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At Hypolitushoef is a touring car firm Peer & Co, which offers passenger transport in the Netherlands.

such as group transport to Germany, school transport in the Netherlands and shuttle service to events

There are also historical buses around Hypolitushoef, because it all started with a hobby.

In order to pay for my studies, I then took the regular bus in Rhenen near the central Netherlands

I studied at the Agricultural University in Wageningen.

And that's where I fell in love with the MB 200

Driven a lot with the MB 200, this type of bus.

They also had some of those semi tours that I thought were the best because they have them

A fantastically beautiful sound that I always go with a window with it

You hear the exhaust, the exhaust is on, we are that kind of bus

preferably with a semi-automatic transmission driven .

I drove thousands of kilometers alongside my studies and yes, I wanted to keep a bus like this.

Then this one came and yes, it got a little out of control because it kept getting bigger.

That's my passion, these buses.

Peer & Co is a bus company that was really born out of love.

Peer stands for my first name and Co stands for colleagues, because of course I don't do it alone ...

...I do it together with my colleagues and the drivers

I started about 10 years ago because I keep asking more. I have about ten years ago started , because I demand more and more

Can you drive this for us, can you drive this for us

Well, that's not allowed just like that. You must of course have permission

So I bought my first trainer and it's growing so slowly and now I have 4

So this is a hobby that is out of control .

I bought an old bus first and with that I thought I can see how it works

and I had such a good time that I got an inquiry for a touring car too, so I bought my first touring car.

That was about 10 years ago now

He's been gone for a while since 6 or 7 years

So I keep trying to rejuvenate myself.

Behind us we see our newest bus.

This is the new bus, a Scania bus with a Higer body

Good for 50 people and with a Euro 6 engine also environmentally friendly

A beautiful trainer who is completely contemporary and ready for you many

Rides with passengers just as this bus is ready to leave, the corona crisis hit.

Unfortunately, yes, for us, an ugly line through the bill.

You can imagine that this bus is a pretty big investment

There is also really serious money here when it comes to spraying and refurbishing

and there we hope to work with these two coaches this summer, especially in Germany... do a good job

but yes it stands still.

It's actually the only bus I'm really doing at the moment

because I do not no say wants, if someone calls, I want no When someone calls, I wanna

We can also drive two trips in Corona time groups

Take nine men to Schiphol on a bus , but of course that is not the case

unfortunately it is normal.

People are always in the chessboard on the bus

Row between them. Usually this bus can hold 50, we also have a 58

It can then be a few more people than you can accommodate for 9 people

Fortunately, peer motivation is still his hobby.

Renovation and drive of the historic Oudsten cave

I've been going on buses since I was around six or seven years old

and yes that would never work I especially like this type of bus,

The sound, smell and shifting are semi-automatic transmissions

I have something to do with what you have to change by hand.

This is my first bus, I've had it for 22 years.

I bought it from Hermes.

It was a southeast bus that operated as a southeast bus.

There's still a Beksan in there, it's a ticket machine from 1978, they were still there back then.

For me it was a whole rib out of my body 22 years ago.

Over time it was a good base

had little to do about the technology . But yes for the entire luggage compartment

had to renew the rear and the upholstery and the interior

have to do pretty much.

Yes, I've been looking after him for 22 years now.

He's 42 years old now, so I'll have longer when he's served.

In the Netherlands it was the standard bus for regional transport

It occurred in the Leyland form, in 1969

but in 1971 or 72 it came with the DAF engine

and they are until '88, '89, which of course was then the standard bus

They are newcomers and really dominated the streetscape until 2012 2013

Intercity buses.

Long before this type of bus, they built intercity buses.

They also focused a little on the coach where there never is

has become very successful and there are also different types corresponding to this type

been. The B ... yeah, this is getting a little technical, but you've had different B types

and I have 2 B95s, it's also a bus type, so the last guy was also the Oudsten

built in relation to regional bus.

Another B96 was added which had a low bottom but was otherwise somewhat comparable to the B95.

Den Oudsten was the regional bus builder.

But yes, unfortunately bankrupt.

Enthusiasts like Peer Golden, the elders, make a living from collecting old buses

And the longer you are with Peer, the more buses you will see.

Yes, the orange convertible is a bus from 1976 and has been driving near the west of the Netherlands.

he then drove to the red cross , then he came to us

more or less donated.

There were some people looking for a bus to Beijing

to the Olympics when the Olympics were there.

Then guys came to me with the question

So you need him to Beijing go , to finally be this bus

In the TV show, the big twist was completely rebuilt by Veronica, made orange

and the front has been rebuilt, I don't think it's very beautiful, but it's part of the story

Then he came back and Beijing and I always wanted one too

Time for a convertible bus and then I thought I was going to build a convertible bus.

So it's not really a museum bus of a convertible, you don't really make a museum bus

but i had it twice.

The yellow bus in Hypolitushoef is actually the same bus and is run as a museum bus.

I took the liberty of making a convertible.

and that happened.

Together with colleagues, Peer makes sure that his buses become museum buses

well maintained and ready to drive, they do not come outside in the rain.

Do you also notice this hobby in the maintenance of his commercial buses?

I am really a Pietlut, so I always have the buses inside

There is never a bus outside with me that I actually have in winter because we

we also only operate one bus relatively rarely

The newest bus because a bus is also susceptible to salt in winter .

I'm very careful about it, we do a lot of preventive work

The Van Hool bus was tackled very tightly last year , they actually did

Everything will be done in the next five years and we could come preventively

already done. Think of shock absorbers, air bellows, but have also revised the brakes

new panes all around

when it may not have been necessary. I still want to keep it for another five years.

I have a little left of the maintenance maxim

I think it might not be the best business economy economically, but beaches are also big money.

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