Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Cover 441 Songs in Music Maker Jam with 7 Chords - Vocals: Mrs. C - Chord Changes #getloudly

Difficulty: 0

One Music Maker Jam Style Pack (Rock Pop Vol. 2 is not free but does not cost a lot of Beatcoins).

One guitar (Camper C guitar from Rock Pop Vol. 2 style pack)

3 chords (G, a and C in the key of C major/A minor) for chord changes and chord progressions

The same chord progression repeated over and over for 4 minutes.

How to cover a song on Music Maker Jam

Example: What's up by the 4 Non Blondes

How to find a doable song

A song is doable if it only uses chords or notes that Music Maker Jam (MMJ) has in its repertoire

Most MMJ packs have the following chords (C major, d minor, e minor, F major, G major, a minor and A# major aka Bb major)

Use the website to find a list of songs that only use these 7 chords

Or if you use another pack with different chords, check different boxes and get songs that match those chords.

Chords are what guitar players change when they change their finger position on the fret.

If the guitar player or the entire band plays the wrong chords, the song will (in most cases) sound off and not like a cover.

Unless they really know what they are doing (variations from the original are of course allowed)

If you pick the wrong harmonies and chords, your cover will very likely sound off.

Even if you pick good instruments.

These seven chords are the MMJ standards (some packs very and have chords form different keys like C minor, G#, D#, Eb, Ab, etc.)

Important: An "m" here means lower case in MMJ.

Am means a in MMJ. Dm means d in MMJ. Em means e in MMJ. You get the ide: Chords can be written down differently

How many songs can you possibly cover with only seven chords.

Turns out: Guitar Player Box knows 441 of them!

Let's pick "What's Up" by the 4 Non Blondes

Remember these chords or harmonies. The chord changes are always the same. The chord progression does not change throughout the entire song.

Punch them into MMJ Music Maker Jam


As we know from Guitar Player

These chords repeat over and over. Easy chord changes.

We punch them into MMJ once...

And copy that secotor over and over (excuse my sloppy labeling of the sectors)


With this song and chord structure in place, ...

... we can do what most of us like to do best on Music Maker Jam.

Go wild on the instruments.

Find different loops from other style packs

Introducing strings and an electric guitar here

Music Maker Jam has excellent guitar and loops

Making the electric guitar louder by changing the volume of its track

You could even change the genre at this point

Drum & Bass, Trance, Metal, Rock, Pop, Dance

Swing, Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Reggae, Movie Score,

Dubstep, 80s pop, Eurodance, Funk, Hip Hop, RnB

Strings, guitars, Brass, Bass, Drums - you can change everything here.

Even the Music Maker Jam FX

Thanks to your chord structure ...

... almost anything you do with the loops ...

... will still sound like "What's up" by the 4 Non Blondes.

Record your vocals in MMJ as a voice recording with a microphone.

Or further process the jam you created in MMJ in your favorite app or DAW

Examples would be Bandlab, Audacity, Audio Evolution, Garage Band, FL Studio, Fruity Loops and many more.

These DAWs work great with Music Maker Jam tracks

Thanks Mrs. C for the voice and your friendship

Thanks 8ch42 for the encouragement during the arrangement of this song.

Thanks theravenwatches for finding Guitar Player Box.

Thanks Iki Pearl for the inspiration.

Super Jam Academy

Made with Adobe Spark

Made with Music Maker Jam

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