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The question is: Is Jesus still alive?

First of all, you have to go through the Bible. Bible thinks you can be human only once.

That is only your birth. Once you get it.

According to the Bible. So first of all, there are beliefs that Jesus resurrected and he was alive for 3 days after or he woke up after 3 days of his crucifixion.

But that is sure, Jesus is not alive, he's not in the physical form like he used to. When he was in the physical form he was a marvelous teacher.

But people didn't like him. People have tendency when somebody dies, they worship him, when somebody's alive they kill him.

No wonder we shot Gandhi. No wonder we killed Mansur. No wonder we crucified Jesus.

Because we don't like live teachers. We like fake teacher or dead teacher.

So that is the mentality of human. Jesus is not in the physical form anymore.

Yes, the spirit, the soul, the light never dies. That remains. Jesus is still somewhere in his spirit, in his light.

He might be still helpful to you if you can be on that state of consciousness.

...where you can communicate with the soul. But it is very difficult to communicate on that level where he is.

Hopefully if you, anyone, want to learn from that state of consciousness how to be that way, you don't need churches.

You don't need synagogues. You need a live teacher.

He will give you a lot of experiences and a lot of realization how to be on that state of consciousness.

Jesus is gone. He's not in the physical form anymore, because we crucified him.

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