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Oh, you thought that song was about candy? Mmn. It was about sex. Welcome to Throwback!

I'll take you to the candy shop.

I'll let you lick the lollipop.

That's dirty? I'm so gullible. Oh my God, are you serious? Just from the title it sounds a little sexual.

Okay, so, it's not about a candy shop. Is what you're saying? Yeah, that's about oral sex. That's hot. That's pretty hot.

I didn't think about it until now and I feel dirty. I always knew that was about d***sucking. Okay. Who didn't know that was dirty? No, yeah.

Yeah, I was gonna say that was- it was from 50 cent. No one thought that was like:

"He looks like a nice young man." And that was back when everyone watched the music video, so...That's true

It was very sexual. This was my mom's favorite song she would blast it in the car

It was mortifying but also amazing

I didn't exactly understand what 50 cent was doing with the women that he was talking about

But I knew it was something that I probably shouldn't be exploring at the age

I was when the song came out. Never once was I like, oh pixy sticks and Lollipops & Gumdrops

I was like

oh No

big (bleeps)

in Lil' Kim's mouth

It's got like a meaning for all the ages. I needed it to be about candy then and I'm really glad it's about (bleeps) now

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

and they're like it's better than yours.


Em gee I still live for [this] song. In college, I was actually a part [of] a hip hop dance company

This was the first song that we learned a choreo to.This song was oddly Catchy. [My] milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

And they're like. It's better than yours. Damn, right, it's better than yours.

At the time when it came out, I genuinely had no idea what it meant. I never understood

why she was selling milkshakes in the yard why [were] the boys coming to her yard to eat milkshakes?

First thing I ever looked up on Urban Dictionary Milkshake. [I]

Knew that it was dirty,

but I did think she meant milkshake. My milkshake will attract you, and then we'll make out.

But now that I think about it. My milkshake?

[I] don't know which body part the milkshake is. I don't know. Is a milkshake referred to - your boobs or your butt

[I] don't [know]. Do we know? Or all of [the] above. Maybe, her boobs. Oh, that's multiple Milkshakes. Maybe, her (clicking noise), her front butt.

This is for coin purse. Nope. No? Butt. What?

I still don't understand completely what a milkshake is. I have none of it. I'm pretty sure, so.

I don't think she's making actual milkshakes. That's for sure. Now, my favorite was then in Mean Girls.

The little sister was dancing to it. Right. And she's like flashing the screen. Right. I could teach you, but I have to charge.

Which is a little (bleeps) up. So, she's a prostitute.

Cause tonight is the night when two become one.

Really? Dude, you are like blowing me away right now.

I'm gonna see music in a whole other light after this episode.

Two become one? Two humans becoming one.

Sex! It's about sex!

This was my favorite song and I had no idea how dirty this was. It's so dirty.

So, they didn't actually hide anything because it was in the song title it's talking about two becoming one,

but I never thought about it. Until, I thought about it.

Cuz we're attached by um genitalia. I've had sex before.

When I listened to this when I was younger. I had no idea what it meant. Me either.

[I] think [I] was going around the house like singing this song.

They used to play this on adult contemporary which is all my parents would let me listen to

until my mom heard it, and then she told me I couldn't listen to it anymore

Spice Girls always had like a lot of weird, suggestive stuff like if you want to be my lover you gotta get with my friends,

so that always felt kind of threesomey.

In my head, I still try to make it more romantic than it is I'm like oh a unity of two people coming together with their lives,

but now I'm realizing it's oh, they was just (bleeps).

I've got the magic stick. I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice.

Lil' Kim and 50 cent. Why would you think that was clean? True.

Yeah, this is filthy. Pretty sure we're back to talking about 50 Cent's humongous penis.

All these songs about (bleeps).

50 cent loves his magic stick. If you don't know what that is he will gladly

Show you while taking you to his candy shop. I've got the magic (bleeps). I don't is that an incurable sexually transmitted disease

What makes it magical? Well, he's clearly not a magician.

I don't expect him to pull a rabbit out of a hat anytime soon. I don't understand literally what it means. It's really unclear.

It's probably like a penetration move

It's probably like a hump that he can hit twice,

but then he's done cuz then there is no more magic in that stick. I think he's just really cocky. He can- (laughs) cocky.

So he's saying his (bleeps) is better than everyone else's (bleeps) because everyone comes back for more Fifty (bleeps)

[hahahaha], they're saying they will beg for sex. That's thirsty hello

They're talking about hugs [no] seriously you'll never beg for sex

but you might have to beg for a hug every once in a while had tinder existed then this song would have been

Obsolete the thirst is real like they're in a drought and they are walking miles for a gallon of water

That's how thirsty they are and I've been there

California is in a drought and so am [I]

Is it [worth] let me work it my thing down flip it and reverse it. I don't know

I mean half the song is backwards so it's hard to tell what that song is about is your feminine fare yet?

it's yump to mini to find yet if you gotta big oh you get a big that's

definitely about

Missy [Elliot] reeks of

sexuality that girl is walking sex

Revisiting all of these songs I [realize] why my mom didn't want me to listen to them or watch the music videos because they were

Like little pornos for people my age you know, what I'm saying especially ; Missy elliott if you got a big let me search it

That's pretty raunchy and I want to know what they're thinking when they're writing these songs these are gross

[I] thought that song was about dancing [cuz] in the music video. That's all they do there's that little girl. Who's just like

Pumping away, not like that. Oh

Man also, what are they searching searching involves like spreading of something right?

You can't search the [dee] you can look around it

so if you got a big something

Let me search it that implies like a cavity [search] [so] something that you have to like open and spread so probably a [butt]

I'm a genie in a bottle. You gotta rub me the right way.

Got rub me the right way, baby. Are you implying that that sexual? How is genie in a bottle sexual? That's about releasing your inner

Sexual Demons, I think I knew it was dirty, but is that lyric talking about orgasm ? I think it is.

[oh], really. Oh, I feel so dirty. Oh my gosh. Just means she's never been pleased before. [oh] oh

[I] mean, I definitely didn't get that when I was like eight listening to it. Yeah, I listened to it like a year ago

Yeah, oh

I literally am just now realizing. It's a dirty song. Just rub me the right way

No, I didn't just rub me the right way. She was like 17. (mumbeling)

[I] don't think she knew what [she] was singing

She probably did not know what she was singing about and then everyone was like

Oh, she got out of control when she came out with dirty and like that long is my jam. Oh

this was the era of

women Pop Stars being Virgins nowadays

It's attractive to just be a slut back then it was like you got a secret you were slut

You know what I'm saying well, it's funny is that on that album the next song was a song she wrote about her mom

I'll be there and you'll [be] here and that's look there my dear hMM

Is that sexual I have no idea because I can't?

Understand her. Wherever whenerver. Shakira for some reason doesn't strike me as dirty so back in the day when I was listening to these songs

I never thought. Oh she's being dirty

Just because I was so mesmerized by her just like being Shakira and her accent Shakira would never talk about sex

I mean, [she's] just dtF [you] know. She's like whatever whatever

I'm into it. Let's do it

Britney Spears would sing sexual songs no, I don't believe that can I say

Masturbation Britney [get] it diddle on her skittle


Okay, yeah, I think those little piggies went to the market okay hold on get in the visual Britney Spears cica

03 masturbating in bed and Jotting down lyrics Yeah, that's good

Is this during the hard Kevin Federline though can be [21]?

She didn't have anything going for now that I think about it a 68 year old man, probably wrote that for her

That's really gross actually those were some of our favorite lyrics that we had no idea

We're dirty but why don't you let us know your favorite dirty lyrics that are in disguise right here in the comments section?

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