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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kā uzlabot dzīvi bērniem, jauniešiem un jaunajām māmiņām?

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How to improve the lives of children, youth and young mothers?

Every morning at 9.00 we open our youth café

where we sell coffee, rolls and buns,

chebureks (mutton pie meat pastry), souvenirs.

Aleksandra, the salesperson of our youth café,

is a young mother of three children, and this is her first job.

Our company helps young mothers and young people

get their first work experience, including training.

Our social enterprise began with the fact that

we founded an association in Karaosta which was initially intended for young people

and laterfor the mothers of young children.

After some time, we came to realize that we were growing

and needed to start our own business.

Here, they can sew and work,

develop their talents, skills,

continue their education and study at school

and, of course, gain work experience.

Three mornings a week, mothers come here with their children

to chat with each other,

to let the children play together;

mothers also conduct creative workshops,

change children's clothes and support each other.

In the afternoon, many young people come here after school,

after classes to also participate in the activities.

They feel at home here.

This is very important because all this facilitates

their communication, helps them find their talents,

feel valuable, and also find their place in the world,

think out a strategy for their growth and

development in order to benefit society.

As an ambassador of social entrepreneurship,

we want and develop this place

to tell people about what social

entrepreneurship is, why it is important,

why invest in people and support them.

Any customer shopping in our company

also helps our mothers and youth,

supports expansion of work.

We hope that we will keep growing

and developing so that more and more young people

and mothers have the possibility to work.

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