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- It is a special time of year.

This is the time of year when we offer people walking

by our studio the "floppertunity" of a lifetime--

the chance to take their clothes off on national television.

It's our annual Pedestrian Belly Flop Competition.

We've got a pool in the back of our theater.

We've got a panel of celebrity judges,

and memories are just waiting to be made.

This is the 14th we--

14 years ago, a mysterious voice told me, if you build it,

they will flop.

And we did, and they do.

So let's go to Cousin Sal out on Hollywood Boulevard--

What's happening, Jimmy? JIMMY KIMMEL: Hello, Sal.

What's going on?

JIMMY KIMMEL: Sal, by the way, I want to mention--

has his own show now on Fox Sports One called "Lock It In."

It's a sports gambling show.

That's right.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Their new season, season two, starts Monday.

Congratulations on the new season, Sal.

Thank you.

They'll probably cancel it between now and then.

But thank you for bringing it up.

Your gambling problem really paid off in a big way.


So have you found someone on the street we can bet on for--

I have. Let's bet on some bellies.

Come on in. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

All right. Here we go.

All right.

Very good.

Now, what is your name?


JIMMY KIMMEL: Eric, where are you from?


JIMMY KIMMEL: And what do you do for work?

I do human resources. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK.

So people come to you and they complain

about their jobs, and--

you complain to them about things

they've said about other people and done?

Pretty much.

But you know, I help them find the door sometimes, too.

JIMMY KIMMEL: OK, good. Well, it's time to cut loose.

I know you have a stressful job, and-- have you

belly flopped before?

Yes, but not on TV.


What did you have for lunch today?

A chicken sandwich. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK, great.

All right.

Maybe we'll get to see that, too.

So come on through Eric, and yeah, we'll get you going.

We'll get you dressed, and-- or undressed, and--

let's see who else we have out there.

We can't have-- it's just Eric, it

won't be much of a competition. - Hi.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Hello. - Hi, there.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Hi. What's your name?


JIMMY KIMMEL: Courtney, where are you from?

Houston, Texas. JIMMY KIMMEL: Houston?

And what do you do for work, Courtney?

I'm a manager at a tanning salon.

JIMMY KIMMEL: You're a manager at a tanning salon?


JIMMY KIMMEL: You seem very fair skinned.

I'm a very good before and after of spray tans.


And what's that-- that's got to be a weird job, huh?

It is.

It's-- you see a lot of interesting people.

JIMMY KIMMEL: I bet you see a lot

of interesting parts of a lot of interesting people, too.

All right.

Well, go on-- come on through, and we'll

get you up on the board.

And we'll get Eric and Courtney.


Oh, there's Eric.

Hi, Eric.

How are you?

How you doing?



Very good.

Hi, everyone.

Yes, go on through.

Go on through.

And it's like a--


All right.

We have pre-owned bathing suits for you to wear.

Don't worry about lice.

We got bellies to flop here in Hollywood, all right?

It's time-- it's time now for our 14th annual Summer

Pedestrian Belly Flop Competition.

Let's meet our judges.

She is an actor, comedian, writer, and host

of the reality baking competition

"Nailed It" on Netflix, Nicole Byer.

Hello, Nicole.


JIMMY KIMMEL: Thank you for doing this.

Thanks for having me. I love this.

This is a real treat. I can't wait.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, this is going to be great, Nicole.

What, in your opinion, makes a great belly flop?

Well, usually I like a big fatty who just takes a big leap

and makes a very big splash.

JIMMY KIMMEL: I love it, Nicole.

I like the way you think.

Next up, a three time Olympic gold medalist.

He is currently training-- training for the World Park

Skateboarding Championship.

A true American hero, Mr. Shaun White.

Hello, Shaun.

How are you, Shaun?

Thanks for having me. JIMMY KIMMEL: Good to see you.


Are you prepared to give the winner one of your gold medals?


Very-- wow, look at that.

Shaun-- Always a sport.

Anything for-- Anything for a good flop.

In the anchor position, she is a musician, comedian, cosmetics

entrepreneur, and winner of "Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars,"

Trixie Mattel.

Hello, Trixie.


JIMMY KIMMEL: Trixie, that makeup is spectacular.

Are you at all worried about being in the splash zone?

Um-- this isn't my first time getting wet on this show,


I think you would know that.


All right, good.

And is that waterproof, or are we in danger of streaking?

In my line of business, we always do waterproof.

Yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, wonderful.

Thank you, Trixie.

All right.

Our first flopper is ready to go, and that is Eric.

Hello, Eric.

How you feeling, Eric?

I'm feeling good, Jimmy.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Just moments ago you had clothes on,

and now you do not.

I've still got something on.

All right.

So on my count, let it happen.

All right?

Three, two, one-- belly flop.

Well, there you go.

I like Eric's style.


Let's take a look at the slow motion instant replay here.

You see, Eric went for the mummy type approach.

He just kind of fell into the water.

But let's go to the judges now for their scores.


Nicole's drowning.


Oh, wow.


Oh, boy. I--


My contact--

I don't know if it's in or out.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Nicole, you look like you got hit by a tsunami.

I-- I feel like I got hit by a tsunami.

Eric, you're not my friend.

I mean, I-- wow.

What a-- JIMMY KIMMEL: You gave him a 10.

How could you not?

What a treat. JIMMY KIMMEL: Shaun White.



JIMMY KIMMEL: You are moist, as well.

What do you think, Shaun? - Yes.

I went 10.

JIMMY KIMMEL: A 10 from Shaun White!


We're on our way to a possible perfect score.

Trixie, what do you say?

The splash was incredible.

I felt like Daryl Hannah in "Splash."

Although you splashed a drag queen in the face, which

is homophobic, so you get a 9.


Trixie-- Well, what do you say, Eric?

What do you think? You got a 29.

It is a little homopho--

JIMMY KIMMEL: That's almost impossible to beat.

It's a good score.

By the way, he's bleeding, Jimmy.

That should add a point right there, whatever--

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you think you'd get an extra--

how did you wind up bleeding?

I don't know.


All right, let's get him in an ambulance

and go to our next flopper.

This is how we should decide the democratic nominee

for president, by the way.

Yes, all right.

Courtney, how are you?

I'm good. How are you?

JIMMY KIMMEL: I'm doing well, thank you very much.

Now Courtney, you don't have much of a belly to flop with,

do you? - I don't.

I'm so sorry.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Should the judges take that

into account, your handicap?

Your obvious handicap?

Well, hopefully I'll get some, you know, brownie points

for not having one. A little cushion.

JIMMY KIMMEL: I would hope so.

All right, are you ready to do this?

I hope so, yeah.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Step around the microphone

and I'll count you down.

Three, two, one.

Belly flop.


All right.

Let's look at that in slow motion

again before we get our scores.

And here is-- yes, Courtney in slow motion.

Oh, she didn't quite get flat over the water,

which is really what you want in this situation.

Nicole, what do you say?

It was nice.

It was very, very pretty, but it wasn't a big splash.

That's the--

JIMMY KIMMEL: Very generous, Nicole.


JIMMY KIMMEL: Very generous.


Oh-- um--

I thought it was great.

She had the distance, the intensity.

But I went with a 9.

JIMMY KIMMEL: A 9, Shaun gives.

Finally, Trixie, you say--

Well, she's very thin.

She's very blond and beautiful.

Reminds me of somebody I know, obviously.

But there wasn't quite enough belly.

Maybe next time, experiment with a pregnancy.

So 7.

JIMMY KIMMEL: All right, thank you.

All right.

Courtney, the judges have spoken, and I believe-- well,

you got a 24.

I'll take it. JIMMY KIMMEL: You'll take it?

All right.

Well, you really have no choice but to take it, so--

- Take this, too. - We're gonna give it to you.

All right, we'll have some more flopping as the show continues.

Thank you very much, Courtney.


Well, the flopping is happening outside.

Oh, my god!

We have a last minute addition to our Pedestrian

Belly Flop Competition--

none other than Henry Winkler is on the board.

Henry-- Henry, you look good in red.

Are you ready to do this? You ready--


I am ready.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Now Henry, it's a little bit hard to hear you

with the snorkel in your mouth, but Henry,

to increase the level of difficulty,

we have decided to add an obstacle to the pool.

On your way to your belly flop, do you think

you can jump over this shark?

That will be the third time I've ever done that, Jim.

JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

Well, that's enough times. All right.

What was the second time, just out of curiosity?

On "Arrested Development," I jumped over the shark

on the dock.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, that's right.

All right, well, this one--

there's nothing to worry about.

I think it's a lemon shark, all right?

Are you ready, Henry?

I am, sir.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Let's see what you got.

Three, two--

I am crazy.


Ready, judges?

Here comes Henry with the flop!

Took a page out of [INAUDIBLE] book.

And there he goes.

He jumped the shark for sure.

Let's-- let's go to the judges now to see their scores.

Oh, my goodness.

Wow-- Is that an 11, Shaun?

It's on 11.

JIMMY KIMMEL: 31 for Henry!

Henry, congratulations.

You've set a new world record.

An unprecedented 31!

I am-- I'm so proud.

And I have done it for all short people in the world.

Aw, well, congratulations.

Henry Winkler, our belly flop champion.

Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel, and this is the internet.

I made it myself.

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