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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Acts Who CAME BACK! Part Two | Top Talent

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What's your name? This is one of the biggest days of my life if not the biggest day of my life so far

Ten years ago, I auditioned on American Idol in front of Simon Cowell like a badge in

Touch for them bad this time

Last year, I described someone as being the worst singer in America. I think you'll possibly the worst singer in the world

Now ten years later

I am back as a rapper on the x-factor and I want to show that I have what it takes to win this competition

It means a lot to me. I've done a lot of hard work for

It's a scary feeling right now

But I came here and to pursue my dream and my dream is to become a performer haven't change

Hello Simon, how are you? Good welcome

Okay Keith. How are you? I'm 29 years old and what do you do for a living?

I'm a cashier

Right. What are you gonna sing? I'm gonna sing baby got back. Bye sir. Mix-a-lot. I'm a rapper

Okay, good luck, thank you

Dude wait that happens true

She's got a pack much back

I like

What's the matter with you three Oh God crazy

Okay, we have just about got time for a yes or no

Demming yes one yes Colleen. Oh

Hell yes Kelly

I'm gonna say yes. I had so much fun


Also like big butts, so I'm gonna say yes

I really appreciate it especially coming from you

Together yes from all four judges, especially from Simon means the world to

Even if we knew one sir. I've been acceptance they so just hit on this one

You want to do it? Yeah, let's get you go ahead don't make enough it's all yours. Good luck. Have fun


I Roshan I've got this Candace were you from Latvia? Okay, if you've Latvia, why did you why did you come here?

I came came here to live

My name is goddess Candace and I'm originally from Latvia

But now I live in West End and near Sainsbury's and I'm gonna be doing stand-up comedy

at the gigs I've been doing people usually laugh, but then sometimes I get heckled and it's painful and

Sometimes they're just quiet which is also and for well forward to sing Simon

then I found out Carmen Electra's gonna be there very

excited to see her and

The answer to judges

Oh David Walliams is obviously he's a comedian. Alright? Okay, I

Didn't know that David's gonna be there. Okay. Do you know who he is?

Okay, good luck, um, okay

Okay, uh hello are there any guys with big muscles in the audience

No good, then I'll talk about them

You know, you know those big muscles make those guys so heavy that they cannot ride a pony


They can break a fragile toilet seat. I

Mean, I mean do they work out to attract the ladies?

Well, actually the ladies are attracted to what's inside of a man

Back me up ladies if you agree. Say yeah

Rapidly moving on

Public toilets can't live without them can't live in the meter

Because there is no fridge and microwave there

Often when I use the male toilet some guys they're part very loud, and I don't like that

So when possible I sneak into the ladies toilets instead because they're much more discreet about it

well, at least when they know that I am there a

Seeing is believing and weighing is relieving

Funniest gloat we've had now is good


Are you well now you never well you you're a person

What's going on here

You are the funniest

Unfunniest comedian I have ever heard in my life. I mean

absolute rubbish

But it actually really really made me laugh

Now that that was my aim to make you laugh what you certainly did that catches

It was so bad that it was actually brilliant

You mustn't change you seriously must not change. Even the jumper keep the job

While this one is in the dark night roll with it. It's hilarious

I'm gonna kick this off because she did actually make me laugh and that's what comedians are supposed to do. So I'm gonna say yes

Say yes

It's a note from me today

So it rests with me

The way you must judge comedies did it make you laugh

It made me laugh I'm gonna say yeah


Wow very good Paulista code one of the funniest committees and believe it three yeses

Then they're not sure why they found you funny, but they found you funny

I am originally from now. I live in London any obscenities I

Auditioned for physical talent in

2012 I got to semi finals we see I'm gonna try and get further public toilets

Can't live without then can't live in the meter

You are the funniest unfunniest

Lovely to see you again nice to see you too. Okay remind everybody of your name

My name is goddess Candace. Do you know this is the only comedian I've ever found funny

We'll look Gatos welcome back the stage is yours. Good luck all of it

You know there now is after a few cold days

It's getting warm outside and I like the warm weather because it makes me warmer

That's my form of joke

When my chicken has a birthday I don't tell him because he would not understand

Say I have another animal joke woof woof woof woof that that's a joke. You can take home for your dog

Simon have you got a dog three, will you tell your dogs my joke? Yeah, I was thinking about that when you said it

Yeah, let me hear it woof woof woof woof

I'm not sure. They're gonna understand. Can you trade with my accent?


Thank you for making me sound so sexy

So does anybody like seeing couples kissing public no now work well I do

And every time I do I always got to them and I stare directly at them and

Usually they stop and then then they ask me. Do you mind and I'm like, I don't mind

My name is goddess Candace and in case you want to follow me, this is what I look like from behind

Alicia do you know I absolutely love you

Thank you. Your jokes are just ridiculous. And I like how you delivered them, which is just like you've accidentally found the stage

You are actually like I said the only comedian that's really ever made me love

Your jokes are so stupid I find that funny. Thank you

Gaseous you are a real original and anyone who doesn't get it is thick

You know what? You're kind of sexy as well

We're gonna vote Simon I'm gonna say yes

Yes from me yes from me four yeses Gatiss well done

David welcome home

Just remind us how many is as it's been going on eight years two years I didn't do it was

2009 and

2012 they were good years in

Your own time

Oh, he's got a little high-tech on

I'll see to it

Awesome we've got the best movie

There's gonna be a big finish

Please please please let this be the year. Well done David another triumph

David was it just you behind that screen?

well i did the James Bond and the cloak was about unseen of course

What we pulled trainers cracker, of course

This is your best work yet

Simon I hadn't got a clue what was going on at any time

Simon he was cracker. He was Batman. He was James Bond. I mean could it have been any more obvious

I'm gonna kick this off with a yes

Just be three Alicia I'm saying yes

God we're friends now, but honestly no

All relies on Amanda come on just needed another yes

David I feel like I've grown up with you on this show

Come on, please

I've watched you develop into the man that you are now

Yes. Gotta be. Yes

See you in 2018, David

Love ya, I'm till next year David. Oh whoops that's a bit below the belt that

All right, good luck

Hi, oh

My god, Janet. Yeah, you're looking different

My name is Janet Krogan. I'm 28 and I come from Dublin

I live a home with my mom and dad's

janet has been singing since she was about 2 or 3 years of age soon as she could talk I was

This isn't the first time I've done the x-factor I was here two years ago and I made it to Simon's six chair challenge

So crazy in love take a seat

We got the fifth chair and then on the last contestant he took me out and put her in. I'm gonna swap you with Janet

It was devastating. I felt like I let my family down

I was tears all down my face. You too? No, I wanted to hit somebody

After I went home I wasn't thinking anymore

That was it. But then Simon sent out a tweet and it's a head. I should have kept Janet my mistake

Look at that at first I was mad and then I was like, it's not every day Simon Cowell admits. He made a mistake

Today is a really big deal for me. I hope that I can go all the way this time

Why didn't we go all the way what did Simon say? He tweeted afterwards? That was a mistake. It was a mistake. Yeah, okay

Well, the tweet is why I'm here. So, is that right? Yeah, what songs have you got? Um

I'm gonna do pillow talk by Zayn Malik. Awesome. Good luck


We'll go slow and high tempo lighting

Follow me

I'm seeing the phrase Ian Fletcher

Nobody but me ready for you buddy, but us bodies together

Um, I love to hold you close

Nodding always. I love to wake up next to you

I love to hold you close tonight in always. I love to wake up next to you

In the battles a battle


It's a paradise, it's our

Janice and I know you're a great singer and I really think Simon made a mistake

I did send the tweet, you know, but it was too late son, Janet. You're a really strong singer and you've got a really

Distinctive sound thank you. I'm so happy that you came back. I love your voice. I just thank you

Well, Janet, at least I can admit to my mistakes

I think I was always praying that you would come back into the audition room. You've got more confident

You kind of got a glow about you

Your voice is stunning. Thank you

Right, I'm excited you are the best we've had today

Louie yes or no Janet. I think you were a real singer and I'm giving you a real. Yes. That's it

Sure, Janet. I love your voice. I think you know, it's a yes, thank you. I'm so happy you're here. It's absolute yes from me


So happy you're back. You've got four yeses

Good this is really good

My name is Ashwin, I'm 28 years old and I work as a sales assistant

I've traveled from here actually

Welcome back. So you've lost me. I mean, I'm

Orders no

I'm going to be absolutely honest about something. I am not Scottish. I'm from Buckinghamshire

I'm not gonna put a dampener on it. I recognized you straight away

Even I recognized you and I've never done this

the reason I've

decided to be Scott fish is

Because I've got a bit of a track record when it comes to auditioning for the x-factor the first time I walked in full of

Courage but unfortunately the wrong attitude it was just very very average

What's your definition of average you whatever I decided to come back again in the year 2012 as I just told me no, no

No, Louis Walsh told me to never

Unfortunately, the judges know me too well, so the second I walked into that room if I go in as this Ashwin

They're like no no, no, no before even such thing

I'm quite convinced. They're not gonna recognize me look at me now. Do I even look anything like that five years ago?

New image new hairstyle new bid and a new accent what's in your bag? Let's make myself about the VIP

So there's nothing in that Oh No

This transformation I've taken is all for the X Factor

It takes me a good half an hour every morning to get my hair done like that

Luckily only took me about a week to grow the goatee, but it took me a good sex monster. Learn the Scottish accent

I'm hoping the judges don't recognize me, but if I get the esses I will reveal to them who I really am

Hi, how are you fine? Thank you. Good. What's your name? My name is Ashwin Hugh audition before don't think so

Not last year now you probably merely me mixed up with somebody else


Where do you live sir?

I'm from air air in air. Shear. Are you from Scotland? Yeah, that's right. I'm Scottish. You're Scottish

I'm Scottish yet. For some reason. I recognize the name

I seem to remember an actual in doing an audition last year that I should know. You're gonna make mixed up with somebody else

I'm not that guy

Okay, I'm Ashwin. What star in the world? You think he could be as big as well?

I hope to one day be as big as the Proclaimers

Reclaimer is the proclaimer Stefan Scott. I

Seem to remember you both he okay. I'll admit something. I'm not Scottish

You're right. I'm the same Ashwin Lewis moves down from Buckinghamshire. Oh, I remember you. I reset. I was almost in tune

So yes, that's a start. You're a sneaky little one, aren't you? These are vicious

the reason that I came up with this fake Scottish accent

Everything was because I was worried you both would remember me and the second I walk in you'd say no without me even talking

What are you gonna sing? I'm gonna go for it all and go for take that song. Oh, please good luck

It illumise hit the music baby. Yes

He's sensational, okay. That's Harris come on

When we were young the world seemed so old

Careless and cold we did what we were told in our lives

When we were young

Had the world by the tail good would prevail

Starships would sail and none of us would fail in this life

Not when you're young


When we were young when we adored the fabulous, whoa

When we were young

We were the foolish



knowing the cost of what we paid letting some

Be strong


Just like to see the gesture of the time again good. That was very interested

Do it again world by the tail that was good. You're quite bonkers, but you're ever so sweet

Let's go to a vote


Ashwin I'll see you next year


You are a sweet seed but it's unknown Thank You Shirley. It's a no from me. Laughs. We're messy I

Got a lot of enjoyment with the jazz hands and singing with this shoulder in the tail as well when cherry on top

But not to say no

Thanks - when students are beautiful, but surely isn't

If I was fascinated with his hair I wanted him to turn to the south

What went wrong here second I wouldn't get Gary had though it felt like Gary had these lasers coming out of his eyes

I like them. Of course. I like them. I actually managed to make Gary smile

Was that leaving the room you refused to admit it, but I could tell deep down in his heart. I liked it. It's rubbish

I think it's all quite sad

Boyish win safe trip home, sir, err I mean

Buckinghamshire, see you next year probably

We look after our own on itv2 and that's why I last night after hours of deliberation

Cause I just can't do it

We chose our two extra October earlier you saw hazel while the crowds

And now it's time to be our second wild card

My name's Ashburn Avinashi, I'm 28 years old and I am a sales assistant

Ashwin your big moment is here how you feeling I'm feeling hot

I've been working really hard for this moment because as you selected me

But to be the ultimate wildcard competition the ultimate leve added the ultimate bit as well

Wildcard you've got four notes and have fun. You've ended up back here

I would say it's a long story but it's actually quite a short story earlier on this week my doorbell rings

It was the most amazing moment of my life ask your extra factor, I've been given the chance to bring

People back as a World Cup and we decided Liam had that we think you should come back to the region. Oh

It was absolutely great to be an ITV two wildcard

Do you feel quite strong about today? You've put positive I feel ten times more confident than my previous time

I was a bit concerned regarding my previous audition because unfortunately I got pornos hit the music baby. Yes

However, I felt they'd already decided it before I even started singing

When we were young

when we adored the

Fabulous. I ended up making Sharon Osbourne cry and laughter. I'll see you next year. No

Should have been so beautiful. But if importantly isn't this time around I will make her cry with joy

I'm gonna do things I have never done before

I am Ashwin. I am the ultimate wildcard. This is my moment

Right Wembley

Lovely to meet you lovely to meet you

How'd you get through hello, hang on a minute you've already had four nose

Yes, I did. You're right, but I'm back because itv2 have nominated me as their personal wildcard for this competition

There's a reason we're sitting these seats as you guys are presenting

You've got one song, please

Like my bags and watch your shadow

Take your

Bet you're never gonna go away from me

But you gotta play by so fast it's the part of me

a pirate way

So you can see

We don't have an everything blah blah blah blah, but the words

The part of me that you're never gonna benefit a cure with Rose

You completely smashed it thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I clearly see only four people didn't like it

Well, it's better than four knows


The best thing I've ever seen

Yeah, of course

So that brings us to the end of the old fishing

I'm Adam Sanders. I'm 24 years old and I am from San Antonio, Texas

I auditioned for American Idol back in season 12 when I was just 19 years old

I made it through to the top 50 back row. It's the end of the line being told. No, it was fret breaking but

Truth of the matter is that I wasn't ready

After American Idol, I started getting messages on social media everyday people attacked my weight my sexuality

telling me that I was horrible that you know that I sucked that I don't deserve to be here that I shouldn't be Who I

am and

I let it get to me in a wrong way it

killed me inside it killed me inside almost as much as people were telling me that I should tell myself I

Was contemplating lots of things that I shouldn't have. I just kind of disappeared from the world for a while

And in doing that I kind of hurt myself even more

That's really when I was at my worst thinking. Maybe I shouldn't be here. Maybe I not worth the fixing. Maybe I'm not worth

Another try

but through all of the negativity I have managed to build myself up as a new person a

stronger person

I've recreated myself in ways that I could not have imagined. I

am so ready to show everybody to show all of America to show these judges Who I am now and

I can take anything and everything that comes my way


You better work it out. You better leave it all

Better wig it

Hey, how are you doing? Oh hon doing well. Who are you? I am ada box and I'm gonna be singing ADA

Where are you from, San Antonio, Texas?

Big hair in Texas. Oh, yes girl. Got a represent for the Texas Queens. How're you doing?

Tell me about your journey here to LA. I work by day

Serving fish on a platter to lovely little seafood restaurant

So that don't really pay the bills to get to LA and then I'm a professional part-time woman by night

What does that mean? It means I do this when the Sun goes now amazing and ADA. What's your what's your

Are you spacious?


Think you're actually speechless right? Very good. Okay ADA question. Have you ever auditioned for this show before?

What? Yeah, I was on it in season 12 as little. Oh boy named Adam. Oh

Really? Yeah, so this is new how many years ago is that I think five years ago

How far did you get into the show? Let me be top fifty and why do you think you got let go I didn't have


stuff together

I was just a chubby little Latino boy high side shirt. I need to see what this

Before-and-after is oh my god

No way no way no way

Well, it's you girl. I want to know what y'all looking at

Well, welcome. Yeah, I'm glad I've got all the information now and

I am ready to hear you sing. All right, let's do it. Okay, okay

And God I know

So amazing, what is your range deep and I can get all the way down here?

Okay, but I can get pretty hard too I'm not gonna wake it up

Some up there, uh-huh Wow it I just want to be clear, you know, do you want to be a serious pop star?

I'm not here to play with anybody and I'm here to chase my dreams and make them come true. That's all I want to hear

May I say something to you? What I'm very happy about is that you are owning your talent

You're owning who you are. We've had a lot of artists to come on here talented but a bit confused

yeah, what you're giving us right now is a

clear understanding

of who you are

Coming with an amazing amount of talent

Thank you so much. Let's vote on them. Yeah, I'm gonna say yes. I can't wait to see you turn heads

Yes and get serious. Yes. I'm a I mean, I'm a yes. I'm just saying that you throw

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