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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Diana Ankudinova - Requested Reaction - MAYBE I, MAYBE YOU

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greetings everybody how you doing today walking my channel robk Reacts I'm Rob

K and I reacted amazing music on YouTube amazing music for multiple talent

incredible vocalist from all around the world and what I really enjoy about the

channels that everything I do is requested from you guys man you guys

dropped me lent you guys send me emails you guys do what you do to get it to me

and I react to it my review another question always got a great list of


get to quick you know accessible easy efficient love it I appreciate it thank

you all again thank you all for helping me get to 10,000 songs but that's just

been an incredible journey over the last year I really thought I'd be lucky if I

get a couple hundred and man oh man it just and it's been a nice growth for me

you know some people take off incredibly fast that I don't know if I could handle

that this growth has been stupendous for me love it gets me a chance to engage

and interact engage more willingly within each of the communities of my

channel which I really love once again thank you thank you for being a part of

that Jana and CUDA know a recent within the last few weeks I believe still maybe

I may be you a cover tune from a band known as scorpions and I know a few

other tunes with a few other tumors are utilized a lot of my club days back in

the day so maybe it just went don't ring a bell as soon as I hear it I'm gonna

know looking forward to a rendition of it love her cover cover covers covers

covers covering the squirrels is nakamise

she's part of a little collection I call my hoof

dynomite single individual female vocalist and she is definitely one of

them let's check it out request it often thank you for that appreciate it let's

have a listen Deanna and CUDA Nova


we change the world

we don't

you go to school

Sophia you know

yeah a quick pause for the car slowly back into that easy very very good I

really truly don't believe I've heard this from the scorpions maybe I may be

you I'm definitely gonna check it out their version of it she sounded great

she's so powerful vocally

not that she's intimidating with the strength as she displays from with her

with herself it's more if she's in command of what she's able to do in the

environment she said and performed so wonderfully with great control

everything she does involved with being in that moment and and not only with the

strong strong vocals but the appearance the image the scenery she performs at

times with emotions well wickedly I hope she takes off like

massive virally it's great to see her growing it's great to see attention on

earth and it's great to see her oath is continually doing what she's doing and

perfecting it so when the time is there being ready to own it

maybe on you

we're just dreaming sometimes by the world would be cruel without

dreamers like maybe a baby you heard a soldier


happy musical sound artists I've heard from my Khalid



look at that she is out there working she is out there fine-tuning she is out

there perfecting yeah actually gonna be ready

oh she's ready she's ready it's coming god this incredible vocal incredible

strength incredible incredible strengthen in the sense that

it's very strong deep consistent and then she can

really bring it down the music was the quick as fast as I've heard heaviest

I've heard I believe with her other stuff like her check will kept a little

more lore level flow but that right there did that was rocking and rolling

I'm definitely have listened to the scorpions originally a time I have a

peak peak peak but again Deanna Hank wouldn't over I

want to try to hide I don't know what's up subtitled music and it seemed like

the english subtitle on that didn't match what she was saying

english wise in english i really enjoyed her english take time to add in a

version of this i am going to try to auto-generate

russian subtitles so hit the little thingy there setting there we all bottom

writing I would think

generate and then choose the language I believe him we'll try to get that to

work I got it to work once before but sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't

I have a great day I hope you enjoyed that Mandy anak just outstanding strong

wonderfully done I'm great to everybody have a great weekend

hope you enjoyed I'll hit that like button if you did if you didn't let me

know backs more Deanna you know I just love

that she's out there doing what she appears to love doing which is

outstanding you know she's still young no perfection in the process hope you

have a great day everybody we'll see you again soon thank you for taking the time

do you see the big time thanks again for we get to 10,000 subs that's incredible

I do love y'all thank y'all we'll see y'all again soon guys and Yelp t---cell

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