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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE LAST ARCADE TOKEN Sis vs Bro Battle at the Arcade! SuperHeroKids

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(upbeat music)

- [Group] Whoa!

- There's so many games!

- Come on,

Let's go!

- Hey where are my tokens?

- They were running out of bags so they put them all in one

- Oh come on!

I wanted my own bag.

- It's okay we'll just share.

Now let's go get something to eat.

- But I'm not hungry

- Noah you're always hungry

- Well yeah I am but I'm really ready to play games

- I promise we'll play a bunch of games but first,

we eat!

- You don't want to miss out on pizza, do you?

- Fine, I guess I'll eat some pizza first but then

I'm gonna play all the games

- The line for the pizza took for-ever!

- Let's take a look at this pizza!

- Finally!


That was delicious!

Let's go play games now!

- Noah we didn't even get a single slice

- This is so not fair

- It's okay while y'all go get another pizza

I'm gonna go play games!

- Oh no you don't you're going to wait right here while

I go get another pizza and then we're all going to play

games together.

I'll be back with the pizza


- It feels like forever

- Excuse me are you Noah from Superhero Kids?

- Yeah!

- That's awesome!

We love your videos!

Do you want to come play with us?

- Yeah!

- Sorry buds I have to wait for my sisters

- Okay well we'll be over there

Come on guys!


- Can I go now?

- No they said the pizza is going to take 30 minutes to cook


- Can I go now?

- We've only been sitting here for one minute

- One minute?

It feels like forever

- Eden's back that means we can go play!

- Nope there was a problem with the pizza

- Hope, can you come help me please?

- Sure as long as we get this stinking pizza already

- That means I can go play right?

[Eden & Hope] No!


- Yeah!

Oh man I lost I'm gonna play one more game.

Oh yeah I made it!

- Thank goodness we finally got the pizza

- I know I thought it was gonna take forever.

I'm even anxious to play games now

- I know me too but I'm glad we got the ice cream though

- Yeah Noah is going to be so excited to play games

- Yeah wait where is Noah?

- More importantly where are the tokens?

- Let's go find Noah

- Darnit I'm losing!

- Hey Noah having fun?

- I can't believe you Noah I told you to wait for us

just give me back my tokens

- Okay okay okay!

They're right here

- Noah did you use every single token except one?

- Just let me explain!

I was bored so I was playing every single game and

it got down to one and now you only have one left

just don't hurt me please!

I'm gonna go!

[Sister] Noah!

- He's not over here!

- He's not over here either!

- Noah?

- That's not Noah!

- That's how I can win my tokens back!

- [Sister] Noah, no!

- Noah you did not just spend our last token

- He did

- Guys trust me I got this!

- Let me try! Let me try!

- No wait Hope you're messing me up!

- Hope you're doing it wrong, let me!

(fighting over the game)

- Guys we lost!

- Are all the tokens really gone?

- I'm sorry guys,

I took all your tokens and I feel really bad

I really messed up

- It's okay

- Yeah its okay lets just go get our ice cream


- Well so much for that idea

- I'm really sorry guys

- We didn't get any pizza, Noah used all our tokens,

and now our ice cream is melted.

This day is ruined lets just go home

- Hey Noah!

- Huh?

- We have ton of extra tokens

if you want to come play with us.

- Yeah that sounds awesome!

- Come on lets go!

- But can my sisters go with us?

- Yeah that cool!

- Come on guys lets go!

- Thank you Noah!

- You're the best!

(arcade game music)

- Oh yeah!

- Go Noah!

You got this!

[Kids] Yeah!

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[Kids] Whoa!

- Thanks to all our awesome friends for filming with us!

[Kids] Yeah!

- And finally thanks to The Game Preserve for letting us

film in their arcade.

[Kids] Yeah!

- Link down below for The Game Preserve

- Click right here to see more of our awesome videos

[Kids] Yeah!

(upbeat music)

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