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Hey, it's Mark here from Make Him Yours and today I was inspired to do a video by a

story that happened to a client and also something that happened to me. I'm going

to show you one sign of true confidence in a woman. Stay tuned!

I was inspired to do this video by a couple of client stories that have come

up in recent weeks. The first one was last night. It was a client who had been

messaging a man online, but about a week ago the conversation had fizzled. Now, she

showed me the conversation and the conversation fizzling was kind of her

fault. She hadn't really continued it and the man had stopped replying. Now, in this

case, she really liked the guy. She really liked his profile and she really did

want to meet up with him, but it had now been a week and I said to her "you need

to message him again," and she said "no, I don't want to, like I

don't want to risk that rejection," and she was very hesitant. The second client

was a client who came to me a couple of weeks ago for her discovery call. She was

a beautiful young woman and she said "I think that my boyfriend or the guy that

"I've at least been seeing for a few months, who things had been going great

with, he's about to break up with me. He's taken space for the last week or so and

now he's called me saying he wants to meet up and that we need to chat." She

said, "I'm pretty sure... my intuition is telling me that he's going to end things.

How do I handle this conversation?" She said, "Here's what I think I should do. I

should go at there, go up to him, show him my self-respect and before anything else

happens I should say I wouldn't want to be with anyone who doesn't want to be

with me and that I should jump the gun to show

him my self-respect." What do these two clients have in common? You'll notice

that the one thing that was the same between both of them, even though the

situation's were very different, was that they were both trying to avoid rejection.

It's a pattern of our society. We're all in the business of trying to avoid being

rejected, avoid being hurt, of avoiding putting ourselves out there. None of us

wants to be the more vulnerable one, anymore. We all say, "well, I

don't want to be the one that gets hurt. I need to put up the shield first." The problem

is that when you put up shields, people's instincts are to put up shields back

with you. What it really is rather than self-respect, is self-preservation. And

because we're all so scared of getting rejected, we don't risk vulnerability and

risk forming a connection that leads to love. So, the first client I told her, "No.

Send him a message. Send her a message that says, 'hey I actually loved your

profile' I'd love to hear more of your stories. This is my number. Give me a call."

For the second client, I said, "No. Don't jump the gun. Don't go in

there and tell him, 'I wouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with

me.' that will come through in your actions. Instead, let yourself get

rejected. Show that you're sad." There's no shame in that. There's no shame in being

vulnerable. Put yourself out there to be rejected and if it happens, then you have

the self-respect to walk away. But we're not jumping to putting up our shield.

We're not jumping to defending ourselves. The mark of true confidence... the mark of

a truly confident woman is the fact that she's the one who's okay being rejected.

She's not jumping to defend herself. She knows that she wants to form a deep

intimate and loving connection and she's brave enough to be the one that shows

interest first to risk that, to risk love. I applied this concept in my own life

just a few nights ago. Now, I haven't spent a lot of time myself in the dating

relationships realm for the past 12 months or so. I've been very focused on

the business, but every now and then I'll find myself out at a club and I did so

just a few nights ago. During this time, I made eyes with a particular woman. She

made eyes back and we had a little bit of a dance. It was pretty clear

throughout the night that we were eyeing each other off. Later on in the night,

I walked over to her and we danced more. We spent some time together. And then

suddenly at one moment, and I'm not sure why, she turned, spun around and walked

away;. I was a little confused, but it felt cold. My intuition was telling me

something was off, but I liked this woman. I was attracted to her and I definitely

wanted to get a number and see her again. And so I beckoned her over a couple more

times over the next hour or so, and each time, she wouldn't come. And I was then

put at a cross roads. Had I been rejected? I really wasn't sure. And this is the

point, where most of us will go, "well, I don't want to risk it. I don't want to

risk getting rejected. So I'll just go do my own thing." But no, I wanted to see this

woman again. So I decided, this is it. Put your neck on the line. I walked straight

over to her, beelined halfway across the club and I said, "would you like to dance

with me? I'd love to keep dancing with you." She looked at me and she shook her

head and I said, "thank you," and I walked away

very fricking happy because I knew that I wasn't going home with a single doubt.

I knew that I'd put myself on the line and I knew that I'd never have to wonder.

And just like my client who sent this guy a message online, just like the other

client that called me up and showed her man honesty and integrity and showed

that she didn't want things to end, none of us walked away with any doubts.

None of us walked away with any wonders and we all knew that we gave it our all.

Embrace rejection in your life. Embrace it in your dating. Don't keep putting

yourself out there to the same person and throwing your interest at someone

who doesn't deserve it. But never be scared to embrace rejection and to tell

someone how you really feel. The mark of a truly confident woman is

to risk being vulnerable and is to risk rejection. You just still have to have

the self-esteem to walk away when it isn't reciprocated. Well, that's the video.

Thank you! What do you think? Thoughts, comments, questions. Let me know.

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we all need to be more vulnerable and put our necks on the line a little more

in our dating. Thank you again for watching and I'll see you in the next

video very soon.

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