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Hi there! This is Bruce Marnie on behalf of Expert Village. I this segment, we are going

to show how to gut a saltwater fish. Gutting is important if you want to cook the whole

fish and have it as a complete fish presentation. It is also important if you are going to fillet

the fish particularly if you are a beginner because by gutting the fish first, you remove

the entrails and the part that contaminates the fillet flesh and it makes the filleting

process a whole lot easier. The first step in gutting the fish is to lay it on the cutting

board with your hand firmly in place to hold the fish from moving. We are going to use

the knife with a pointed end, very important and we are going to insert that point into

the fish's anus and slice shallowly through the abdominal cavity all the way between the

paired pelvic fins, right between the two pelvic fins slicing all the way up just beneath

the jaw, right up to here. Alright I am going to lay my left hand on the fish and roll it

slightly away to stretch the skin so that I can make a puncture wound right at the anus

and shallowly cut all the way up the ventral surface of the fish between the two paired

pelvic fins right up to this region between the two opercula plates underneath the jaw

of the fish just like that. A very important point to remember is to not insert the knife

any deeper than it is necessary to just cut through this thin abdominal wall. Inserting

the knife too deeply will end up cutting the guts and releasing a lot of toxic materials

and blood that can contaminate the flesh on the fish.

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