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The world we know is about to change

- Mother of God! I can feel the stench even here! What is that?

- That is umm Detroit.

They thought they can come to Earth and take everything from us.

No, no, not at all. We just want to grab some electronics.

They were right.

So you dont want to conquer Earth?

No, of course not.

Phew, thats good news.

They do.

A regular man faces a blasphemous horror.

So far, nothing in his life has worked out. Will this time be any different?

Did you kill him?

No, wounded

Thats good enough.

myself. Should the femoral artery be bleeding this much?

Action, shootings, explosions, high-speed chases. All of the above MIGHT end up here, but most importantly, adventures the likes of which youve never seen before.

Something dwells in the well It snatched your mother-in-law.

Right, in my dreams. You were drinking again and youre delirious? Theres nothing in there. Look. Hello!! Hello!

Heeeelp meeee!

Shit, thats a weird echo.

From the creators of such mediocre blockbusters as Uther the Dragonslayer and Heroes of the Siedlce. Detective Inkblot! Premiers around thirtieth of January on the Lochy i moki channel. Subscribe before You Know Who decides to cut our views

Ambroy You messed up again.

More like Blotted up.

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