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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Answering Your Top Questions About Our Life in Japan - 100th Video Special!

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[GREG] Hey, Aiko, someone said "can you make a special cake for your hundreth video"?

[AIKO] Yup.

[GREG] Would you do it?

[AIKO] That's what we're doing.

[GREG] So what's happening today? [AIKO] We're gonna do a Q and A.

[GREG] OK. What's the first question?

[AIKO] First question is "what's your favorite place to go in Japan?"

[GREG] And your answer?

[AIKO] My friend's house.

[SHIN] Mmm...

My home!

[GREG] What are we going to do right now? [AIKO] Bake a cake.

[GREG] OK. Let's go get the ingredients.

[AIKO] Hello, world! This is our 100th video anniversary and we're gonna bake a cake equity, Calcutta

[GREG] Okay, Aiko, what are the questions?

[AIKO] If you had to choose one, would you rather eat poo flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored poo? And why?

[GREG] Shin? [SHIN] I don't want to eat anything.

[GREG] Yeah, but you have to choose one: poo flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored poo.

[SHIN] Poo flavored ice cream.

[GREG] So you don't want to eat poo. You wanna eat ice cream that tastes like poo.

What about you, Aiko?

[AIKO] Poo flavored ice cream.

[GREG] Yeah, I think so too. It's safer that way.

[SHIN] Yeah. Me too. I'm... I'm... that too.

[GREG] Who are you? [SHOUKO] ... Mmm?

[GREG] Who are you?

Who - are - you?

[SHOUKO] My name is Shouko.

[GREG] Okay. Let's go. Let's make cake

[GREG] How did you teach Aiko and Shin to be bilingual?

Now the answer is that mummy always spoke to Aiko and Shin in Japanese since they were

babies, while we were living in Canada, and I all spoke English,

so If they want to speak to their parents they had to be bilingual.

[AIKO] Why your father posts videos on your channel as he has his own channel with same name?

This is not my channel.

[SHIN] It's... daddy's channel.

[AIKO] It's... [SHIN] My channel!

[AIKO] It's a family one, so it's not my channel.

[AIKO] That's the thing and... [SHIN] But there is no "Aiko channel". It's Aiko and me and daddy's channel.

[GREG] What do you think are the biggest misconceptions that people in North America have about Japan and that people in Japan have about North America?

[AIKO] What's... that?

[GREG] Misconception? That means people think something is true, but it's really not.

[AIKO] They always think

that candies are really, really, really sweet, but that's only in America.

[GREG] Do you think it's really sweet? Canadian candies?

[AIKO] Just a little bit, but American candy is sweeter.

[GREG] I think

the biggest misconception that I hear about Japan from North Americans is that they think?

Japan is like really, at least Tokyo,

is really busy, like skyscrapers everywhere. And there are skyscrapers, but

there's a lot of little communities within even the city of Tokyo where the life is not so crazy and not so busy.

OK, you have one? OK. Go.

[AIKO] I don't like that they think always

in like the pictures, they always have

yellow hair, like Glen, you know? His kind of hair. And blue eyes. I don't like that.

[GREG] Okay, so when they're portraying English speaking foreigners, it's always, yeah, like yellow and blond hair and blue eyes.

[AIKO] I don't like that. Yeah. [GREG] Yeah. [AIKO] She agrees too.

[GREG] Yeah. But in Canada we're obviously all colors from all countries.

[AIKO] It's just normal.

[GREG] Foreigners coming to Japan are kind of like "otaku".

Like they're super into like anime or they just love...

[AIKO] Yeah. They think that they can't eat fish, or they can't do stuff,

so they always make like, you know,

hamburgers, or like lots of other stuff that's in America, but

you know, because they came in Japan they should eat, you know, Japanese food, and they actually like it very much, so

they are "What? You can eat it?" and then they always look like weird.

So I don't really like when they think that.

[GREG] They think that about you or about people you see?

[AIKO] Like people I see. [GREG] Ah! OK.

[GREG] Shin, how's it looking? [SHIN] I don't know.

[GREG] What do you think? Does it look good? [SHIN] I think it's too much cooked?

[GREG] Question to dad: do you love your children?

[GREG] Can I answer that question? What kind of question is this!? OK.

[AIKO] Who is faster at anything?

[SHIN] For what? [GREG] What are you faster at than Aiko?

[SHIN] I don't know.

[GREG] You're a faster runner?

[SHIN] Umm... [AIKO] Nope. [GREG] Swimmer?

[AIKO] Nope. [GREG] Bicycler?

[AIKO] Nope. [GREG] Writing stuff?

[AIKO] No.

[SHIN] But at games I'm better than Aiko. [AIKO] Nope.

[GREG] You're better than Aiko? [SHIN] Yeah. [AIKO] No.

[GREG] Which games? [SHIN] I am!

[AIKO] Not. [SHIN] The Mario Oddysey stuff.

[AIKO] Because I didn't even try it.

[GREG] Oh! Wait! Wait! I know what Shin is faster at.

[SHIN] What?

[GREG] Taking a shower and a bath. [SHIN] Oh, yeah. [AIKO] Yes.

[GREG] Who's the faster eater, Shin or Aiko?

[AIKO] Shin.

[GREG] All right. If you could choose one thing that you have in Canada and make it be the same in Japan, what would it be?

[AIKO] Maybe land,

because Japan's kind of small and

the houses are kind of small. It could... But the houses are, you know, a perfect size, just a little bit more bigger?

Yeah.That's it. Yeah. Just land.

[GREG] Tell us more about your cats.

[AIKO] Nope.

[GREG] Okay.

[GREG] When talking with each other, do you mix up your languages?

[AIKO] Only with Shin.

[GREG] Oh. You... No! You do it with me as well.

Yeah! Sometimes we speak half Japanese half English.

So, yeah.

Cat B, what are you doing there?

[GREG] Aiko, it seems like in some videos your (sic) have grown tired of making YT content. Have you?

I guess you have grown tired of making YouTube videos.

[AIKO] Nope.

[GREG] What did you have to say, mommy?


Wow! That was so easy to cut that strawberry!

[AIKO] No. This was already cut.

[GREG] I know. I was just joking.

[GREG] Your wife, their mom, doesn't want to be shown in the videos. What is her opinion of the kids being in them?

And why don't you show your face?




I haven't thought of anything special to say, so sorry about this.

But I... I guess I would like to say thank you so much for watching all our videos up to this point.

It's, pretty much, been three years actually, because we first published a video in April of

2015, so three years, and now it's like six hundred thousand subscribers and

I don't know, almost like 70 million views, and a hundred videos,

So it's pretty cool that we're still making videos, and you guys are still watching, so thank you so much.

Anything from you Aiko?

[AIKO] Bye.

[ALL] Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye!

[GREG] Mine's... OK. No. Mine's just not working. I'll just...

You have something here, Shin.

No. It's not... You just use the... Shin!

Are you ready to say good bye yet?

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