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MAN: We're coming from Washington

to ask you what you want to do, and tell you we will give you

the tools and the support to get done

what you want to do for your children and their future.


RUDY YELLOW LODGE: In the shadow of one of America's most

popular tourist attractions, South Dakota's Mount Rushmore,

some 60 miles southeast lies the poorest

of all counties in the US, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Pine Ridge is just two miles from the Nebraska border.

Wounded Knee, located in the middle of Pine Ridge,

the place where hundreds of men, women, and children

were killed by the US army in 1890.

Today, it's known as the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

NEWS ANCHOR: 40% of residents here

live in substandard quarters.

The $2,600 average yearly earnings are the lowest.

75% unemployment, death from alcoholism

is nine times the national average, life expectancy

here, 15 years less than most Americans.

I believe that America is big enough, it's powerful enough,

it's rich enough, you know, to really

deal with the American Indian in the way it should be done.




the trickster spider, a Lakota spirit,

had reappeared in my life.

I was 10 years old when we first met in the outhouse one spring





Rudy, what's wrong with you, Rudy?

Black widow, black widow bit my nuts!


The damn bug.

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: That was no bug, Rudy.

Iktomi got you, the trickster.

Likes to sneak around and mess with people's lives.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE (VOICEOVER): My older brother, my ciye,

Mogie Yellow Lodge, saved my life that day.

He carried me and my swollen testicles to safety.

He said he would only save a brother's life once,

and after this, I was on my own.

I ain't gonna lug you all the way to hospital again.

I only save a brother's life once.

After that, he's on his own.

Sure you would, Mogie.

That's what big brothers are for.

No matter what, you can always count on me, too, ciye.


(SINGING) I been with you, oh, with you.

Hey, Rudy. How's it going?

Good, Corky.

How are you? - Pretty good.

Find everything OK?

Oh, yeah.

Beautiful day out there.

Nice day for a race, eh, isn't it?

What race is that?

Human race.


That's a good one.

There you are, Cork.

All right, thanks.

Have a nice day now.




Yo, Mogie!



Ho, ho.


(SINGING) First, I'm gonna bother everybody I meet.

Then I'll probably go home and get drunk.


VERDELL WEASEL TAIL: Yeah, what's that,

with a barrel of piss.


Hey, you old rank old bugger, what'd you do, shit yourself?

Checking your shorts after that one, huh?


Oh, shit.

Hey, Rudy, I'd say you're out of your jurisdiction, ain't ya?

This is Nebraska.


What's the matter, Mogie?

You don't say hi anymore?

I don't talk to Injuns.

VERDELL WEASEL TAIL: What'd you stop by for, to arrest

him for drunk and disorderly?

No, to invite him to a picnic.

I don't think he's in the mood to talk picnic, Rudy.


Here, bro.

I'll hold that for him.

Jeez, you can trust me.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Weasel Tail, I couldn't trust

you as far as I can throw you.

Now quit acting so bucky, you tub of shit.

I ain't no buck Indian.

You're the official ass-sniffer of the police department.

You all think you're too good for us grass roots Indians.

Grass roots?

Yeah, us grass roots people.

You just make sure my brother gets that money,

or I'll track you down and slap you till you pee your pants.

That's funny, Rudy You ought to be a comedian

or something, like Letterman.

Except you look like Jay Leno.


Hey, Verdell, look up here.

I got a welfare check for you.

Oh, yeah. Hey, hey.

Where are you going with that?

Kiss my ass.

Bring that over here.

Where you going with my money?


Hey, Mogie.

Give me a couple of Colts.

(SINGING) And I can hear the voice of a new generation.

Oh, Great Spirit, hear their prayer.


GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Rudy, it's Geraldine.

A man's fallen out of his wheelchair

and he needs assistance.

Rudy, it's Geraldine.

Nebraska state trooper has Whiteclay

now contained in the trunk.

MELVIN: (ON RADIO) Melvin to Rudy--

a group of drunken teenagers partying

at the Whiteclay the dam.

Officer needs assistance.

GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Dispatch to Rudy, it's Geraldine.

A group of trespassers, an abandoned house on Highway 17,

Highway 1-7 at White Creek Road.

MAN: Doing some business over there, bro.



This is A1 to Geraldine.

I need backup at the abandoned house.








Come here, you little shit.






Jeez, Yellow Lodge, what the hell happened to you?

I had a head-on with a rock.


So I read your report about the Red Tail boy.

Lime green license, that's all you got for me?

That's about it.

All of the teenagers around here use that place as a hangout,

so any evidence that you have found

will be very tricky to link to Corky's murder.

Sounds like what we have here is a bunch of kids

that have been partying.

They get drunk or stoned, then proceed

to kick the Red Tail boy to death for reasons unknown.

What was the cause of death?

Holes kicked in the lungs, probably

the toe of a cowboy boot.


Maybe we can get some bloody boot prints.

You know the boy pretty well, lieutenant.

Did he hang around with troublemakers?

No, as a matter of fact, he did not.

I guess he did once, huh?

Let's not be too optimistic about solving this

when we talk to the family, all right?

We don't want them to get their hopes up.




Hey, Herbie.

Come on in.

What some coffee?

Ah, no thanks, unc.

Hey, you OK?

I'll live.

How's your dad?

[SPEAKING LAKOTA] Really sick, Uncle Rudy, man, for reals.

He's hanging over, trying to line out.

So he can get bent again.

Hey, Uncle, you cashy or what?


How much does he want, [SPEAKING LAKOTA]??

He said five.

Here, keep five for yourself.

Thanks, Uncle Rudy.

No problem.

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: (SINGING) One little, two little,

three little geesies.

Four little, five little, six little geesies.

Seven little-- hm, shit.


Let's see what this bugger's got.

You know, you're never gonna--

Shut up!

Get down.

They're tricky.

Don't scare them off.

Got those two bastards pinned down all morning.

I was running low on ammo, and they were coming up on me fast.

There's only one of them.


Oh, god dammit, you're right.

That's an old VC trick.

[SIGHS] What do you say you and me go to a picnic?

You, me, and the cops at a picnic?

You pricks are always throwing me in jail.

What do you want to do, have a Mogie toss?

Do you want to go or not?

No offense, Rudolph, but you guys

are nothing but a bunch of dipshits and dildos.

There's free beer.


Oh, Jesus, Mogie!

Come on, Rudy, let's get out of here.

He's wasted.

Let's get out before the other one comes back.


Come on, you old [INAUDIBLE].


(SINGING) Mothers, fathers, and children, creatures

young and old, called by mighty drumming or sacred hooves

on stone.

The son of spirit horses dancing on a storm--

Is that beer?

Hey, guys.

Yeah, I was just telling my brother here what

a fine bunch of police officer--

Shut up, Mogie.

Hey, Rudy, isn't that your boss over there, Ghostbuster?

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Here, drink this.

MAN: (ON PA) Attention all council,

police studs, and others, we're gonna play football.

Please report pronto to the big cottonwood tree

in the middle of the field.

Let's get it on!

I got to go.

I'm playing in the stupid game.

I promised.

Can I play?

Sorry, man, it's between us dipshits and dildos

on the tribal council.

You mean you don't want no winos playing.

Lighten up, Mogie.

We're trying to have a good time here, all right?

I'm sorry.

You can't play.


I'm gonna go smell your captain's meat.


Moldy Mogie, where the hell is his brother

at when you need him?

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: Oh, watch it, Eagleman.

How's your whole family?

What's this?


It needs some tenderizer.

All my relations!

Ah, Jesus, Mogie.











Ah, here comes the cops.

Did you lose something, or is it time for the Mogie toss?


Give us the ball, Mo.


Make me.

Quit screwing around, Mogie.

Yeah, how come you always gotta act like such a big man

every time your friends are around?

Give us the fucking ball, Mogie.

Yeah, what's this.


Showing off is not a Lakota virtue.

You rat-fucker!

I love this woman.

Get out of here, you shit ass.

You're an asshole.

Pecker head.

What did you say?

Nice picnic, pecker head.

Hey, hey.

Piece of shit.



Rudy, Rudy.

You OK?

You sure?


I'm sure I'm never gonna drink with you again,

you crazy son of a bitch.

Hey, how'd it go?

Well, she gave me these little beauties

and told me to take it easy.

So what you up to now?


You want to come over?

Where's Storks?

Oh, he's living at his mom's in Rapid.

You guys split up again?

Yeah, well, you know.


Wait up.

I think Mogie's mind short-circuited in Vietnam.

It was such a freak show over there.

Yeah, he got wounded right?

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Three times, three Purple Hearts--

idiot awards, he called them.

He hawked them for wine money.


I don't know how you do it.

What's that?

STELLA: Being a cop every day and having to deal

with an alcoholic brother.


Should I feed you something?

How 'bout a beer?


You know what I got to do?

What's that?

I got to shape up and stop being such a chicken shit.

Come here.



Come on, Mogie.

Make your mama proud, now!

Come on, let's go, Rudy!

Come on, Mogie!


Oh, now you're not talking to me.

Would you just relax?

Enjoy this game. These are your boys.


Damn right, these are my boys.

Shitty dad you turned out to be.

Come on!

Come on, Rudy!

Woo, come on, son!



See that?

That's my Rudy.

I'm very proud of my sons.

And they're-- give me my bag back.



What the fuck are you looking at?

What are you all looking at?

Remember me?

I was the one out there running over you fuckers.

I was the fastest Indian out there.

Jesus, Mom and Dad.

SONNY YELLOW LODGE: It was me who did that.

I could have been the Billy Mills.

Here comes the savior warrior.

Come save your mama, Mogie.

You're a jerk, Dad.

SONNY YELLOW LODGE: I'll kick your little butt,

too, you little Mogie shit.

Get that thing out of here.

And Rudy, you can carry them out there.

That's the talent of the dad you got, Mogie.

That's not yours.

I teach you that stuff.

You people mind your own business.

EVANGELINE YELLOW LODGE: The hell with your dad.

Get out of here, asshole!


are you doing here in your football suits?

Leave us alone!



The old bastard asked for it!

That don't matter. He's still our dad.

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: Rudy, I ain't claiming

this son of a bitch no more.

Help me pick him up.

Is he OK?

Yeah, he's just pure knocked out.

Come on.

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna take him downtown.


Just take him down to the police station and park him there.

Then where?

Just trust me.



(SINGING) You really want to shoot it out,

you can try to shoot it out, yeah.


You smoked the last one, man.

Well, take your ass up and get some more.

Hey, man, you sitting right close to the cash register.

Come on, stop acting like a bitch.

I ain't acting like no bitch, man.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings?


Fuck, man.

You want some of me or something?

What's up?

What's up?


Come on.

Back off.

You, sit down.

You, sit down.

You sit down.


You being a wise guy with me?

Sit down, now!


[SIGHS] Do you wanna get some beers?

Psh, I'm down with that, man.

What's up?

That guy's shit, man.



Woo hoo!


Mom's tripping out again, preaching and shit,

telling me shit like, yo still get time to go back to school.

Shit, man.

The only time I could ever handle that shit was

when I was fucking ripped, man.

TEDDY YELLOW LODGE: I thought I told you

to get rid of the boots, man.

At least clean them.

If someone gets suspicious, they could trace that shit

back to Corky's punk ass, man.

There's beer on them, man.

TEENAGER: If I had some other shoes,

I'd get rid of these shit-kickers, man.

Well, wash them shits, then.


You know what the fuck I'm gonna do?

I'mma keep this shit on.

I'mma let all these motherfucker little faggot-ass

fools know what's up, not to be fucking

around with me and my money.

Hey, whatever.


(SINGING) I'm going home, going home I'm going home.

Going home, I'm going home.

It's OK.




Oh, shit!

Where are you going?

Oh, fuck!

We're throwing, man.

Go away.

I'm the ghost of murdered Corky.

Prepare to meet your maker.


Oh, fuck!



Hey, did you hear?

They got Corky Red Tail's murderers in custody.

They're up at the hospital.


What happened?

They up and confessed, I guess.

Someone smashed their knees with a baseball bat,

just cracked the shit out of them.

Who did it?

Hell, I don't know.

I ain't psychic.

Those kids were half buzzed up and scared to death

when I talked to them.

You can ask them yourself.

You're the one taking their statement.

I'm going home.

No, we already done confessed.

What the hell else you want?

I want to know who did your knees.

All I know is he was tall, man,

crazy, crazier than hell, man.

Ugly, like ugliest dude I ever saw, man.

He had like mud on his face, like part

nigger and [INAUDIBLE] guy.

I never seen him around the res though.

What's your name?

Teddy Yellow Lodge.

We're not related.

My family's from over in Cheyenne River.


That's where my family's from.

You want a medal or what?

Let me get this straight.

You guys don't have any idea who whacked your knees?

Got no clue, man, no idea at all.

First, we thought it was like a ghost.

A ghost?


[SIGHS] Thanks, boys.

I'll be in touch.

You don't look yourself.

You got that right.

So what's up?


Uh, I've been messing around with a married woman.

And a couple of weeks ago, I hit my head on a rock.

Rocks can be very spiritual things, Rudy.


Our sacred Black Hills, He Sapa, where

America carved its presidents into the sacred rocks.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: I've never given much thought to rocks,

at least on a spiritual level.

ED LITTLE BALD EAGLE: Skins have forgotten the forces

that live around them.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: I think Iktomi's playing with me.


think of Iktomi as coming in the form of a spider.

It could just as easily be a rock,

and maybe he entered your brains when your head hit that rock.

Some offerings of [SPEAKING LAKOTA]

would be a good start.

And make some tobacco ties.

If things don't get better, I'll hold

a healing ceremony for you.

Remember, human beings don't control anything.

Spirits do.


This is the first of a three-part

series on the Oglala Sioux.

Tonight's subject, the multi-million dollar liquor

business generated in this small town of Whiteclay, Nebraska,

population of only 20 people.

Some accuse these white liquor store

owners of being bloodsuckers who make

a living off Indian misery.

They all drink.

They all do drugs, because it's hard to live

down here in Pine Ridge Res.

There's just not anything here.

ANCHORWOMAN: Indians drinking beer and cheap wine--

this sad cliche is brought to stark reality every Friday

night, payday for the Indians on the Pine Ridge Reservation, who

then flood the border towns like this one

to buy alcohol, which is outlawed on their reservation.


MAN 2: (ON TV) Whoa Nelly!

MAN 1: (ON TV) --a couple of deputies.

Now you don't have to go for the sheriff.

ANCHORWOMAN: (ON TV) And you sir, what would you

suggest the government do to improve the living

conditions on the res?

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: I'd like the great white father

in Washington to sent me a big woman, a big fat woman,

so that when I sleep with her, she'll

cover up all the cracks in my shack to stop

the wind from blowing through.

Hey, you want to see me piss my pants?



Everything OK, here, Wallina?

Everything's under control, lieutenant.

Is everything OK with you?


MELVIN: (ON RADIO) Melvin to Four Strikes.

Four Strikes here.

MELVIN: (ON RADIO) Four Strikes, just

got a call that somebody torched the liquor store in Whiteclay.

Get over there now.

The damn thing is still burning.



FIREFIGHTER: Over here, get the hose over here.


Stay back!


Help me!

Help me!

Somebody help me.




Rudy, help me.

Stupid motherfucker.

Stupid motherfucker.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, you stupid motherfucker!


I'm so sorry.

Right, let's check his vitals.

We're gonna need an IV going.

Clean him up.

Is my brother gonna live?

DOCTOR: He'll live.

Burns are bad and he'll be scarred.

He's lucky his eyes weren't damaged.

Ready to get that Iktomi off your back?


How, Rudy.

I'm glad you've come here today.

We all know why you are here.

So all of us in here, we're gonna gather our minds,

and we're gonna make our minds and our heart

and our prayers one.

We're all gonna pray for this young man.

We're gonna help him to see and to hear

the things that he needs to hear and that he needs to see.

So at this time, we are gonna pray.




CAPTAIN EAGLEMAN: (ON PHONE) I heard about your brother, Rudy.

How is he doing?

He's doing OK.

He's, uh-- he's got some bad burns, but he's tough.

He'll make it.

CAPTAIN EAGLEMAN: (ON PHONE) If you need some time off,

you go ahead and take it.

I'll be in tomorrow.




First thing I want to do is take a fine-toothed comb

of that whole area on the res side

and find out what those Nebraska cops know.

I know it was arson.

Rudy, we think it was your brother.

How do you feel, Mogie?


Shut up, Rudolph.

How do you feel?


How do I feel?


What were you doing up on that roof?

I was trying to steal some booze.

What do you think I was doing, learning to fly?

What the fuck happened, anyways?

They think it's arson.

They didn't know you were up there.


What's the matter, Rudy?

What are you hiding?

It's nothing.

I'll tell you later.


When you get out of here.

OK, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Hey, Rudy, I got a new one for you.

How many Crow Indians does it take to hunt reindeer?

I don't know.

How many?

Three-- one to hold the traffic on the left,

one to hold the traffic on the right,

the other one to scrape it up off the highway and take it

to the hospital, just like some little

nut bit Indian boy I know.


I'll see you later.

Rudy, you got a minute?


So Mogie's doing OK, considering?

Mogie will get over the burns, but something else has come up.

When we did the blood work, we found

that he had elevated levels of macrocytes and spur cells,

so we decided to do a biopsy.

Rudy, I'm afraid that Mogie's got cirrhosis of the liver.

How bad?

It's terminal.

What if he quit drinking?

What about a liver transplant?

Rudy, I'm afraid that potential transplant

patients don't include practicing alcoholics.

And besides his liver problems, his stomach

is thoroughly ulcerated.

He's borderline diabetic, and his kidneys

are only functioning at 50%.

What am I gonna do now?

Help him say his piece, Rudy.

I'm really sorry, but that's all you can do.


GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Geraldine to Rudy, Rudy, you there?


Don't tell me, Geraldine.

Drunks fighting again, am I right?

GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Nope, drunken brawl was the way

it was called in.

That's different, right?

Oh, yeah, it's a brand new one.

GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) It's at Elton Blue Cloud's place.

Look, I tell you, you fucking [INAUDIBLE]..

- Ah! - How dare you?

Get off of her!

Fucking get off of her!

What the hell's going on here?

He did it.

Did what?

He just started beating on me, and he locked me in the house.

ELTON BLUE CLOUD: Fuck you, bitch.

You're a liar.

And fuck you for messing around on me.


Give me an excuse!


What's the matter with you?


Nothing except you beat your wife, huh?

I didn't beat my wife.

I didn't even hurt her.

I didn't even hit her that hard, man.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Then why did you?

ELTON BLUE CLOUD: 'Cause she's messing around on me, bro.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Geraldine, I'm gonna need an ambulance

down here, and transport, now.

GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) 10-4, on their way.


Wife says he beat her every time she

tried to take the baby outside.

Apparently he'd been drinking wine all night.

When that ran out, him and his body

switched over to strain Lysol and 7-Up.

It's un-fucking-believable.

I can't help fantasizing about blowing

the little halfbreed away.


Tell Eagleman I'm taking the day off tomorrow.

What's going on, unc?

[SIGHS] We got to talk about your dad.

I already know.

He's getting out tomorrow.

Hey, we're all gonna have dinner before the game tomorrow night.

You coming?

Mm-hm, I'll be there.

We're gonna kick their asses.

All right, then, I'll see you tomorrow, huh?

All right.

Take it easy, Herbie.


MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: See that retarded knob shiner?

That's Joe Thunderboots.

Me and him used to be drinking buddies,

but I haven't seen him for awhile.

He's supposed to be a direct descendant of American Horse.

At least that's what he said after a couple of drinks.



Come and eat.

So who was American Horse.

Your uncle will tell you, so listen up.

He testified at the trial of the Wounded Knee Massacre.

At that time, all Indian religious ceremonies

were banned by white men because they were afraid of them.

Now, up on the western end of the Cheyenne River,

Sitting Bull resisted, so they shot him.

And Bigfoot knew that he and his people

had to flee the area immediately,

so they came to Pine Ridge.

And when they camped out, the Wounded Knee

troopers of the 7th Calvary--

That's Custer's little command.

7th Calvary was called in to escort them to the reservation,

and the soldiers disarmed them.

Knee was nothing but a damn massacre of women and children.

American Horse testified before Congress.

What happened after American Horse testified?

They were all given a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Herbie scored 21 points in the last game.

I don't give a rat's ass!


I'm sorry, son.

We better go, Herbie.

It's already 6 o'clock.

See you guys at the game.

You said you had something you wanted to tell me.

It doesn't matter now anyway.

So then tell me.


I'm a vigilante.


What, you mean like Rambo?

No, I just do little things to help our people.

Our people?

Who is our people?



You got to be shitting me.

You remember those two boys that kicked the Red Tail

boy to death about a month ago?


And then somebody smashed their kneecaps

with a baseball bat?

Jesus Christ, Rudy.

That's not all I did.

I didn't know you hated me that much.

I don't hate you, Mogie.

How the hell was I supposed to know you were up there?

I don't know what else to say.

I'm sorry.

What do you need me to do?


Maybe there is one thing you could do for me.


Help me blow the nose off George Washington at Rushmore,

you know, for our people.

Just give them a good laugh.

Maybe that's all we need.

Where do you get these ideas?


RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Forget it, Mogie.

It's crazy.

So is this vigilante crap you've been pulling.

Don't you think I know that?

All I have to do is look at your face.

So then what's your problem?

Let's go and put some C4 up his nose.

Forget it.

You're on your own.

Come on.

It'll be like old times.


GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Geraldine to Rudy.

What do you got, Geraldine?

GERALDINE: (ON RADIO) Some guy got caught in a trap

over at Wally Roubaix's place.

The ambulance is en route.

Excuse me.

What's a cock bear trap doing in your backyard?

To keep thieves away.

You're shitting me. WALLY ROUBAIX: No, I'm not.

Somebody's been stealing stuff from our house.

So you set a bear trap?

What kind of asshole sets a bear trap--

Hey, don't talk to him like that.

If I need anything from you, I'll ask you.

Nobody here heard him screaming last night?

You kids get in the house.

What are you doing out here with no coats on?

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Nobody heard anything, nothing?

You know, if I had my leg caught in a trap,

I know I'd be screaming my ass off.

Like we said, we didn't hear anything.

And that trap was out here on account of someone broke

in a couple weeks ago and took all kinds of things,

plus two bottles of whiskey.

Don't try and make us feel guilty.

It's not our fault that big old drunk got stuck in that trap.

You're lucky I don't haul your asses in for manslaughter.

I'll just leave you to the Feds instead.

We don't want to talk to no FBIs.

Well, you can tell that to them.

What are you doing?

It's evidence.

That's one of my husband's best traps.


Fuck you, Clint Eastwood.

Hey, if that old wino hadn't been drunk,

he could have got out of the damn trap himself!

Any sober man could!

Yeah, and what if it had been a kid?

Why don't you go home, bitch?

As far as I can see, everything is

consistent with a heart attack.

Well, he wouldn't have had one if he hadn't have stepped

on that trap now, would he?

Smell the booze?

Listen, Roubaix admits to setting

a trap for the sole purpose of capturing

a human being because of a lousy robbery two weeks earlier.

Did anybody find any stolen goods in his possession?


Here, bro.

Poor Verdell.

I think I'm going to kill Roubaix.

He killed Verdell, and I want some payback.



Hey, how you doing, Herbie?

I thought you said you were going to cut

back on your drinking, Dad.

Oh, what can I say?

You could say happy birthday for starters.


Oh, damn it, Herbie.

I'm sorry.

I forgot.

Look, come on, sit down here.

I got a can of Pepsi here somewhere.

I'm 18 today, Dad.


It was like yesterday you was just a little baby.

It's all right.

Don't worry about it.


I just came by to see how you were doing, you know,

if you need anything.

I'm OK.

I'm just sorry I don't got no present for you.

Yeah, I'll get you something next week.

Got a VA check coming in.

Nah, it's OK, Dad.

There's nothing I need, you know?

You know, my dad forgot all our birthdays, every one.

It's all right.

It's no big deal, you know?

Well, I got a couple of bucks.

I could take you down to Dingbat's gas station,

maybe get you something to eat and--

No, I'm fine, OK?

Besides, Auntie's cooking later.

She said to tell you to come by.

Maybe just a little bit hungry, eh?

OK, maybe just a little bit.

Good. Come on with me.

Let's eat.

My mom used to make this for us when we didn't

have no bucks to buy real cake. She used pancakes.

Sit down, sit down.



Happy birthday, son.


I'm sorry, Herbie.

What an asshole you've got for a dad.

No, no, I wouldn't trade you in for anybody.

Come on.

I really do love you, Herbie.

I love you too, Dad.

That's not bad.

Come on, let's get you to bed.



Hey, Herbie.

What's up?

Dad looks pretty rugged, Uncle Rudy.

Come on.

Mogie, you hear me?

Bunch of gung ho Yankee doodie dandy

motherfuckers getting all the little brown people killed.

Herbie, get his other arm.

Come on, bro.

We're going for a ride.

Are you gonna take me jail again, Rudy?

No, I'm not gonna take you to jail.

Where are we going then, Whiteclay?

Yeah, we'll go the park.

Are we gonna play us some football, Rudy?

No, we're gonna play badminton.

I don't know how to play badminton, Rudy.

Watch your step.

I'll teach you.

Are we going for a ride in your car, Rudy?

Shut up.


Grab the forms.

He's got pneumonia.

I'm going to admit him.

Is he dying?

I mean, now?

It doesn't look good.

Let's admit him and see how he responds.


RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Mogie, don't open your eyes.

Just get some rest, OK?

I want to go home, my own bed.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: I want you to get some rest first.

Then I'll take you home, OK?


I promise.

Call Aunt Helen.

How'd he sleep last night?

Like a rock.

I brought some breakfast.

He looks so much better than he did yesterday.


He doesn't want to die here, not in this hospital.

He wants to go home to his own bed.

Now, I signed him in.

I can sign him out, and I'll stay with him at his house.

I'll stay with him, too.

We can all take turns sleeping.

That way there will always be someone with him

in case he wakes up.

MOGIE YELLOW LODGE: Why is everybody whispering?

Ah, Auntie Helen, is that your French toast I smell?

I thought I was dreaming.

Rudy, help me up with all these tubes and stuff.

I got to go hang a rat.


You're gonna lay down and get some rest, tough guy


What if I pee my pants?

It wouldn't be the first time.

Aye, where do you keep that thing, in the fridge?

OK, Mogie.

I'll see you again in about an hour.


Today's a little bit better, but he is not stable yet.

Thanks, doc.

Listen, bro, I gotta go check on my dogs.

You want anything from town?


Give me some smokes, a can of shaving cream,

some razors, and a pack of condoms.


Bye, Rudy.

Mm, mm, this is gooder than better.

Good, huh?






the handwriting is on the wall, so I write

this note while I still can.

I love you little brother.

I will always love you, Rudolph.

I have lived my life, and now the end

is peeking around the corner.

I'm not afraid to die.

Well, maybe I lie when I said I'm not afraid.

I'm very afraid, but so be it.

My brother, you must do one thing for me.

You must take care of Herbie.

You made a life for yourself, and you

are someone he can look up to.

When your turn comes, I'll be waiting

to welcome you into the spirit world,

if that's where I'm headed.

That is what scares me the most.

What if the [SPEAKING LAKOTA] was right, and there is a Hell

and I get shipped there?

[LAUGHS] Well, at least I got a 50/50 chance.

I love you all.


Dave Bald Eagle.


Gansler Janis.

Yes, sir.

Joe Black Elk.

Yes, sir.

Charlie White Elk.

Here sir.

Albert Mogie Yellow Lodge.

Albert Mogie Yellow Lodge.

Albert Mogie Yellow Lodge.

Not here sir.

He's gone to join the great commander of us all, sir.





I hear they're building a new liquor store.

You heard right.

The owner's making a killing from the insurance.

New store's gonna be twice as big as the old and with two

drive-through windows.

RUDY YELLOW LODGE: That's lovely, just what we need.




You know you got oil-based paint, right?


That stuff is difficult to remove.

How 'bout I get you some turpentine to go with it?


- Paintbrushes? - No.

Drop cloth?

No, thanks.

What do I owe you?


RUDY YELLOW LODGE: Ah, on second thought, I'll pay with cash.

- $1.03 is your change. - Thank you.

Thank you.

Have a good day.

You bet.


This is a stupid idea, Mogie.

Son of a bitch, Iktomi.


All our ancestors are waiting for you up there, ciye.







(SINGING) Making a noise in this world,

making a noise in this world, you can bet

your ass I won't go quietly.

Making a noise in this world, everyone has a song.

God gave us each a song.

That's how we know who we are.

Everyone has a song.

We have come.

Heed the drum.

The man trembles with dancing.

We have come.

Bang the drum.

The man trembles with dancing.

Making a noise in this world, making a noise in this world,

you can bet your ass I won't go quietly.

Making a noise in this world, I don't want your promise.

I don't want no whiskey.

I don't want your blood on my hands,

only want what belongs to me.

I think you thought I was gone.

I think you thought I was dead.

You won't admit that you was wrong.

Ain't that some shit that should be said?

Making a noise in this world, making a noise in this world,

You can bet your ass I won't go quietly,

making a noise in this world.

Making a noise in this world, making a noise in this world.

You can bet your ass I won't go quietly,

making a noise in this world.


(SINGING) Thunder, fire, and torrent, hunger, need,

and fear, slavery, grief, confusion,

freedom waiting near, the sound of spirit horses,

hoof beats in the sky.

Snow, blood, and ashes, and dreams too strong to die.

Thunder, spirit horses, and teach

us how to ride, with seven generations of promise

us how to ride, with seven generations of promise

at our side.

Mothers, fathers, and children, creatures young and grown,

called by mighty drumming, of sacred hooves on stone.

The son of spirit horses dancing on a storm.

Mercy for the people, old ways, new dreams reborn.

Thunder, spirit horses, and teach

us how to ride, with seven generations of promise

us how to ride, with seven generations of promise

at our side.

The Description of Skins