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welcome to my office torque come on in I've never done this before this is the

first time I'm ever giving anyone a tour of my office so we'll begin where I do

most of my work so this is my desk where I pretend to be a boss and I sit around

all day and it's very hard to pretend that you're busy actually

art I'm just checking I am actually really busy person I do my meetings here

I also like to sometimes do creative work here and then I also feel like my

tutorials right over here there's always like products everywhere I would

describe my office as eclectic I love like really cutesy things with very

sophisticated things unicorns are super magical when I

started the company everybody told me what I want to do was impossible I was

like a nobody literally had people telling me that don't listen to all the

BS out there people who don't doubt you it's like stay a unicorn I get

inspiration in weird places I like to keep everything like really loud really

colorful for me fashion its artistic I love to feel like the emotion that

people felt when they were like creating that that art I see it as art my

matroyshkas are really important they tell a little bit of a story this one I

got in Paris it was like in a little bizarre in the middle of Paris and they

had a few of these and I guess they were really really cool and I just love my

Tricia though thank you like opening something up and you know there's like a

surprise and it's like a family I'm really family-oriented and this one I

actually got in Oman I thought it was so because I've never gotten like a

middle-eastern matreshka and like the babies but also I'm super clumsy also I

love bear bricks you'll notice I have bear breaks all over my office first

time I ever saw them I was in South Korea was probably about three years ago

right when we started our makeup brand this is me and Chris back in the day I

was I think 17 or 18 he was either 19 or 20 we were in the mall I still work in

the mall and he came up to me was like you're cute and then we started dating

and became a thing there was like this photo booth outside of where I worked

and he was like let's take a picture and so we were actually together

supermuc here and yeah the Robeck but almost 20 years old these are old phones

like I bought these on Amazon years ago and then they actually inspired these

packages but it's like you know they're so cute like hello hello thank you for

calling quite a beauty this is also really really rare there's only I think

20 of each of them in the world this is a collaboration with Alexander Wang and

Judith Leiber this is the money clip there's like a dollar one at the US and

there's one going on for the breakfast this was a palette that much skeino did

back in the day and I like really loved it so I again I like to display these

things as art it's a really pretty pilot this is a bobblehead of me and Kris that

he gave me for Valentine's Day this year and I thought it was like the best gift

throw back me and Kris at prom my junior prom

he had like a cool boat he's like so I like to also put like a lot of

inspirational talk Zack Morris of course I'm back in the day and a lot

of like really cool photos like think sometimes I find on social media Birth

of Venus from Botticelli my favorite piece of art when I was in university

and then this is my French and of course your fridges have really important foods

inside mine are full of masks I also have some ice mask in here okay luckily

I have so many nice ingredients to do DIYs I also have a bathroom so if I do

create a living mess which happens sometimes I can take a shower okay so

this is a little bit of my closet it's a little bit messy we're just gonna walk

past it hopefully I don't fall oh and we're gonna go so I'll be honest with

you guys my bathroom isn't exactly perfect

I've actually ripped out my steak a bunch of times I'm gonna rip out my mer

I'm gonna completely redo it just because I feel like I like a lot of

products I need like areas to like stuff my products I have a toilet which is

really convenient and then I also have my own shower which is

nice okay I always think that sometimes I'm like and once I am done with my

shower we can move on

I basically buy every single product that launches in the entire world my

husband when I first told my one to become a makeup artist he was like it's

another happy and I was like no it's like real he was like is this an excuse

to buy makeup and I was a whole kinda yeah and so I started to be able to buy

makeup with nobody complaining about because I stayed a lot of complaints and

now it's my job so if anybody wants to come up you T bloggers and you like my

makeup and your may complain this is a good profession people can literally not

complain cuz every time they say why are you by it's my job

what no it's my job that's what you can do so when I was young I couldn't have

any Barbies I didn't have any Barbies and when I was finally 14 about my first

Barbie I was like we have my done by Barbie in 14 I never really got them as

a kid so I'm really into them now I buy them like crazy for my daughter I think

because I didn't have them as a kid these are all like collectible Barbies

those are the ones I like to keep this one is my favorite the one for Moschino

noir has been begging me to take this one but I know what she's gonna do she's

gonna take off our clothes and shave her head bald

so I'm not gonna get rich or just sketch also I'm obsessed with like a

renaissance right now so I like just a bunch of statues of head I like to like

do like these little like kind of creative pop-ups so I'd like to kind of

create like my own little inspirational area and then I bring like the crunch

bubble to you am I looking guys so this is what I'm thinking this is gonna be

hot in like eight months or six months or whatever also I recently took a

boxing like literally hardcore boxing which is so hard it's one of the hardest

things I've ever done I want to fight actually in the ring I want to fight

so this is my clothing rack here so this clothing rack is just basically all the

clothes I bought for the week and like I like to look at it try it on and we

return a lot if it doesn't work right now I'm really into yellow like that

really like classic yellow color and so we're bringing a lot of that in and I

think it's gonna be such a cool trend in color there you go there's some there's

some pre information in there and this is probably when the last sections of my

office this is a big shelf I have like this little pink insulation of foam when

we had that melted shadows I was really like very inspired by phones and like

like hello like operator like in the room kind of retro kind of phones

oh these skates I used to roller skate every single day as a kid and oh decker

item only not intended for any other use that makes sense this area is really

important to me because I don't like to do everything in one area so this is

actually supposed to be like a very peaceful area for me so I'm gonna take

my shoes off I do my manifestation in the morning here I do my journaling here

I eat my breakfast here it's a very peaceful spot but I still have like

artistic things around me you can see like these bags three of those are in

the virtual Louboutin limit edition and I don't carry them I carried it once and

I was like it's not something I'd ever want to carry my stylist convinced me to

carry on it was cool it was a cool thing to do but really these are art for me

these are some good cheese scarves that came out a little while after Ali

Schneider took over the brand our days can be hectic a hoodie like it could be

a lot and so I really sometimes need like this moment in this place would

soon become so peaceful that sometimes I'll just lay down here and like

immediately I'll take a nap and I do not have this just analysis like that I'm

pretty clear I swear I sleep like this okay guys I hope you guys enjoyed this

tour been wanting to it for a long time so happy that my team got me to do it

but I'm exhausted now so uh hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know other

tours you guys want to see I'll see you guys next time bye guys



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