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Welcome back here in my YouTube channel. A few weeks passed by and dont worry, reviewing is still interesting for me but I was testing a lot of content lately.

After Project Cars 2 release I decided to compare my favourite Simracinggames.

Lets have a detailed look to Pcars 1 vs. Pcars 2 vs. Assetto vs. Raceroom.

Before we start give me a minute to thank you for subscribing, feedback and a lot of awesome esteem since we started here.

A year ago a friend of mine asked for detailed simracing reviewing in german spoken language, because simracing content @ Youtube occurs mostly english spoken.

Thats the story so far and Im still flashed that our small and familiar channel grows up direction 1.000 subscribers and 100.000 klicks.

I decided to upload a 1.000 subscriber special - maybe in the next few months - and got a present for one of you ;-)

I´ll start a raffle and one of you will win my great Commodore 64 cup ... lets see in a few weeks ... :-)

Check out our commentary area and as you know I really appreciate your contribution and its important to me answering your questions conscientious.

After our Simracinggames comparison I got a few information for you ... and as you can see ... I´m well prepared and dont want to miss any details.

While talking about Assetto Corsa I´ll show you how modding with a few clicks ... check this out driving with an awesome Opel Manta on Bavarian highways ... or better smallways.

After that well talk about Virtual Reality and my kickstarter pledge for Pimax 8K.

I´ll also mention an article about VR entry with mid end GPUs @ ComputerBase.

At the end of our review lets talk about some simracing peripheral stuff like Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel.

Lets have a look to one of my highlight simracing games called Raceroom.

I´ll compare our games with categories like Forcefeedback, sound, graphics, performance and amount of content.

Absolutely on top of all simrainggames is this awesome sound ... I´ll shut up ... and you should turn up your volume to get this BMW 320 Turbo sound straight into your head ... wooooow.

Yes ... thats pretty awesome and believe me ... you feel like sitting in the car. Check out different settings ingame to adjust a lot of sound parameters. Thumbs up sector studios.

Raceroom is a free to play title limited to a test track, where different cars can be tested for free. Further content can be added, but keep an overview of the issues.

Purchaseable is a huge amount of different classes of cars, tracks and touring series like DTM up from 2013 to 2017.

Graphics are acceptable and developer did a acceptable job. Keep in mind that antialising is very important reffered to virtual reality use and that works pretty good with Raceroom.

Id call game performance @ VR not satisfying. Direct X 9 and VR doesn´t belong together so check out your ingame graphics and set them to middle or low to increase your fps boost. Im looking forward playing Raceroom @ contemporary DX11/12 graphics interface.

Forcefeedback and track response is located in good quality areas. Much better compared to other simracing games.

Forcefeedback parameter can be displayed ingame .... therefore please check out my previous review to get any facts about forcefeedback settings, clipping, ... link above in the right corner.

Lets walk around our cars in virtual reality and check out what happens.

As you can see standing up from my RennsportCockpit I´m going to survey this old BMW 320 turbo from another view. That feels pretty realistic and believe me, raceroom developers did a really good job showing a lot of details.

Dont compare this to your 2D videos shown on 2D screens like smartphone or monitor ... via VR youre jumping into reality, feels like standing on track at Bathurst and size dimension of wheel, tyre and car is scaled 1:1 to real life.

If I had this wireless module called TPCast, I could walk around my car ... what a nice feature beside simracing.

Lets check this out compared to our other simracing testing candidates in a few minutes.

Jump in to our next game called Assetto Corsa and yes, this title is recommended all the time refferring to one highlight ...

... don´t focus on ingame sound like before at Raceroom ... please check out the inscreen video left above concentrating on the Wheelbase and its Forcefeedback behaviour.

Assetto and forcefeedback marks the spearhead in our simracinggames comparison. Awesome job responding track and car behaviour.

You will also recognise this fanatstic forcefeedback with lower priced simracing peripherals, but should be tested with higher priced simracingwheelbases like Fanatec CSL Elite and above to challenge the real dimension how simracing can be.

I started a few years ago with simracing buying an used Logitech DFGT wheel with 2 way plastic pedals for 50 bucks ... and believe me, that was a fanatastic upgrade compared to gamepad simracing.

During the last years I upgraded to Logitech G27, Thrustmaster T500, Fanatec Porsche Turbo S ... and at the moment Fanatec CSL Elite/Racing and CSW V2.

So dont worry checking out our commentary area and talking about simracing low budget entrance. This channel ranges from low to high end and I got a few experiences across all price categories.

Back to Assetto Corsa ... Forcefeedback on top ... graphics not a highlight but very acceptable ... also sound. Not Raceroom reference but more than good.

Boost your VR graphic using supersampling mentioned in my Oculus review ... link on right top.

Sound works pretty good through all classes and cars.

Game content is sufficient. Check out a few DLCs like Porsche and Ferrari DLC ... these few bucks are worth to be payed ... believe me.

I´ll also mention atmosphere and would call it streaky. No day/night changes or weather effects compared to Project Cars. As an atmosphere fanboy a big con for me.

A few words about multiplayer. Thats pretty same compared to Raceroom. Also a con for me, that simple lobbies cant be created with a few clicks like in Project Cars. So racing with my community isnt that easy ... we have to meet on agreed servers ... everythings a little bit tricky and only advantageous for simracing leagues for example.

Another highlight is the availability of modding content. Check this out and upgrade your simracingexperience for free. That makes so much fun, believe me and let me show how easy modding can be ... stay tuned.

As mentioned in the beginning lets have a closer look modding our simracing experience. I chose an awesome track mod called Apertsham in Bavaria. Maybe this modding member lives nearby apertsham ... who knows.

And yes, youre right ... I modded also our car and here we go sitting in an old Opel Manta ... what the fun :-)

Thats a welcome variety to our well known racetracks and check out these mass of details ... passing by churches, cows and mowing machines ... thumbs up from Ron for great work of this modding member ... and please expand Apertsham ... do us a favour.

Please check out onscreen explanation following racedepartment. com and follow my unzip and copy paste instruction. Track and car modding cant be easier.

Another walkaround and check out our next Lamborghini experience standing on Nordschleife ... what fabolous job have you done graphic developers ... check out these detailed tyre, breaking disc and further details ...

.... Im still flashed when watching these details scaled 1:1 to our reality ... once I was staring at my car I wanted to support on the bonnet while standing up ... and I reached into the empty space for sure ... man, if anbody would have seen me outside VR he couldnt stop laughing about me ... ::--))

Check out VR and maybe you can borrow this thing and doing some tests ... give me a feedback in commentary area ... im very interested to here about your VR experiences.

Lets continue with Project Cars 1 and in the beginning Id like to mention highlight No. 1 ... pure atmosphere. Check out this raindrops and spray from cars in front ... weather ... sun ... clouds ... thats atmospheric simracing as its best. Im loving it.

Graphics also on top ... no worries, great job SMS studios. Changing day and night ... sunset and sunrise ... wow.

Multiplayer works great and I love creating my own lobbies with a few clicks adding KI and real racers. Thumbs up, thats how community racing should be.

Graphics is on top as mentioned before, performance changeable, sometimes good, weather and night fps performance is mostly bad ... anti aliasing works good @ VR and dont forget to increase graphics using supersampling.

Lets talk about driving physics and forcefeedback and let me be honest ... Assetto does a much better job referring to forcefeedback. Forcefeedback @ Project Cars ranges from ok down to worse. Dont ask me why, but some cars feeling acceptable and others like driving a boat.

Same procedure talking about sound of cars ... that also ranges from good to worse ... Id call Project Cars a large bandwith in forcefeedback and sound effects.

Project Cars game content is on top right from the start ... DLCs are available but arent necessary to enjoy this game.

Our next walkaround ... and check out the difference ...

.... dont scare you ... wheels are missing ... did I mention a boat a few minutes ago :-/ ... to be serious ... thats because of graphics conditions.

Our walkaround belongs together wih an immersive break ... but who the hell takes a walk around the car in simracing games ... accept me ;-)

Lets step to Project Cars 2. Maybe your newest simracing game released a few weeks ago in late 2017. Check out a lot of content from other simracing reviewers about track and car comparisons and lets continue with detailed considerations.

Once again awesome atmosphere and another upgrade compared to Pcars 1. These fog and weather conditions, rain and rain paints across racetrack. Sunshine through these clouds and godrays ... thats atmosphere on top and absolutely spearhead status compared to all other simracing games all over the world.

Im still flashed ... goose pimples all the time while racing PCars 2 @ VR.

Forcefeedback is at same niveau compared to PCars 1... maybe a little bit above ... with the advantage to assign buttons to de- and increase forcefeedback strength to your wheel. Also forcefeedback ranges from acceptable down to ugly.

... assign your forcefeedback buttons as shown above ...

Sound ranges also from acceptable to sewing machine sound ... dont ask me why, but check out different cars and keep that in mind.

Graphics on equal niveau like Pcars 1, performance is much better while driving with weather effects or night sessions ... but some community members mentioned, that anti aliasing quality seems to be decreased because of boosting framerate.

Multiplayer as before ... top job PCars 2. Exemplary how multiplayer racing and creating own lobbies should be.

Our last walkaround ...

... looks very nice beside track ... but what the hell happens to our cars ... cutted in half ... omg :-)

But track details look nearly perfect ... good job SMS studios.

Lets have a look to our comparison summary, before talking about initially mentioned content.

Lets rate our simracing games and on top ... you wouldnt have guessed it ... its Assetto Corsa for me.

Perfect Forcefeedback, good graphics and sounds, nice performance and enough content for your bucks. Another highlight is expanding your simracing experiences using with tons of mods for free as mentioned before.

Nr. 2 ... hmmm, hard to say ... but lets make a decision .... tada ... Pcars ... Racerrom ... ok, 2nd place Project Cars 2.

Atmosphere is really a killer feature while sitting in virtual cockpit.

Forcefeedback is a point which I can handle ... but I must not play Assetto Corsa directly after playing PCars 2 ... this would make me angry sometimes.

Sounds good, performance also, Nr. 2 goes to PCars 2.

After that I would rank Raceroom on position Nr. 3.

Sounds as its best and compulsory program every month for my ears ... good Forceffedback and also acceptable graphics ... peformance could be much better.

Content is a story of its own ... do not overlook your costs ... f2play can be that expensive sometimes.

Last but not least Project Cars 1. Similar to Pcars 2 with all pros and cons, but less performance.

Check out sales and get Poject Cars 1 for a few bucks ... thats definitely worth it.

Stay tuned and let me mention interesting facts happened in previous weeks and check out whats planned in near feature referring to our YouTube channel.

Attention VR fanboys ... as you can see on my screen ... Pimax 8K is incoming. I decided to support these crazy developing team and backed Pimax 8K via kickstarter and Im part of about 6.000 backers all over the world.

Id like to mention one of my favourite Youtube VR reviewers called Voodoode - nice VR reviews - objective and detailed reviewing - I like this guy and check out the link in description ... I dont know if he adds english subtitles ... sorry ... please check this out.

Lets see if Pimax 8K arrives in January ... I dont believe in dispatching before march but for sure I´ll upload a detailed comparison to my Oculus CV1 asap.

Lets talk about pixel density, screen door effect, faboluous FOV and other facts in a few weeks, that will be very interesting especially to simracing addicted people like us.

Also check out link in my description below. Computerbase tested VR entrance with mid end graphics cards and that works pretty good referring to fps performance.

You dont have to upgrade to high end GPUs like GTX 1080 (ti) for example. I did this upgrade a few weeks ago in cause of a fanbearing damage of my GTX 980 ti.

Last question for today ... whats happening to Fanatec Direct Drive wheel ...

... this was announced to Q4 2017 but maybe we have to wait a few weeks longer. Fanatecs Direct Drive Wheel is placed far above ClubSport series and wont replace CSW V2.5 for example.

At the moment Im on CSW V2, sometimes CSL Elite and check out my tripod ... I only serve fresh content to you ... no recycling :-)

Price will be at different level compared to CSL Elite or CSW V2 ... I think about twice ... but also twice forcefeedbackpower in my opinion. Fanatec announced 2 types of DD Wheelbases.

This will be very exciting checking out Direct Drive Wheel racing out of box using our well known ClubSport series wheels. Im looking forward to this since years.

Handeling clipping will be that easy and I think that forcefeedbackpower ranges to areas like racing cars in real life. I dont think table clamps can handle this ... but well see in a few weeks ... hopefully not months.

This new class of simracing will be called Podium Series and Fanatec announced also new wheels, pedals, shifter and so on for enthusiastic simracers.

Please stay tuned ... Im trying to get a testsample asap and sharing my experiences to you in detailed way as usual.

So thanks again for all your commentaries .... subscribe and thumbs up as you like ... dont worry ... after subscribing my channel you wont be spammed with senseless content :-@ ... and one of you gets my C64 cup ... for sure.

Let me know what youre thinking about simracing, our channel, Vr and all that interesting content ... have a nice day and thanks for staying tuned here in my Ron reviewt channel ... and dont forget ... english isnt my mother tongue ... please be patient .. Im trying hard and writing subtitles costs me about 4 hours every review. With findest regards, Ron.

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