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Again? OK, Let me get mine

Where is it? I know I have it in here

Don't look at me

If youre passionate about Ultimate and this has happened to you

were here to help

Hi Kickstarter! Im Dave and this is our story

Ive been lucky enough to have spent the past 14 years

traveling and playing Ultimate

every chance I got

Ive played in 30 countries on 4 continents

From a joining a team in Buenos Aires

to pickup in a park in India

from China Nationals in Beijing

to throwing around on a beach in Brazil

Those were some amazing trips

with a lot of great ultimate

but at times, it was frustrating

I never found the right bag to get my gear to the field

If it was easy to carry, it was too disorganized

or just not big enough for all my gear

If it rained, everything inside would get wet

When I got back home I met up with some teammates

They were also tired of trying to make do with bags designed for other sports

I want a backpack! I want a duffel!

Im sick of my water bottle smelling like sweaty socks!

Where do I put my beer?

So we put our heads together

Drawing on our collective 35 years of experience playing Ultimate

and a combine 40 years in manufacturing

We set out to make the best bag for Ultimate

We partnered with a professional bag factory

worked on different designs and materials

and after many iterations we created

The Greatest Bag!

The Greatest Bag has an easy access organisation system

that has been specifically designed for Ultimate

You can comfortably carry your darks, lights, even a sleeping bag

You can carry two pairs of cleats

So that a teammate doesnt have to play barefoot

Thanks man!

You can keep your snacks,energy bars and accessories handy and organised

And your wallet and phones protected

Your wet, smelly clothes will never stink up your other gear

It holds up to 2 discs securely

You can carry it to the field as a duffel

or as a backpack

Its made with water resistant, durable, ripstop material

And its the only Ultimate bag with a built in cooler compartment

You can cool off, ice injuries

and it keeps your drinks frosty cold


For Ultimate players this is our answer to all those crappy bags

that youve been using over the years

But this isnt just a tournament bag the possibilities are endless

I had this greatest bag for a week now just take to the east coast for a frisbee trip

There are the ISO compartment, the rainfly

They are two of my favorites features

Pretty smooth, works very well at the airport.They are great!

It is very durable, very spacious

It is the greatest bag I've ever used

To create the Greatest Bag our team has worked the past 2 years

and we now have a bag thats blown us all away

And now we need your help, Kickstarter

team up with us

to turn our great idea into your Greatest Bag!

Thanks Kickstarter!

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