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Hello MOA




Hello, this is TAEHYUN

Hello, back again with Blue Hour


Now we'll begin the 5 5 3 interview

[TOMORROW X TOGETHER's 5 people 5 colors 5 5 3 Interview]

[5 KEYWORD: 5:53]

It's our current promo

It's our promo song, and I think it's the most beautiful hour

At first, I was like, what time is this?

It's not exactly 6 and not 5

And after going through the content and lyrics, the most memorable part was

the lyric and expression "At the hour between dog and wolf"

that part was really cool

It's the time when we're practicing hard

It's the time when I feel hungry

Right now I want to

set up like 5 Fire... Noodles and devour them all at once

The carbonara ones

Blue Hour

We shot a lot of things related to Blue Hour

So we did a lot of filming against the sunset

So when I hear 5:53

I think it'll remind me of a really beautiful sky

with a red and yellow hue


This is from my generation

Uhm Jung Hwa's

Oh no....

I think I'm the only one who knows this


But honestly, DISCO reminds me of Uhm Jung Hwa

I can only think of Uhm Jung Hwa when I hear DISCO

And recently, other artists

released a cool DISCO-style song

so I think I received a lot of positive influence from that

Since songs in the DISCO genre are bright and upbeat

at a time when you could feel socially gloomy

it's nice that a song that makes you smile was relased


Blue Hour

It's the DISCO genre

We're coming back

The genre of our title track

following BTS' 'Dynamite', we also returned with

a refreshing, upbeat DISCO song


They're everything in my life


It's been quite a while since we've seen MOA

The last time we met some of them was at Soribada Awards

and it's been long since we met face-to-face

I always say this, but I hope

to meet MOA soon

I said I want to see them right in front of me

No need for words

This is all it takes

[SOOBIN's 5 5 3 Interview]

It was revealed because I was the MC [5 KEYWORD: Blue hair]

I had trouble maintaining the blue hair

So I think blue hair would remind me of blue shampoo

I run out of ideas every time I film Today's Soobin

so I film after a lot of thinking

The members like to copy me from the teaser

but I think I'm gonna do this thing

that I did in the teaser wearing a hat

I always say I'm tired of him [3 KEYWORD: Bubblegumz]

but he's the most precious friend that I'm grateful for

I love you

[YEONJUN's 5 5 3 Interview]

As I said earlier, my wish list is to [5 KEYWORD: Wish list]

set up about 5 carbonara-flavored Fire... Noodles and eat them all at once

YEONJUN lost his belly fat [5 KEYWORD: I lost it]

[3 KEYWORD: Crop top]

Yeah, so our MOA

saw YEONJUN's crop top and really liked it

I don't have a baby belly

They're nice 11-line abs

But there might be folds on the sides while I'm dancing

But who doesn't get folds there when they dance like this, right?

You need to understand that

So is it a baby...


Anyway, yup

Please give me lots of love

[When he first heard about the crop top]

"I'm doomed"

"What do I do about my belly fat?"

"I can't eat good food"

"I can't eat ramyeon"

"I can't eat pho for a while"

"But I need to renounce them"

"Why? Because MOA tease me about my baby belly"

[BEOMGYU's 5 5 3 Interview]

I think the highlight choreo is [5 KEYWORD: Highlight choreo]


There's a lot of happy expressions and flirtatiousness while doing the wave

and things like that

so I think that's the highlight of the choreography

I was just watching a video about it [5 KEYWORD: Recent interests]

I'm really into cooking videos these days

They're kinda fun

Like survival contests?

They're kinda fun, so I watch a lot of cooking videos

Teddy bear, MOA often call me teddy bear [3 KEYWORD: Teddy bear]

so I'll say me

[TAEHYUN's 5 5 3 Interview]

A verse from the song? [5 KEYWORD: A verse from the song]

I honestly think if you order tteokbokki, adding cheese is a must [5 KEYWORD: Cheese tteokbokki]

That balances out the spiciness a little

and I think that balance is really nice

And if I possible, I order rice cakes with cheese inside

Chipmunk? That's an unexpected keyword [3 KEYWORD: Chipmunk]


I saw a chipmunk video on YouTube

Like a Jirisan Mountain chipmunk

When the person held an acorn in his hand, it came and ate it

But from what I know

I heard that building bonds with chipmunks

is pretty difficult

I actually went hiking with my dad

and tried to give a chipmunk an acorn but failed

I left it at a distance, and it ate it on its own

[HUENINGKAI's 5 5 3 Interview]

Honestly, this is... [5 KEYWORD: Clinging to SOOBIN]

Something's off Shouldn't it be clinging to HUENINGKAI?

Oh wait! No! No!

Wait! Again! Again!

Clingy SOOBIN!

That's the truth

Accurate! The accurate truth

Fun! [5 KEYWORD: Wire-flying shoot]

Fun, it's more thrilling than expected

It wasn't as scary as expected


Why is this HUENINGKAI?

It reminds me of HUENINGKAI and Twitt...


A bluebird is cute

It's cute, so it's HUENINGKAI

All cute animals are HUENINGKAI

Cute animals = HUENINGKAI


We've come back after working hard

I hope you'll welcome us and really like it

I think we can really have a great time with this promo

I hope that MOA

can take away fun and enjoyment from watching us

Fighting to us

This time, we've returned with Blue Hour

I hope you like it

Please look forward to the really great performances we have in store

I love you

I miss you

We came back in about half a year with this album

We'll repay our MOA

with great performances that'll satisfy you without any members getting hurt

Please look forward to it, MOA


MOA I hope that our comeback

will become King53 just like how

I call Run Away King43

Hope you like it

We'll do our best


We came back with Blue Hour

and I'd like to say thank you for waiting

We couldn't meet you in person for the last album

and you went another 5 months without being able to see us

I want to give you a round of applause

Even though it's through the screen

we're going to show you our all through our performances

so please look forward to them

All of our songs for this album are great

so it would be even better if you listened to all of them

HUENINGKAI will get going now


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