Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 45 Minute Hatha Yoga to Magically Feel Your Best (Be Joyful)

Difficulty: 0

- Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga

where it's not about the pose

and you don't have to be perfect.

Hi, I'm Lesley Fightmaster.

Let's begin sitting up nice and tall.

Take some deep breaths

and close your eyes, bring your hands together

in front of your heart.

Today, the class is Hatha yoga

to magically feel your best and be joyful.

We'll stretch the shoulders, practice Warrior One,

do some twists, some core strengthening.

Remember to practice gently

and with compassion for your body and your mind.

Let your eyes softly blink open.

Inhale, reach your right arm up,

turn your palm back,

take it toward the upper back

and with your left hand,

spin the tricep in towards your face.

Take your left hand to the elbow

or you could also take the left arm out

and behind your back, holding on to your shirt

or holding on to the other hand.

Breathing here, keep that right elbow

pointed up toward the sky as your left elbow rolls back.

Another chilly sunset at the beach today

so I've got my big, puffy vest on

but I'll have to take it off halfway through

'cause I got too warm.

Take another breath here,

allowing your shoulders to stretch

and then, release.

Sweep both arms up as you inhale,

exhale, sweep the arms back down.

Left arm up, palm facing the back of the mat,

take it towards your upper shoulder,

with your right hand, spin that tricep in,

and then take the right hand to the elbow, the left elbow,

and you can keep it there the whole time

or take your left, sorry, take your right arm

out to the right

and sweep it behind you,

holding onto your shirt or holding onto the left hand,

trying to roll the right shoulder back

as you keep pointing the left elbow up toward the sky,

and sit up tall and breathe,

making sure that your ribcage doesn't pop out

and that your lower back isn't arching.

So keep your belly pulled in and up

and that will help keep your spine long.

Keeping the breath nice and steady as you release,

sweep the arms out, around, and up, inhale,

exhale, bring them back down,

roll your shoulders back and back and back.

Come forward onto your hands and your knees

and then stretch back into Child's Pose.

Take long breaths here.

As you press your hands gently forward

toward the front of the mat,

your hips will stretch back.

Now sweep the hands at the low back,

interlacing your fingers or hooking your thumbs,

inhale, start to lift the arms gently,

keep a softness in the elbows

so that they don't start to bother you,

and use your breath to compassionately open your shoulders.

Remember kindness and compassion

begins with how you treat yourself.

Releasing the hands,

stretch 'em forward again for a breath

pressing into the mat with the base of the fingers,

firming the muscles,

and then sweep them back again,

hooking the other thumb on top or the other pinky,

take a breath in.

As you exhale, gently begin to lift the arms

toward the sky,

allowing your breath to open the shoulders gently.

Now inhale, come on up,

taking the arms forward again

and then up onto the knees.

Turn your inner elbows gently forward

to spin the triceps back,

tuck the toes for Down Dog keeping the knees soft,

stretch through your spine

and then begin to gently start to bicycle your legs,

bending one knee and the other,

the arms shoulders-distance apart, the feet hips-width,

spread your fingers,

press down into the base of your fingers

but lift up through your forearms.

Stretch back, straightening the knees

as much as they will.

If they are straight, firm the legs.

Gaze between the knees or the feet

as you keep your breath steady and calm,

Ujjayi Pranayama,

little constriction in the back of the throat.

Ripple the spine forward to plank,

take your knees down

or you're welcome to keep them up if you wish,

crown of the head reaching forward,

belly is lifted, lift the pelvic floor muscles as well.

Holding here, breathing,

but still find some ease and comfort.

Exhale, back to Down Dog,

keeping a little bend in the knees

if that feels better on your hamstrings.

I almost forgot what they're called,

the backs of your thighs.

Let your head hang, you can move your head,

releasing the neck, if you like.

And inhale again, bring yourself to Plank Pose,

shoulders above your wrists

and again, breathing here.

If the legs are off the ground,

then firm the leg muscles

lifting the backs of the knees up toward the sky

and make sure to engage those belly muscles

and the pelvic floor.

Exhale, floating back to Down Dog,

knees bent or straight.

Draw in through the lower belly, draw the lower ribs in

as you breathe steadily.

Take another breath here.

Next inhale, again to Plank Pose.

So pressing and widening through your upper back,

pressing it away from the earth

but then bring your chest forward

at the same time widening your collar bones.

As you practice, you'll become stronger in your body

and more flexible

but also in your mind.

Stretch back again into your Down Dog

and remember, Child's Pose is always an option.

In fact, let's take one, almost one, right now

but instead, sit back on your heels

or you can sit with your shins crossed.

So you can circle your ankles,

I mean, your wrists, oh my goodness.

I can't remember the names of body parts today apparently.

So press the palms together

and then reach the fingertips up

and then down and around.

So palms together, then backs of hands together and around

as they move all the way up.

You can turn your head up to watch your hands,

pause at the top,

and then start going the other direction.

So palms touch, then backs of hands, making circles

as you move back down.

It's a nice little wrist stretch.

Now coming onto your forearms, interlace your fingers,

elbows no wider than shoulders,

tuck the toes for Dolphin.

As you press into your forearms and your elbows,

lift your shoulders up toward the waist

and press more into your forearms than your elbows

so your elbows don't start to get sore.

So keep a widening through the shoulders,

lifting the shoulder blades towards your waist,

firm the legs if you can straighten them,

and draw your lower belly in and up

as well as your pelvic floor.

The more you engage belly and pelvic floor,

the lighter your body becomes.

Just feels lighter.

Take the knees down, Child's Pose.

So anytime you wanna a Child's Pose, you take it.

You push pause and then you can come back when you're ready.

Looking forward, again, interlace the fingers

or this time, if you'd like,

press the palms down onto the mat so they're parallel.

Make sure, again, the shoulders

are no wider than the elbows

and if your palms are flat,

you might try facing your thumbs up to the sky

so that your outer upper arms will rotate back

and then try and keep that as you press your palms down

and press a little extra

into the thumb, first finger, sides of the hands

and the inner wrists and forearms.

Remember lifting the shoulders away from the mat

and widening across your shoulders.

Now looking forward,

we'll step the feet back for Dolphin Plank.

I bet you knew this was coming.

You can keep your feet hips width apart

or step them together,

squeezing outer hips and inner thighs.

Reach the crown of your head forward

as your heels go back.

You can take the knees down also

or lift the hips up, makes it a little bit easier as well.

Keep your breath steady.

You are doing great.

It's not gonna be much longer,

just a few more breaths

so stay with it if you can.

And then lower onto your belly and rest,

forehead resting down or you can take one ear down to rest.

As you rest here, let everything go for a moment.

Just surrender.

Then inhale, onto your forearms,

let your shoulders come up around your ears

and then draw them back and down for Sphinx Pose.

Lengthen your sitting bones

towards the backs of your knees,

pull your belly in, breathe.

As you continue your practice,

your inner light brightens more and more.

So keep breathing and moving,

practicing every day, if you can.

Release down, let your forehead come down or the other ear.

Remember, 45 minutes is not necessary for every day

but it is nice to lengthen your practice sometimes.

But 10 minutes a day is better than no yoga.

So getting on your mat daily

will really change your life.

Bring your shoulders up, back, and down again

as you're back to your forms for Sphinx Pose.

Make sure all 10 toenails are pressing into the mat,

lengthen your sitting bones toward the backs of your knees,

steady breath.

Option to lift the elbows off the ground

which will intensify the stretch.

So if it hurts your back, don't do it.

Continue to lengthen your sitting bones

towards the backs of your knees here.

Keep your belly lifted, and then lower down,

let everything go.

Relax everywhere.

Let your whole body be heavy a moment.

Slide your hands by your lower ribs for Cobra,

peel the chest up, maybe all the way into Up Dog,

thighs and knees off the mat,

shoulders above your wrists

and then stretch again into Down Dog,

keeping the knees soft if that feels better

or bicycling the legs some more, if you'd like.

Breathe here,

continue to gently lift your lower belly

and your pelvic floor muscles

as you stretch out through the spine.

Look forward and walk your feet all the way to the hands.

As you inhale, bring hands to shins,

lengthen the spine, flat back.

Keep it long as you fold

but let your knees bend if they'd like.

Feet are either together or hip socket distance apart

but make sure the outer edges of your feet are parallel.

Inhale again, halfway lift, hands on shins,

and then hands to hips, come all the way to standing.

So again, big toes together, heels slightly apart

or feet hip socket distance apart, outer edges parallel,

firm your legs, find your center.

Inhale, sweep the arms out, around, and up,

looking up gently if you wish

and then, exhale, lean over to your right side

shifting the hips to the left.

You can clasp your hands

or keep your arms shoulders distance.

Reach up, inhale, palms facing in toward one another,

and exhale, reaching over to the other side,

stretching through the side body.

Try and keep your hip points

faced toward the front of the mat.

Inhale, back to center, stretching up,

exhale, sweep the arms down.

Now turn the toes out as wide as the mat,

start to bend your knees.

Take your hands onto the knees.

You can stay with the hips in line with the heels

or you can start to let them lower.

If it hurts the knees though, stay higher.

Palms touch at the heart center

and make sure the knees and toes

are pointed in the same direction.

So if you can do this with the toes face forward

and the knees face forward, that's fine too.

This is a great one to stretch out your lower back,

waiting for the train pose.

Not really, it's called Malasana.

Take your right hand down, inhale, left arm up.

Option to wrap your right arm around your thigh

and your left hand behind your back to clasp

or hold your shirt.

Rolling the top shoulder back,

give your leg a gentle squeeze.

Inhale, back to center

and then we'll do the other side,

left hand down, right arm up.

Option to wrap behind your back

giving that leg a gentle squeeze

as you roll your top shoulder open

looking toward the sky, unless it bothers your neck.

Coming back to center, palms touch.

Take your hands to the mat

as you start to straighten your legs

and then grab your opposite elbows,

walking your feet to hip socket distance

and let your head just hang down.

Continue gently rocking side to side

as I take off my puffy vest.

Keep your belly pulled in.

If the legs are straight, shift the hips above the heels.

Now hands to hips, inhale, come on up.

Take your feet hip socket distance apart,

outer edges parallel so toes point in

just a tiny bit toward one another,

and step your left foot back.

Keep your hips pointed to the front of the mat.

The left toes face the front left corner of the mat.

Inhale, sweep your arms out, around, and up.

As you exhale, take them out to shoulder height,

roll your shoulder forward a little bit

so you can press your palms or fists together behind you

and then roll them back.

Inhale, look up, lengthen.

Exhale, hinging forward at your hip creases

for Parsvottanasana.

Pull the right hip back gently so your hips stay level,

press into the big toe mound of your right foot,

and press your calf to your shin.

Make sure to soften at your knee joints

but firm those muscles on those legs,

gazing toward the big toe.

You can stay as you are

or take fingertips to the floor, inhale,

exhale, coming deeper, perhaps walking your hands back

towards your back foot,

turning fingertips toward the back of the mat.

Pull your right hip back.

Keep those hips nice and level.

Lengthen the neck, walk your hands forward, inhale.

Exhale, hands to hips, inhale, all the way up.

Step your feet back to hip socket distance apart

at the front

and turn your right toes to the right just a tiny bit

and then step the right foot back.

Line up heel to heel or wider

so you can square up hips and shoulders to the front.

Take your arms out to shoulder height

and then reach them up,

out again, roll the shoulder heads forward,

press your fists or palms together behind you,

open the chest.

Inhale, look up, hinge from the hip creases,

exhale to come forward.

Try and keep rolling your shoulder heads away from the mat

as you pull your left hip back.

Imagine you've got a yoga block or a rolled up towel

between your inner thighs

and you're holding it there so it doesn't fall.

Then lift your pelvic floor muscles

and pin your outer hips towards center.

Stay there or release fingertips to the floor,

inhale, lengthen.

Exhale, stay, or walk the hands toward the back foot,

fingers facing the back of your mat.

Breathe here, keep the neck long.

Relax around your shoulders and your jaw.

Walk your hands forward, bring hands to hips,

and inhale all the way up,

step your feet back to the front hip socket distance apart.

So turning the left toes out,

step your left foot back once again,

heel to heel or wider.

Pull your right hip back,

start with the front leg straight

and then bend it a little.

Pull the right hip back again,

send the left hip forward.

Keep the outer edge of the back foot grounded down

and then just little by little bend that knee,

pull the right hip back.

Now reach your left arm forward,

inhale, stretch it up by the ear,

add the right arm, Warrior One.

So Warrior One, I thought, was super easy.

I didn't see any difference

between Warrior One and Two,

except for taking the arms up instead of out.

But what I found was that we're trying to square our hips

toward the front of the mat.

It made it a whole new pose,

a lot harder than I thought it was.

So if you find it difficult, you're not alone.

Straightening your right leg, inhale,

exhale, slowly sinking in

and then interlace your fingers

or hook your thumbs behind you.

Look up, inhale,

Humble Warrior as you exhale.

So same thing, keep pulling your right hip back,

sending your left hip forward,

ground down through the outer edge of the back foot,

firm that back thigh, spinning the inner thigh back.

Let your head be heavy.

Breathe, gently letting the shoulders open.

Inhale, make your way up,

and then we'll step the feet back together

but hip socket distance apart still.

Turn your right toes out to the right,

step your foot back

and then heel to heel or wider.

If your hips are tight, go wider than heel to heel.

So start to bend your left knee

as you pull the left hip back

and send the right hip forward.

Hands on hips so you can physically pull the left hip back

with your left hand, send the right hip forward.

Now reach your right arm forward and that will help

to keep your hips level.

Reach it up, reach the left arm up as well,

make sure the knee is above the ankle,

and you don't have to sink so low

but lengthen through your lower back

and spin your back inner thigh toward the back of your mat.

Stretch through arrow straight arms.

Keep your belly lifted and your pelvic floor engaged.

That's gonna help a lot.

So I said we try to square the hips to the front.

Slowly straighten the front leg, rebend it,

interlace the other pinky or thumb on top,

roll the shoulders back, inhale,

exhale, bowing forward, Humble Warrior.

Keep that left hip pulling back.

Yes, we try to square the hips

to the front of the mat

but it really, for 99, probably, .9 percent of us,

we can't get them totally squared

because of tightness in the hips and that's okay

because we also don't want to overdo it

and hurt the back knee.

So being mindful of the body always,

moving, practicing with compassion.

Inhale, come on up

and step your feet back to the front,

outer edges of feet parallel, feet hip socket distance,

roll your shoulders back and give yourself a hug.

And then inhale, arms out to the sides,

give yourself a hug with the other arm on top.

Turn to the long side of your mat,

step your feet out nice and wide,

wrists above ankles, then point your toes out

and sink down with hands above knees

just rock yourself side to side.

Drop your butt down and lift your hip points up.

Come to center, sweeping arms up toward the sky,

soften around the neck.

Exhale, take the arms out to shoulders distance apart

and then right arm on top of left for Eagle Arms.

As your practice your Eagle Arms,

reach your fingertips up, lift your chest.

You can also touch your opposite shoulders

if Eagle Arms are a bit much.

Inhale, release the arms, slowly straighten the legs

and stretch the arms up to the sky.

Exhale, rebending those knees,

take your hands on your thighs,

and again, gently rock side to side.

Pressing down into the heels,

drop your sitting bones down.

Now take your left shoulder toward the right knee,

inhale, center, right shoulder toward the left knee.

Inhale, center, again, left shoulder toward right knee.

Inhale, center, left shoulder toward right knee.

I think I just said that.

Right shoulder toward left knee,

come back to center,

sink the hips down as you reach the arms up,

lengthen through the torso,

bring your arms to shoulder height,

stretch through the fingertips,

and then left arm over right for Eagle Arms.

Lift your elbows, widen your chest,

you can also touch your shoulders as an option

but don't forget about those legs.

Press the knees back

as you drop your sitting bones down, breathe.

Just another breath here.

Inhale, release the arms,

slowly straighten the legs,

take your feet to parallel, toes in.

Inhale, arms out to the sides, hold the breath,

bend the knees, step or hop together,

and turn back to the front, Tadasana.

Feet hip sockets distance apart

or you can do big toes together, heels slightly apart.

Inhale, sweep the arms up, keep your ribs in.

Exhale, hinge from the hip creases,

Forward Fold, Uttanasana.

Inhale, lengthen halfway,

exhale, step to plank.

Always option to take the knees down.

Now feet together, gonna roll to the pinky toe side

of the right foot, lifting the left arm up.

You can take the right knee down,

and bring your top hip a little bit forward

so hips are level.

Pull the belly in, lengthen sitting bones to heels.

Your left inner elbow gently turns

to the front of the mat but soften your elbow joint.

Crown of the head is lengthening forward,

heels are reaching the opposite direction,

reach your top hand up to the sky.

Now bring it to your side, come to Plank Pose

and lift into Down Dog.

Breathe here for a few breaths.

Let your body relax in your Down Dog.

If you want more, push pause and take Child's Pose.

Otherwise, back to plank, feet together,

rolling to the pinky toe side of the left foot,

reaching the right arm up.

Now bring the top hip a little forward.

Remember you can always bring your bottom knee down,

and reach the crown of the head toward the front of the mat,

reach your sitting bones toward your heels,

pull the belly in, lift your pelvic floor as you breathe

so you're engaging all of your muscles.

Bring your top hand down, back to plank

and shifting forward, lower slowly to the mat, exhale.

Bring your hands interlaced at the low back

or hook the thumbs,

roll the shoulders away, inhale, lift in Shalabhasana.

Pull your belly up, away from the mat,

press your pubic bone gently down into the mat.

Keep the back of your neck long,

breathe into your heart center,

and then release and rest.

You can rest your forehead down or rest one ear down.

Let everything go.

Interlace your fingers, other pinky or thumb on top,

roll the shoulder heads away from the mat,

pull the belly in,

lengthen your sitting bones toward the heels, lift up.

Inner thighs spin up toward the sky,

outer hips roll down toward the mat.

Stretch, lift, breathe,

release, take your forehead down or the other ear,

surrender, let everything go.

Now either do another Shalabhasana or bend the knees

reaching for the little toe sides of the feet,

press the feet up toward the sky,

and then press them toward the back of your mat.

Make sure the knees don't go wider than the hips

and continue to lengthen your sitting bones

to the backs of your knees

and spin your inner thighs up toward the sky.

Releasing down, rest forehead or one ear down, relax.

And once again, arms by your sides,

lifting into Locust Pose, Shalabhasana,

or bend the knees

reaching for the little toe sides of the feet, inhale up,

pressing feet up and then back,

widening the collar bones, pull the belly in and up,

lift the pelvic floor,

lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees.

Make sure the knees are not going wider than your hips.

Release down, rest your forehead or the other ear,

let everything be heavy.

Slide the hands by the low ribs,

press up onto your knees,

stretch back into Child's Pose

and just relax here.

You can have your arms straight or bent.

Just let yourself relax.

Option to extend the arms forward,

press into the base of the fingers

so that you're stretching out your back a little bit more,

just an option.

As you inhale, make your way out of your Child's Pose,

and then, on the knees,

we'll take the hips over to the left, knees to the right,

that left foot can rest on the sole of the right foot.

Right hand behind, left hand, inhale, up,

exhale, take it across and twist.

As you inhale, sit nice and tall, lengthening

and as you exhale, twist, rolling the right shoulder back,

gently turning the rib cage and chest.

Keep your breath nice and steady,

and relax the neck and the jaw.

Inhale, bring yourself to center,

come back up onto the knees

taking your feet over toward the left

and your hips off to the right

and then sitting up nice and tall,

left arm behind, right arm up, inhale,

exhale, bring it across and twist.

Again, inhale, create length

all the way up through the crown of the head,

all the way through the spine,

and as you exhale, maybe gently twisting a bit deeper.

This one's called Bharadvajasana.

This is a modified version.

We're gonna do another version in a moment

but you can do this one again

if the other version doesn't work with your knees.

Come back up onto hands and knees,

sit your hips between your heels for a moment.

Now your right knee bends back

with the heel to the outside of the hip.

Left leg can come into Half Lotus

if that's a possibility

or put your left foot to the inside of the thigh.

Left arm behind the back, right arm across, and twist.

As you inhale, again, lengthen nice and tall.

As you exhale, rolling that shoulder open to twist.

Inhale, head to center, and release.

We'll come back up onto the knees

and sitting your hips down,

now, your left leg will come across either in half,

sorry, your right leg will come across

either in Half Lotus or to the inner left thigh.

The left heel is just to the outside of the hip.

Bring the left arm across

and your right arm behind your back.

Inhale, lengthen tall,

and exhale, turning your torso to twist,

rolling the shoulder open,

perhaps turning the chin toward the shoulder,

always moving gently with your breath.

Take another long breath.

Inhale, head to center,

exhale, we'll release this into Dandasana,

sitting up nice and tall.

Pull the toes back but press the heels down,

breathing here for a moment,

and then sweep the arms up as you inhale,

exhale, hinge from the hips to come forward,

lengthen on your inhale,

you can bend the knees if you wish, holding your feet,

or hold onto your legs, whatever works.

Never matters how deep you get into a stretch,

only that you feel a stretch.

That's the circulation moving through the body.

That's what's important, not how deep.

Keep pulling the toes back if your legs are straight,

keep the legs firm.

Relax around your neck, relax the jaw,

breathe nice, steady breath.

Inhale, lift the head,

and exhale, release, coming up.

Walk your hands behind you, bend the knees,

take the feet onto the floor,

fingertips facing front or out to the sides,

lifting to Reverse Table.

Lengthen sitting bones towards backs of the knees,

let your head go back if it's okay with it.

Otherwise, keep your chin in toward your chest.

Breathe here, now bring your chin in and slowly lower.

You can do that one again

or extend the legs for Purvottanasana,

same thing but lifting with the legs straight

pressing the feet down into the mat and lifting.

Lengthen your sitting bones

towards the backs of your knees,

engage your core muscles a lot,

let the head go back if it's okay with your neck.

Breathe, and then chin in, lower down.

That's a tough one.

Gonna take Sukhasana, right shin in front of left,

or Double Pigeon, left shin on top of right

with your left knee above your right ankle,

and you can stay sitting up or hinge forward.

So if you're taking Double Pigeon,

your knee, your top knee, might be up and that's fine

as long as you feel a stretch

but do line up your top knee above your bottom ankle

and your bottom ankle above your top knee,

below your top knee, fully line up,

and then walk yourself back up, and then we'll switch.

So left shin in front of right

or take your right shin on top of the left

so the ankle is above the knee

and the other knee is above the ankle.

So that other knee,

top knee might come up, that's fine.

Sit up nice and tall, and breathe,

you'll feel a good hip stretch,

or walk the fingers forward and extend forward,

hinging at the hips for a deeper hip opener.

Keep your ankles flexed.

That will keep your knees safe.

But it is a pretty deep pose

so sitting with shins crossed is a great alternative.

Inhale to walk up,

and we'll make our way slowly onto the back.

Hug your right knee into your chest,

extend your left leg out and twist,

and looking over the right shoulder as you breathe here.

Turn your belly up toward the sky, deepen the breath.

Your left knee can be bent if that feels better

or it can be straight if that feels okay.

Inhale, back to center, hug the left knee in,

extending the right leg out.

Exhale, take it across and twist,

looking over the opposite shoulder of the knee,

turning the belly up toward the sky,

deep, full breaths.

Relax your shoulders.

Relax your jaw, your eyes, your forehead.

Bring your head to center

and bend your knees, bring them to center,

draw them into your chest.

Lengthen the sitting bones toward the ground

and then take the shins away,

as you exhale, bring 'em in.

Inhale, shins away, straightening the elbows.

Exhale, bend the elbows, draw the knees in.

Once again, straightening the arms, knees away.

Exhale, draw them in toward the belly, bending the elbows.

Take your feet to the mat,

lengthen your sitting bones away from your waist,

draw your shoulder blades away from your ears.

If it's cold, cover up with something.

Let your feet just flop open, out or in,

arms away from your body with your palms up,

rest your head, releasing tension

and just breathing naturally.

Our quote today is from Rumi, the Sufi poet.

"When you do things from your soul,

"you feel a river moving in you, a joy."

We'll rest here for a few minutes,

quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana.

Right where you are, begin to deepen your breath

as you move your hands, your wrists, your toes, your ankles,

take a long stretch overhead.

Now bend your knees and roll yourself off to your right.

Pause a moment to thank yourself

for taking such wonderful care of you

'cause you are worth it, absolutely.

Use your left hand to come on up,

sitting tall, hands together.

Bring your hands to your forehead,

reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts,

hands to heart, reminding you to have

clear and loving intentions,

and hands to your mouth

to remind you to have clear and loving communication.

Sending out all this wonderful, joyous energy

to all beings everywhere, namaste.

The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.

If you enjoyed today's class, try this Hatha yoga class.

A lot of people say they love it

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is part of my 30 Day Hatha Yoga Joy Program?

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The Description of 45 Minute Hatha Yoga to Magically Feel Your Best (Be Joyful)