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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 'The Middle': Watch How a Pop Hit Is Made | Diary of a Song

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Its shocking how much time into one song was put

from so many different people.”

A year of work, 15 different vocalists,

everyone getting the song to sound as good

as everyone knew it could be.”



Hey. How's it going?”

I know we meant all good intentions.

Yeah. I feel like that's my quota of singing for the day.

Im so bad at singing in front of people.”

So do you remember the first session

that you guys had where you worked onThe Middle”?

The day before the session, we were kind of just going through ideas.

And there was this sound.”

We were kind of like, you know, this feels really special.

Lets save it for tomorrow with Sarah.”

Im this guy.

I sit in the back and I'm like, ‘Cool.’ ”

Is she on Instagram? Is she on Twitter?

Or is she writing? But shes writing.

She actually is.”

I only really put the voice memo on

if I think Im getting something good.”

She just wrote for 10 minutes and shes like:

Im going to go in the booth and let me sing it.

Let me know what you guys think.’

That was literally the first thing we heard.”

All three of us literally just screamed with excitement.”

And when you heard that,

I mean, it sounds crass, but, like, do you see dollar signs?

I mean, its hard sometimes in the room,

you write songs so much,

but it definitely felt special.”

So we get sent a lot of demos.

But theres a few writers where we really love basically

everything they do.

And Sarahs one of them.

We were instantly, like,

Were definitely going to try a version of this.’ ”

We are, like, obsessed with these, like, cinematic sound samples

that we have.”

Yeah, thats like a medieval ax whipping noise.”

Everyone watchesGame of Thrones,’ or whatever.

But you never hear it in songs.”

We had something that we like, but it

wasnt, like, absolutely perfect.”

So they played it for me and were like, ‘What do you think?’

I felt if done right

this could be huge smash.

So we start working on it together,

and everybody started loving it.

Lets just find a vocalist.

Which is something that ended up taking,

as you know, quite a long time.”

Its not very often that

that many high-level artists cut a song.”

Im looking for somebody to sing it with the same intention

as Sarah sang it.

But Im looking for somebody to do it better.”

Theres been months where we, like, almost gave up

because nobody can sing it properly.”

He kept cutting vocals and comping and flying

to go see the artists.

And its just, like, so grateful that he didnt give up.”

I didnt really know about all the drama

of finding a vocalist.”

I had never heard her music

until I heard her demo.

So I was like, ‘Who is Maren Morris?’ ”

She sounds really good.”

The rhythm is so interesting. ‘Looking at you I can't lie.’

Its like walking up stairs.”

She was in Nashville.

So I flew in and had to fly out that same night.”

I recommended, like, a hot chicken place

that he could check out.”

She sounds the most like Sarah of anybody

because she has this rasp that Sarah has.”

We had the final product, which I sent to everybody,

and Ive never had a song where everybody

felt, like, it was perfect.”

Hey, guys.

Its that time again.

I wanted to show you a preview to my brand-new song.

Check it out.”

All right.

All right. Thank you, guys.”

I saw, like, the name come up in my car, like, before it started playing.

And then was like: ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ ”

“ ‘The Middlehas been like the fastest-rising song for me

I think Ive ever had.”

See everyone just start to scream and shout along with it.

It looks like an80s concert.”

This seems crazy.

Like, bits of it were made in my small apartment.”

After it came out,

I went to New York for the Grammys,

and at the afterparty I saw her, like, walk past.

And I was, like, neverits never in me to go up to anyone ever,

but Im, like, ‘I feel like Im an idiot if I dont.’ ”

And this little girl stopped me.

I hate calling her, like, a little girl.

Shes 23 years old.”

I was like, ‘Im so sorry to annoy you.’ ”

In her sweet Australian accent

shes, like, ‘Im Sarah, I wrote 'The Middle. ’ ”

And she was, like: ‘Wait.

Youre, youre the girl in the demo!’

And I was, like, ‘Yeah, that's me!’ ”

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