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Bob I think the retropie is the best way to play games Brad you know PC is the

way to go now oh no I hear some crybabies why did you build your own

Arcade Cabinet are the best your fake gamers get with the times

it's 2020 FPGA is the only way I important so I think the PI's the best

Good day guys, Austin here and in...

I'm sorry son but playing the original hardware is the only way to play nothing

this once a day we are taking a look at hardware how interesting is that now the

main thing that I want to get out of this video today is kind of bringing you

up to speed of what is available out there right now for us to enjoy our

games whether that be from classics from 30 years ago all the way up to modern

gaming there is different scenarios different budgets different kind of

setups and different kind of view points that many people like to follow there is

no right answer in all this it all depends on you the user which is best

for you whether that be because of the budget

whether that be because you've got an understanding family that allow you to

set up all these consoles from 30 years ago

underneath the TVs whether that be because you've got a supercomputer or

you want to invest in it just to get the most out of and push 4k resolution on

every game that is possible maybe you really want a whole meal in the accuracy

and go down the FPGA route then after spending all this money somebody will

always pop up and say well we can just put that in the raspberry pie

and to be honest the true it is the way that it is there is no right answer to

this a lot of the time we're playing games from 30 years ago and all as the

important thing is is that you are having fun I'm not trying to sell you

anything I'm not affiliated with any companies the only thing that I care

about is getting you guys up and running with games so what I want to do now is

kind of bring you up to speed the years 2020 and there is so many different

options of a borƄs but a lot of that revolves around

what is best for your user case scenario some of you may just want to switch

something on get up and running and enjoy the games some of you want that

feel of the original consoles and get that accuracy that you can from plane on

the original hardware that is fantastic it all is down to your budget your

suitability how technologically advanced you are how far you want to go into the

scene and of course how understanding your family are so in this video I want

to cut out all the elitism I want to get you just stuck into gaming talk about

the pros and cons see what's available out there right now so if you're just a

new user just coming into the scene maybe you'll find something just to take

and dip your toes into the wall to see if it suits you and for those of you

who've been in the scene for a long time maybe we can dispel some of those myths

maybe we can find something that you've never even thought about maybe we could

all learn something today because every day is a school day around there

even for me so without further ado let's get stuck in first off then the

Raspberry Pi and I know many people are going to turn their nose up sort of

raspberry pi but it's not like it was in the year 2020 the hardware itself has

come to fruition and many of the people in the scene have been called in behind

on the software they've really got the most out of this thing it was updated I

think it was about six months ago now and what they brought to was for the

price of 50 bucks ah it cannot be rivaled the great thing

about the Raspberry Pi is that I believe it's subsidized by the various different

governments and organizations because it is a completely educational bit of kit

it does bring modern technology into the home for pretty much the most affordable

price that you can get outside of gaming I mean you can run these to make a home

network server you can run a block for out your whole network so anybody on

your network browsing the Internet gets no more dodgy pop

oops our advertisements it can be an alarm system for your house it can be a

media server so everybody running whatever movies through whatever server

you have made can actually experience movie streamed over your home network to

any room throughout the house and of course it can be a desktop so you get

all the functionality that you would get from a PC costing three times the amount

into a little tiny box that you can browse the internet on you can do word

processing you can consume media it can just be a desktop environment for you to

get the most out of it and what's great for me is that it's an awesome

experience for the entire family people can learn to code however from a purely

gaming point of view ah things have progressed so much and it is so good to

reap the rewards of course as we talked about the Raspberry Pi got updated about

six months ago then obviously it's taken awhile for the

software to catch up to it it's only now that we're reaping the

rewards of people's hard work actually configuring it and getting to get the

most out of this newest hardware so unless you played at it recently you

don't know what you're missing out on a lot of the hard work that went into

setting up gaming setups on these raspberry PI's has been taken out as we

talked about with communities making all these different add-ons and setups that

you can do outside of gaming the same thing has happened in gaming people have

made it so you can just grab a image I'm not talking about the dodgy ones with

thousands of games all of them I'm talking one that has had a bit of TLC

with people who care you grab it you put it on an SD card you throw it inside

your Raspberry Pi you turn it on you link it to your network so then you can

simply just drag across all the games that you love from your childhood into

the correct folders switch it off switch it on and that is it you're up and

running all the front end is done for you all the game sets up and

configurations emulators all done for you it is literally just plug and play

once you've added you games and if something breaks turn it off turn it on

again and just straight back to how things should be just working it turns a

cheap tiny afford piece of hardware into an awesome bit of

gamey goodness of course for those of you who really wanna go down the rabbit

hole and get things work into the way that you want sit all those options are

already there for you you can change the resolution you can add textures you can

change whatever settings you want inside the emulators in terms of the front end

you can completely theme it however you want and of course you can choose a

different front end to suit your taste if it are how you want things set up you

can add background music you can add your own art you can do whatever you

want to your heart's content for those of you wants a go file more advanced now

when it comes to games and what systems it can run on the Raspberry Pi I think a

lot of you got to be happy with what it can do

in fact I would say that up to PlayStation 1 and down you grow up not

what you could have a comparison between that and a 3 grand PC of course you're

not gonna be able to push things to 4k resolution and take advantage of some of

the more accurate emulators and settings upon those emulators but for those of

you just want to play casually gaming there is no difference whatsoever there

used to be a big rumor going around that they were slow they were lucky they were

glitchy and when it first started out yes of course they were just didn't have

enough power to push but with the advancements of the hardware and the

advancements of the software and people working behind the scenes to get all

this up and running it is amazing the progress that they've made just make

this a complete gaming experience you will see a hell of a lot of enjoyment

just running games on this system the one place where I think it kind of falls

flat is obviously the more advanced systems there has been a lot of progress

that's been made there's a lot of settings that you can tweak in emulators

to get that lag down to a minimum and in a lot of cases

it's comparable to even emulating this on a switch the only thing is that is

some of those more intensive games what happens is you get a lot of variation in

that luggage now this is something hard for me to explain because it's something

that you feel rather than what you can see but let's take for example shinobi

it's on the Sega Agis on the switch and it can play

that game pretty well shinobi's very old I used to play the hell out of it back

in the day I know when things should happen on the screen I got the feel of

it from playing it year after year the thing is that when you play on the

switch there is some delay from when you press the button to when those little

throwing stars should come out now that can vary 8 depending on what kind

of game II playing it's not anybody's fault it's just the way modern

technology works whether it be the controller whether it be the display

whether it be just emulation in general there will always be some kind of delay

somewhere it's just the way that it works the great thing is with a switch

because it's pretty powerful that game can be handled very well the frame delay

or the delay of when the little throwing style should come out from when you

press the button is constant so it could be let's say for example three frames

always three frames so whenever you press the button you get to know it

within the space of just pressing that button a few times your memory and your

fingers get used to how long it should take for it to come out so once you play

for the first level you pretty know the feel of that game the problem is when

you play on a Raspberry Pi it looks beautiful it plays beautiful it feels

almost there but when you go through different stages within that game even

though it's quite an old game now there is parts where it can struggle so when

there is more taxing things happening on the screen that little three frames can

become let's say for example five frames but then it could be in another stage

and because you've tweaked your emulator really well it can go down to one frame

now that variation between five frames and one frame is absolutely huge when

you're trying to get to grips with the game now I know I know I'm being very

nitpicky here but you have to go into the Raspberry Pi with realistic

expectations it's not the ultimate gaming device it's not what it was

developed for it's just awesome that we have got kind of that power and those

people out there to put the time in to make all this possible in terms of

hardware it can do more the problem is that is still early days and development

to get those GPU drivers to get the kernels to get everything ported over

updated to take advantage of it so as the months and years progress we will

see more and more improvements more systems more these games really starting

to tie things down right now playable and very enjoyable I would say any

systems that are 8-bit any systems that are 16-bit

the Neo Geo games and the ps1 play like a dream the ps1 for me plays better than

the original consoles just because of the graphic enhancements that you can

put to it I'm not saying put all filters all over

it ps1 is a little bit janky nowadays let's prove that way but the games are

fantastic when you start to see the limitations with this is the-- nintendo

64 the arcade games the dreamcast and the PSP you really gonna have to attack

that on a game by game basis do a lot of tweaks do a lot of fiddling just to get

many of those even playable but for 50 bucks

nothing can even touch this but just in case you did want to go down a different

route there are other options available to you with more power giving you more

types of games other options that have got great support are the Oldroyd they

have an awesome team that make front ends that configure these emulators do

all the hard work for you just like the Raspberry Pi

there is also dell'arte panda alpha which is basically like a Windows 10

mini single board computer got the power roughly of a mid-range laptop that's the

great thing about these little single board computers you can do anything

because they are so small and now they're getting so so powerful for me

everybody should have own at least a Raspberry Pi because that offers so many

gateways into so many possibilities and it really gets your noggin are thinking

the new Neo Geo mini comes preloaded with classic SNK titles including King

of Fighters 94 King of Fighters 95 King of Fighters 96 King of Fighters 97 King

of Fighters 98 king of fire so while we're on the subject of single board

computers I think it's time to bring up those little mini classic consoles

pretty much every manufacturer and intellectual property has released one

now we've got Nintendo NES Super Nintendo we've got the Sega Mega Drive /

Genesis the playstation brought one out and now

we're seeing ones come through with Terkel graphics and the pc engine they

are obviously completely licensed from the manufacturer which means that you're

getting scalebound representations of what we remember as a childhood also the

games that are involved in some of these are super expensive nowadays so you're

getting the official license to played them there's no gray area there's

nothing like that they can just play them without spending in some cases

thousands of pounds on some of these games

now there's caveats with this of course the emulation is being run on a well

pretty much single board computer again which means that you're not going to get

the pinnacle of what you could be doing if you played this on a top-end PC or

FPGA and of course the original console but when it comes to just playability up

and running cheaply and pluton remember in the classics from back in the day

there isn't much of a better option also the great thing is these are just plug

and play you literally put them into the wall plug them into the TV and that's it

you're up and running you don't have to configure you don't have to change ROM

files you don't have to do anything you just switch it on and it's good to go

which means also that if you've got kids you want to show this to your family you

just want to put it in one of the little ones bedrooms or something like that

all as they can do is basically turn it off and on and play the games there is

no going into config files which crash the system or I don't know brick in the

entire thing unless they go to Chubby's inside a toilet there's no way of

breaking it to be honest which is another great aspect of this and of

course if you into that kind of stuff with the mod in and all the stuff

happening behind the scenes you can't add whatever games you want to these and

include in different systems depending on how far you want to take it but

straight out the box you cannot compare these to anything else in the scene

because they just look beautiful they're official and yes I got suckered in and I

bought the wall the only thing is that I've got different ways of actually

playing my systems but to be honest it's a little bit of history and it's a bit

of showing respect for those systems that you loved back in the day yep they

know that the console because they're cashing in on your

nostalgia but hey I'm willing to go along with it because it brings easy

functionality and old games back for people to own in the home without going

down the gray area or hiring them on virtual consoles that are be forgotten

from days to come it's just a great user friendly and family-friendly way for

enjoying the good times stop beaches careworn Here I am talking

about that PS triple the PS triple I talk about that we come on we come on

like that little control baby that looks like a dildo

now once the elitists out there the creme de la creme the original consoles

let's face it there is no more accurate no more better there is no more than a

static way of playing your retro games than on the retro consoles themselves

you get to touch it you get to feel it in some cases for the worst you get to

smell the original hardware itself and just having that is so nostalgic you are

owning in some cases parts of history in your hands you get in your possession

some cases what you had as a child and you still get to play in it just now as

you did back then it brings up so many memories just to hold the original

controller just to switch that box on just to put the cartridges you had from

back in a day into the actual console or computer itself booted up and just feel

everything about it from the BIOS the booting up to the games coming on your

display it is just such a romantic experience for those people who fell in

love for these games a long time ago and for those people who weren't rich enough

to own them back in the day sometimes it's now more accessible to pick up

these old games old consoles because they can be very cheap or of course

maybe you're just in a position of life where you can afford this kind of stuff

now however with most things like this there's quite a lot of caveats that go

along with all this uh and there are so many but it is so good and in many of

you out there they can be worth those caveats

but let's address the elephants in the room first we have got the big one the

CR TV things so every console that was basically from before I would say Xbox

360 and PlayStation 3 they didn't have natively a HDMI output most of our

modern displays need HDMI cables to run there are other ways obviously and some

TVs do have more analogue ways of going about things but even though it may have

the connectors just the way that modern TVs run you will have an impact of frame

delay so you'll have lag when you're playing your game now I'm not going to

go into too much detail explaining this because there are channels out there

completely dedicated to it this kind of talk needs a entire video to go into

technical detail however to keep this short and in layman's terms basically

the old-style consoles needed see our TVs the way that interprets a signal on

those CRT TVs is almost instantaneous so in layman's terms as soon as you press a

button on your controller depending on the game it would be instantaneously

happening on the screen now the way that modern technology works is that it has

to process the signal more so to get it blown up on a normal TV it would need

something for example like a scaler to get it to the size of your screen that

means that it has to be processed that means that it has some kind of latency

put on top of processing the actual signal now this in some cases can be

quite a lot of time it may be just a second but that second can be a

difference of life and death as to what happens in the game meaning that some

games the more twitch base one such a shooters and all that kind of stuff it's

almost impossible to play however if you're playing something like an RPG

then of course it's not going to make that much of a difference the signal may

look absolutely beautiful it might be crystal clear on your screen but the way

that it interprets your gameplay can just make it feel like a complete mess

and unplayable now that are ways to go around this of course you can go down

using an original CR TV television however trying to find one of those that

I still worked nowadays trying to find one that will last you for some time

it can be hard work you can pick them up for 10 bucks maybe a thrift store a

market out of someone's garage sale and it may work how long that lasts

mmm it depends I've had so many different CR TVs and a lot of the time

they just burn out whether it be capacitors blow the tubes go the colors

desync that maybe is just some kind of breakages trying to find a modern TV

repairman who's got the experience to fix these old TVs and be able to find

the parts for these TVs is almost impossible in 2020 of course you can go

down the PVM route these are the more professional type of monitors in some

cases you make it look you find a friend find one online somewhere and if you see

one you buy it straight away there is nothing better than a PVA but again

these are Golda's everybody's got onto it now and trying to source one is nigh

impossible of course we have got modern technology and there is a way to utilize

it the way that modern tvs work means that the signal has to be processed and

scaled now you can get something like for example a gaming monitor that will

give you what a millisecond of frame delay but trying to find one that is

cheap under a hundred pound nigh impossible trying to find one that is

big enough to put in your front room again impossible you can use TVs but

again these use input delay there is latency on there even on your most

modern console you can put it in game mode but there will always be some kind

of latency now i'll point you to a channel it's retro RGB these guys are

fantastic at what they do there's bountiful limitless information

regards to what kind of TVs is best suited for you and of course you can buy

third-party devices such as the OSS see the framemeister and the retro tink for

example now these are great but again you're looking into the hundreds of

pounds just for these devices so it depends on how far you want to go bring

in all this into consideration of yep you can get say for example and make a

drive our Genesis again cost you 10 bucks trying to get that playable on a

modern television it's another can of worms and something

that people need to consider when you go in down this route

then of course you've got the games now I love collecting games there is nothing

more beautiful than open up the original case in the instruction manual even

seeing those little inlays that used to get and in some cases demos it's like a

little time capsule of how games were back then but again these can be very

pricey some cases a couple of books but if it's a more salt after game title

then you're probably looking into modern game prices 40 50 bucks in some cases

then you've got the real rarities out there I think they can cost you into the

thousands of pounds so games another caveat czar all this the beautiful

they're absolutely fantastic and so nostalgic but it's another price to

consider when you get it into this you can get around it with things such as

like a never drive bay by Chris or some people I'll put some links stone-age

gamer for example they are fantastic get in the original games onto a cartridge

that you can put into your console and they work absolutely flawlessly in most

cases now technology is really advanced there's not many games that you can't

put on one of those cartridges that can play today but of course then you're

getting into the stage where you're not really owned in the game anymore there

is none of that nostalgia so where is the line cross between just playing your

digital games or to play in the original games I don't know I like it in all

kinds of ways for me just playing the games is the most important thing and

then for example the original consoles I can't have them all set up in my room I

course want to play them on the go sometimes I've calls once I played them

in the front room I want to play them in my office in some cases I want to play

them in my bed and I can't do that on the original hardware so in some cases

the original hardware just isn't suited to that kind of scenario we can live in

a lucky household where your wife is understanding but again you limited to

that one room you limits it to that one console so somewhere along the line you

gotta want to play that game somewhere else which is where all the other

options become available for us okay I don't care what kind of gamepad

you got cuz I'm on mouse and keyboard and it's just objectively better and now

onto the PC master-race oh this is the creme de la creme when it

comes to actual emulation as we know it of course like we talked about you can

play these on single board computers the Raspberry Pi you can hack a mini console

and get many other systems to work on there but when it comes to getting as

close as possible to the original hardware or in some cases pushing it

even further the only way to go is on a PC is the

only way that you're gonna have that much power now there are different ways

to go about it of course the PC itself it comes on

Linux comes on Windows there's also different operating systems you can

choose there's different parts you can get high-end pcs you can get low-end pcs

but the great thing is that on any kind of PC you grab more options available to

you than what you've got on one of those single board computers with that is the

caveat obviously of the price tag but with that can come if you want to spend

a lot of money modern-day consoles such as the switch such as the Wii U pushed

all the way back to the first games that were ever invented you can have pretty

much any console that was ever pushed out plus all the computers all on one PC

itself it also allows us to add functionalists as the systems that

didn't add it on the original hardware for example the Super Nintendo it was

born before the internet was which means that there's no online functionality

when it comes to the original hardware but with modern pcs you can load up an

app such as parsec there's lots of these different apps available to us that's

the great thing but we can take an emulator online we can gain with your

family your friends anybody you want all around the world all playing together in

one place on hardware that didn't have it in the first place

of course Nintendo themself they're not naive to modern technology they know how

it works and they know how to milk every last dime out of you also every console

that comes out they sell you Mario rivers and every console that

comes out I buy it every console that comes out and you cannot bring over your

account to bring the games that you purchased on the previous console even

on the Nintendo switch we can't even buy them anymore we have to hire them so

every month I have to pay over and over for the flexibility of playing all these

games online with my friends that I've already purchased over and over on every

console I understand though that people haven't got that time to invest into

configuring emulators setting up a front end with all these systems to play

however you want people sometimes just want to pay somebody and have that

brought to you with PC emulation thank god is 2020 you've now got the option

there is devices coming out now called the poly mega this basically is a

pre-configured PC it's got all the original port so you can plug in your

original controllers it's got the original cartridge base so you can just

plug in your original cartridges it's got dis slots so you can plug in

PlayStation games Saturn games whatever it is you want to play from back in the

day it's all available to you all through the power of the PC so I've got

a beautiful front-end of course it's all down to taste at the end of the day but

at least these kind of options are now coming out so you can legally play

whatever you want how would be want to play them if you do

want to get more information about the poly mega I'll put a link in the

description down below that are guided to a channel called modern vintage gamer

he's got his hands on one of these and he's a awesome source for hard work

emulation and cutting-edge technology within this scene is an awesome dude I'm

not saying that the poly mega is the best thing since sliced bread that thing

is so new that I haven't even got my hands on one to comment but I'm saying

that you can see the tides are changing people are fed up paying for the same

games over and over people would just like one kind of console that they can

plug in at home to get the best kind of compatibility with all their old games

as possible if they can configure it with a front end and all that kind of

stuff ah the future is here now I myself will

show you how to set up evelators to your heart's content well go into so much

detail that you can push them to the absolute limit

I'll show you how to get many many front-ends out there all configured

so you can sit back on your couch and just play the games as they were

intended or pushed even further I'm not affiliated with any front ends any

emulators any consoles or any party in particular in fact I'm not sponsored by

anybody however the only thing that's important to me is getting you guys set

up and playing games so as much as I would like to blow small smoke up a pcs

ass there is very much huge caveats that go along with this also big ones in

terms of graphics and huge ones in terms of sound first off the graphics the

emulation is only as good as a developer now that doesn't mean that the developer

of the emulators don't care are that they want to get inaccuracies sometimes

it takes years and sometimes decades to get accurate PC emulation and even then

the quest never ends you can never get as accurate as possible just due to the

limitations of PCs in general software and hardware in some cases arched aren't

compatible with the original hardware but developers will always strive to get

as close as they can to it in other words low-level emulation at the very

beginning you'll end up with probably high-level emulation where people are

just trying to get games to work but by no means are these accurate to the

originals whether they be color codes whether they be actual graphical

glitches whether it just be inaccuracies in general but those kind of things take

hard work so as accurate as they try to make them there will always be some kind

of inaccuracies it's just the way that emulation is but every day we get one

step closer the other thing of course is sound now most people are going to run

emulators through a Windows operating system the way that Windows works and

deals with sound is absolutely horrendous for example putting a

microphone to your PC set it up live you will more than likely find out that

there will be some kind of lag from when you talk to when you can hear it's just

the way that hardware and software on a PC works especially been run through

Windows Windows uses its own little drivers that automatically get

configured and set up and in some cases it can be a huge issue

in lag when it comes to sound so from input-output there is a delay you can

negate this in some cases by installing features - such as the old drivers cut

down on the buffer and try and get that delay as low as possible sometimes this

needs pretty powerful computers or it needs very specialist equipment in order

to do this sometimes it's just lucky and you can get away with it it depends on

your hardware but these are all considerations that you gotta take up in

some cases even if you do use this kind of software get the buffers down all

that kind of stuff you find out that other programs over the emulators no

longer work it's just compatibility in general with Windows it's a pain in the

ass so I just want to put it out there there are these limitations and there

are plenty more by no means is the PC and all-singing all-dancing

best way to do everything it's not it comes with huge limitations but it is

the most compatible out there to play as many systems and consoles and computers

as possible but you have got to consider all these kind of drawbacks in terms of

accuracy in terms of frustration and of course just the way that emulation is

it's the way that it works but it is an awesome option but by no means perfect

now as always on my channel I will show you how to configure all this I'll show

you how to set up emulators were to get them from were to get front ends what is

available out there and of course the hard stuff actually setting it up I

don't charge anything and in most cases everything is free of course except for

the games and in some cases front ends and very extreme cases maybe evelators

but I'll always give you a free option for everything for me I think that the

PC is probably the most rounded out of all these options that you've got why

well because more than likely in the year 2020 most of us will already have a

PC of some kind of standard and no matter what kind of PC you may already

own you'll be able to game on it in some kind of way the great thing is that in

some cases you don't even need to emulate pcs also play games are standard

but it's due game it's poison welcome to the future welcome to 2020

welcome to FPGA now I know many people talk about this and I know many people

may already know about this but there's many people out there that don't know

what exactly this puppy does they don't know the full extent they don't know its

capabilities they don't know why people keep on talking about FPGA in comparison

to just either playing the retro consoles are just firing up a Raspberry

Pi I mean if you were to look at what is playable in a Raspberry Pi it overtakes

what you can play on FPGA so where's the common sense paying a lot more for a

system that plays games that you can already play for just a quarter of the

price it's just crazy but it's not and the problem is that

many people out there don't explain it in layman's terms for just a gamer to be

able to understand the benefits of the way that FPGA is and you know what is is

well what is is is it can play shitty old games the best you will ever

encounter now for me it's about preservation I'm not talking about game

preservation I'm not talking about trying to save some game that was lost

in Japan in some crazy backend shop what I'm talking about is get in a way to

authentically play as close as possible everything that we've just talked about

I'm talking about input lag I'm talking about lag going to the screen I'm

talking about sounds exactly as they were I'm talking about the games

behaving exactly as they were on the original consoles as if you are playing

it for a CR TV I'm talking about the most authentic quality way to play your

games even more than the original console


I don't know many of you will be saying heresy they'll be shouting from the

rooftops from miles to come about what I've just said but that is true due to

the limitations in 2020 and the way we have to set up even our authentic

nostalgic retro consoles they all have an impact on the way that those games

are played that nothing like they were back in the day unless you're willing to

go down that route of paying for every console every game getting the CR TV and

set it up exactly as it was when you were a kid this is the only way to play

them as they were so like I said this isn't game preservation for me

this is gameplay preservation we've all played those old games especially from

systems such as the Nintendo now you can play ghosts and goblins on a Raspberry

Pi awesome game amazing you'll never complete it more than

likely there's too many glitches are too many inaccuracies it is so hard to get

that timing right to make jumps in the Turtles games it's so hard to complete

Mike Tyson's punch-out because it just doesn't feel as it was back then

there's too much today there's too much lag that just doesn't feel right it just

doesn't look right all those things put together make some games impossible to

complete even if I was to run this on a 5 + gigahertz PC with a 20 atti 32 gigs

of ram an end dot 2 nvme pushed out onto a monitor with 240 frames per second 1

millisecond response rate g-sync enabled all the bells and whistles you can ever

imagine all running through the most compatible emulator that we have today

it would still have inaccuracies and no matter how the great gods of developers

out there try to get around all this it will always have some kind of impact

somewhere along that chain it's just the way that modern hardware

translates our old hardware there's no way of getting around it now of course

with that kind of setup you grab a hell a time you're going to be playing a hell

a lot of systems and you're going to be able to get the most out of pretty much

all the games back in the day push them even

like we talked about earlier the thing is though it's just not the same

just some feel right sometimes that little frame that didn't show up that

little color palette that wasn't right that little death that you couldn't

explain is it because of the game or is it because of whatever you're playing on

now again you could have just as much fun playing off a Raspberry Pi seeing

people collect and play retro games all for different reasons

if the reason is that you want to play the games exactly how will you remember

and get the best kind of performance besting the kind of compatibility the

best kind of authenticity and accuracy as to what you had back in the day

utilizing modern hardware that is gonna last you for years future-proof

updatable and all the bells and whistles that you can get from modern technology

FPGA is pretty much the sensible choice to be honest FPGA is basically

recreating an entire system I'm not talking about the software I'm talking

about the actual hardware recreating it into a language or code that can then be

placed onto a single chip so that then can become that system to delve even

deeper the way this happens is each system is made up of various different

components as I'm sure you'll know let's take for example the sega megadrive that

was an awesome bit of kit from back in the day however to make a sega mega

drive you need something that will make the graphics happen you'll need

something that can make the sound happen you'll need a CPU you'll need all the

different various bits of components all put together in it's very much unique

way to make up a second Mega Drive that means that each one of those individual

components needs to be completely translated into this language and then

put onto these FPGAs so to take one component for example let's say the

motorola 68000 awesome little chip and that was utilized in many different

systems such as the Atari ST obviously the Mega Drive the NeoGeo the Atari

Jaguar it was utilized all over the place it was very popular but to get

that translated into some kind of code somebody has literally got to go through

Eva the schematics of that chip itself each and every trace each and every

component that makes one of those up and translate it into code if that isn't

available whether it because the plans have been lost time or maybe the

developer themself have never given that information out people can literally

under a microscope peel back the various different layers that make up that chip

and recreate it utilizing the actual eyes and

translating it into cold that way you've got to do that with each and every

component that make up every console every system every arcade every computer

that you want to get working the crazy thing is like we talked about the

Motorola 68000 chip was utilized in various different machines arcade

cabinets computers consoles so you can use that same bit of code over and over

in different systems to make up an entire system it's a snowball effect the

more of these little chips the more of these different processes the more of

all this hardware that gets translated into FPGA the more people can use it in

their systems that they want to make it's an entire ecosystem which is like a

snowball the more is made the more people can add to it the faster these

systems come out and now as this scene is maturing for almost seeing new

systems new consoles new computers and new arcades being released onto the FPGA

platform near enough on a daily basis and for me and you guys that is one

beautiful thing for the future okay so now we know what FPGA is and the

goodness about it how do we actually get our hands on getting all this technology

all this advancements all this in our lives well there's different roads you

can go down the FPGA is actually been around for some time and it's early

years I believe it was implemented on the retron 5 I wouldn't really go down

this route although it you know you're paying for what you get it's nowhere

near the kind of accuracy or compatibility like we've just been

talking about those are the early days and when it comes to actual quality FPGA

devices to the level I've just been referencing I would say for a one-off

the analog systems are absolutely fantastic those are the analogue NT they

did a Super Nintendo version and they did a Sega Genesis there may be some

others L and I think they are soon to be released in the handheld devices those

look absolutely fantastic me myself I don't own any those are too pricey for

me I would love to own one but I just haven't got that kind of financial

backing to go and spend on all those consoles they are very expensive

and I would say they probably are for many of you guys out there for those of

you who want to get the full resources and cutting-edge technology of what is

actually happening in real time I would go down the FPGA mister root now this

has become quite mature it's open source so many people are working on this all

around the world and like I said many of the systems are breaking on an almost a

daily basis there is different levels of accuracy for the various different

systems the mister can play but the great thing is there is so many

different systems that the mister can play compared to these one-off machines

of course you can flash the analog devices with the far-east software but

when it comes to an all-rounder all-singing all-dancing an entire

open-source community all working together to get all these different

systems consoles computers arcades all booting up and as accurate as possible I

would say that this mr. projects is probably the best option for most people

as it is open source lots of people from all around the world have got different

loves for different systems so luckily quite a lot of the most popular systems

that we remember from the 8-bit 16-bit the early computer days and many of the

early arcade games include a Neo Geo they are all now as accurate as the

original hardware or in some cases even better in terms of features you see

not only is the program the language all the features inside of it open source so

is the hard word itself which means that you can pretty much have any add-on to

have any functionality you wish coming out of it

so you can plug it into JAMA harness for example and play it inside an arcade as

if it was a cycle accurate actual arcade board of whatever game you want to play

you can just use a controller and have it as a console I system whether it be

the original controller that you want to play on or even a Bluetooth device in

terms of output it can be HD mi-24 kilohertz monitor 60 frames per second

CR TV it can be whatever you want because it's all open source and you can

pretty much buy wherever you want to transform it into whatever hardware you

want it to be the only one thing that is proprietary and you pretty much have to

buy is the brains itself it runs on a de 10 nano I believe that

this comes from Intel and it runs on a cyclone 5 chip that is the FPGA itself

this comes a stock with HDMI out so at least you can plug it into a TV or

monitor to get you up and running it also has a SD card slot so you can plug

some operating system or games onto there and it comes with a mini USB so in

some way you can get a controller keyboard or some kind of input to get

you up and running with most of the systems that you would want to play but

if you want to get every system every computer every arcade every console that

you can ever imagine working on this board you are going to need the ramp now

this goes up to 128 and I would encourage you to actually go that far

because it does future-proof yourself it is the most expensive obviously out at

the ball but this gives you everything that the system can play but also say if

you want a bit more functionality go for the i/o board this will give you the

on/off switch reset which isn't that important but for those of you want to

use monitors it will give you more ins and outs in terms of adapters

compatibility such as VGA and all that kind of stuff depends on what you

to add to the system or how you want to have it set up in terms of controllers

like we talked about it's going USB mini but you will probably need some kind of

USB hub so you can plug more than one adaptor in or plug a bluetooth adapter

in it is Wi-Fi it is bluetooth it is compatible of most of those devices so

you can get a lot more features by adding that kind of thing now like I

said the de 10 nano will probably bring you up to 100 to 130 UK pounds depending

on where you are in the world with shipping and all that kind of stuff the

prices of all this coming together will be different me myself in the UK plus

shipping it probably came up to 270 UK pounds I'm sure for those American

amongst us it will probably be a lot cheaper and depending on where you are

in the world you could beat me or you could be expending more money I cannot

comment I don't know but I'll put links in the description for trusted places

that sell all this and of course for more information along the lines if you

want to go into more depth I will be covering FPGA not just the mister but I

will be forking out for the analogs moving forward and I just really want to

get my teeth into FPGA in general there's a hell of a lot to cover a hell

of a lot to catch people in and there's a hell of a lot more depth that I can go

into with this it's just that this video is brought off forever so at the end of

the day that's FPGA in case you're interested this is what I

gave up I've got a beast of a PC which runs everything I've got all the

consoles you could ever imagine but this is my little go-to machine that runs

everything that I could ever imagine all in one place its FPGA which means that

it's everything we've just talked about plus it links up simultaneously with the

PC all inside this little keyboard I put it inside an Amiga 1200 because that's

the computer that is most iconic for me plus I wanted something that actually

has a keyboard because most of the things I play our keyboard related it

isn't been destructed there's no Amiga that's been torn to pieces it's all

recreated parts and even then I've also 3d printed a shell on the inside so

everything attaches to that in case and if it did get damaged by me putting

things inside of it it just kind of seals the deal it's all running for a

CRT v and in terms of controller I've got an arcade stick which is completely

modded to the kind of buttons and sticks that I like plus I've got an official

Super Nintendo that I've modded myself to give a wireless bit of approval

that's done with the 8-bit do mod I'm not sponsored by them it's just my

choice of controllers for all this I even like to keep it official or

something that just gives me that little glow inside so that is it oh yeah I've

got a tank mouse I don't use it because who liked balls at the end of the day

the wireless one is more than adequate and over it now that's about it Jesus

worked that is three weeks it's taken me to make this video I almost made it

there once and then my old PC decided to crash but I managed to save all the raw

files but I had to go through and edit everything again there's my poor

eyesight that's got going on at the moment it's taking me forever but some

kind of speech impediment that I seem to have from my mitigation oh it's all

crazy but the great thing is that it is now complete and it's now gay born from

regular uploads and I'm absolutely bloody loving this at the moment

I don't know we just get to enjoy the little things you like remember the good

times but most of all most of all you guys have a good day


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