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again trump hits the tlcan the The president stated that NAFTA has been

bad for both the United States and for his workers so he threatened

leave the agreement if its renewal does not is beneficial for the country after several

weeks of not touching the subject of the treaty of free trade of North America

tlcan the president of usa donald trump threatened to get out of the agreement

commercial if its renewal is not satisfactory for your country the pele kan

has been very very bad for this country has been very bad for our companies and

our workers and we are going to do very large changes or otherwise

we will get rid of the treaty once by all said trump before dozens of

workers in a factory tools in wisconsin one of the

states that gave him the victory in the Last elections of November 2016

his words were poured into the frame of the signing of a new executive order

in which a p is established of 220 days so that all the agencies

and federal agencies analyze and monitor their purchasing practices

government to give preference to goods and services manufactured in

USA under the initiative buy american or American purchase the goal of the

administration is to strengthen the purchase of national products by reducing the

Maximum exemptions and permits specials that are granted to certain

countries to sell to the government would affect Canada more in

this sense the commercial treaties of USA contain clauses in which

grant to countries and industrial sectors Permits to sell to Washington

and as Mexico is not really a provider of the US government and

canada so this executive order would affect Canadians more than

agreement with jessica de alba international trade specialist

of the University water that is pointing to the

Canadian companies because under the tlcan these companies have preference

if they can sell to the us government in certain sectors with

certain amounts said of alva this provision would be directed as a

negotiation tool with canada to say if they give us preference for

sell to the Canadian government we can be softer in this posture added the

specialist however this message and the order itself should be viewed with

caution in mexico and should not fall in the alarmism according to bbva

who interprets these actions as a movement more than washington in the

tlcan negotiation board we must assume that this is a tactic of

negotiation before negotiations breaks down is laying foundations to have a

greater bargaining power and have a tool with which to say if you do not know

gives priority to companies Americans

of selling to US governments is going to be what same said the academic during his

speech the american president He also referred to the notification to

congress that the executive must do to start a commercial negotiation and

that has not been able to date specify since the legislature has not yet

ratifies officials in commerce key proposed by trump we want

start negotiating with mexico immediately and we have these

guidelines where we have to wait Long periods of time

we have to notify the congress and then they have to certify us and

after that you can not talk to the another part within 100 days all this

It's ridiculous, said the president, reference to the necessary procedure

by law to start a period of consultations with the private initiative and the

congress the telethon has been very bad for this country for our companies and

our workers make very big changes we are

we will stop the other of the points that contains the executive order signed yesterday

refers to the labor issue and outlines a provision similar to what is intended

with purchases from the government but destined to strengthen the hiring

of US employees under the American program or hire

Americans with information from the financial

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