Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LuLu Will Always Be a Baby | Kittisaurus

Difficulty: 0

DD: (Smells like bread!)

LuLu: (Want a sniff too!)

LuLu: (And a taste...)

DD: (Operation Bread Theft…)

DD: (Begins now)

DD: (Bread is mine)

DD: (Shell never know)

DD: (She found out...)

DD: Next time, Ill

I just bought bread, milk and cat milk.

LuLu: (Whats this smell?)

LuLu: (Smells like mine!)

LuLu: (My tongue is...)

LuLu: (...faster than light!)

LuLu: (Your hand is even faster…)

DD: (Just here for bread)

Ill treat my cats to their favorite milk snack.

DD: (Dont want it)

Now, lets bring in the guest of honor!

LuLu: (My turn!)

LuLu often eats too quickly and throws up.

That's why feed him slowly with a baby bottle.

The other kitties dont like the bottle,

but LuLus a big fan!

Its like Im raising a baby tiger.

LuLu: (Yummy!)

LuLu: (Excuse me~)

LuLu: (A lunch party?)

LuLu: (Forgot to invite me!)

LuLu: (Dont worry, here now)

LuLu: (Woah!)

DD: (Next time is now!)

DD came by, so I gave him a few pieces of bread.

You said you didnt want snacks, you picky eater!

DD: (Delicious)

DD: (Oh hey, here too)

DD: (Bread is love)

DD: (Need more love)

Thats enough, kitty! Too much love can be unhealthy!

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