were huge statues

that were thousands years old? Pure Islam

When the muslims invaded India

they came upon the largest Hindu temple in the world that was wooden.

Their commander was told this so he said well let me see it. He looked at,

walked around and said 'burn it' - pure Islam.

Then they invaded the Buddhist part in India

and in Nalanda there was the world's largest library. When told it was the largest

library, the commander said well

either the books contain what is in the Koran, in which case they're not useful

because they are redundant,

or if the information is not in the Koran, then it is 'Jahiliyyah'

and we will burn that too. So

the library was burned. Now what is Jahiliyyah? Well Jahiliyyah is the age of


it is the age the Kafir and Allah despises the Kafir

and despises his civilization, which is all based on ignorance.

The taproot have all of this is of course Mohammed.

When Mohammed entered Mecca as its conqueror

he first prayed, issued death warrants for those intellectuals and artists who had opposed him

and then he went into the Kaaba and it contained religious art from some 360

different religions.

He destroyed it with his own hand and what he did not destroy he

commanded to be destroyed by his men.

You see, this was to strike a blow against the civilization of the Kafir

because again Allah hates the Kafir and hates his civilization, which he calls Jahiliyyah

ignorance. So this will not be the last destruction we will see

because as Islam enters every new territory, its purpose is to destroy

the civilization. Not just take over the government,

but to annihilate the civilization. By destroying the heritage of

civilizations, it helps to destroy the civilizations.

That's what's going on under Islamic State. Now

the only thing that the news media will say about this destruction is, it is

not Islamic. But again, the media knows nothing

it is pure Islam to destroy culture, heritage,

antiquities and art. Think about that.

Thank you.

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