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Hello, I'm Haitang

This is the 13th day my wife has diagnosed nCoV

I think she's getting better

We fell the cure is one step away, but I want to make sure we are right

So we are going to the hospital today

Liting: god, how do you manage to take off those suits?

Haitang: Zip it first

Haitang: You need to wear one more mask

Haitang: Wear those gloves

Liting: Don't use your hand

Haitang: How's my phone dead?

Haitang: Can't see anything with the glasses

Liting: Don't get so close to me

Haitang: We ain't got a big room here

Haitang: Maybe I should take the stairs

Liting: You looks like a bear

Haitang: This is like the first day you get outside 12 days in a row?

Liting: Yeah, fresh air

We are going to do a re-diagnose today

To be honest, I feel very nervous

Although she is getting better from the past couple of days

But still want to have a medical report

to make sure she's fine

Haitang: We just like tow biohazard specialists

Haitang: You're going to have a blood test?

Haitang: I'll go with you

Haitang: Let me put on this mask

Haitang: I can't let you go there alone

She doesn't let me get closer

or stay in the ER

Haitang: I paid the fee

Liting: Doctor, can I do the CT now?

Doctor: Your name?

Haitang: Give me your stuff, those on hand.

Liting: No, you are not having it

Doctor: Ok, you can off the machine

Haitang: What's the situation, doc?

Liting: What's going on?

Doctor: something is wrong

Haitang: something wrong?

Doctor: Is it your first CT?

Liting: no, it's for reexamination

Doctor: Second time?

Liting; Yes

Doctor: then you are still infected

Doctor: and we need your first result for comparison

Liting: Honey, come outside

Doctor: It's your right lung, left one is fine

Liting: thank you

The doctor said her infection is spreading according to the CT result

I start worrying about her

I regret I didn't take her to the hospital earlier

And we had a blood test later

Liting: Yes, can I test my blood? But I think it's hurt

Liting: isn't it hurt? I'm so terrified of pain

Liting: I'm not afraid of the needle as a nurse

But I'm scared as a patient!

Liting: I was so scared!

Especially the needle in my finger

Haitang: I think the nurse did a great job

Haitang: You are not that hurt

Liting: It hurt!

anywhere but not my fingers!

Haitang: But it was very quick

Liting: I was scared!

Haitang: Where are you going now?

Liting: Go check my nucleic acid at the fever clinic

Haitang: What did they say?

Liting: They couldn't do it

Haitang: How?

Do we need to wait for a line or something?

Liting: I need to make an appointment with a phone call

Haitang: Honey I feel.....I think the CT maybe....

Maybe not good?

Haitang: How about we go ask another doctor about the CT result?

Liting: who?

Liting: I will ask by myself

Haitang: I want to ask them how we are gonna deal with it

Can you wear your gaggles right?

Haitang: Mine's also got foggy

Can you hear me?

"Print finished"

Haitang: Let's go see the blood result

Is the result normal?

Liting: all good

Haitang: Let me see that

Liting: Stop shooting this! So annoying!

Haitang: Is the head nurse answer you?

Liting: not yet

Haitang: Do I need to talk to her?

Liting: It doesn't help

Haitang: Just ask for a favor

Liting: Neve mind, he also got a lot to deal with

Haitang: Ok, I'm going to organize your stuff

Do you need this mug?

and I put all your clothes in this bag

Stay in the hospital might be our best choice for now

We do see some official notice

They need to make sure every patient to be hospitalization

But we couldn't find an empty spot at the hospital

The manager told us there might be a spot on tomorrow

So we will go there again tomorrow

Liting: I feel my physical condition is getting worse

It is so bad

Haitang: We need to correct our mindset, you know

Please don't cry, mindset, baby!

my physical condition is getting worse

Haitang: it not true

Liting: What you are going to do after I got to the hospital?

Won't you cook food anymore?

Haitang: then how am I gonna eat?

Liting: Burn my stuff after I go to the hospital

It goes too far

I'll sterilize with the UV lamp

Liting: Do you ever regret marrying me?

Haitang: Never

not at all

No, I really don't

It's true

I'm very sober now

Liting: You are regret, aren't you?

Liting: Aren't you?

Haitang: I don't regret

I regret didn't meet you earlier in my life

Haitang : Can I come with you?

Liting: No you can't

And stop shooting!!!

Haitang: Alright, alright, I will wait for you

She lost her temper again, she's going through a lot in her mind

I hope she will be ok

Ge out the hospital as soon as possible

My wife is young

She's got a good physical condition

The doctor said this is one of the processes in the elimination of the virus

This is not the end

We can still make it

I believe she will be better after the hospitalization

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