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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Speaking Situations - 44 Topics

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one asking the way

conversations listen one excuse me can

you tell me where South Street is please

take the second on the left and then ask

again is it far no it's only about five

minutes walk Lenny thanks not at all


- excuse me please could you tell me the

way to the station turn round and turn

left at the traffic lights will it take

me long to get there no it's no distance

at all thank you

that's okay three

excuse me but I'm trying to find the

Town Hall take the third on the right

and go straight on should I take a bus

no you can walk it in under five minutes

thank you very much indeed

that's quite all right for excuse me

please could you tell me how to get to

the town centre first right second left

you can't miss it

is it too far to walk no it's only a

couple of hundred yards thanks very much

it's a pleasure to on a bus

conversations listen one does this bus

go to the station no you'll have to get

off at the bank and take a 192 can you

tell me where to get off it's the next

stop that one - am i okay for some

mirrors Church

no we only go as far as the park but you

can walk from there how much further is

it it's quite a way yet but I'll tell

you in good time

three do you go to the seafront no

you're going the wrong way you want to

one for three from the church have we

got much further to go it's the next


for is this the right bus for the

townhall no you should have caught at 12

jump out at the bridge and get one there

could you tell me when we get there it's

three stops after this one

three taking a taxi

conversations listen


the American Embassy please I have to be

there by 11:00 10:00 I can't promise but

I'll do my best


you're just in time 6 pounds 30 please

thanks a lot

here's 7 pounds you can keep the change


do you think you can get me to Victoria

by half-past we should be okay if the

lights are with us you've still got five

minutes to spare

six pounds forty please thanks very much

indeed here's ten pounds

give me three pounds please

three he could Dooley please I have an

appointment at 10:30 I think we can make

it if we get a move on


here we are some six pounds 35 please

many thanks let's call it seven pounds


Paddington please I want to catch the

11:15 we'll be all right if there are no



this is it sir six pounds fifty please

thank you here's the fare and this is

for you

for at a railway station conversation

listen one 9:25 that forms three what

time does it reach London you should be

there at 11:30 one but you may be a bit

late do I have to change yes you change

it Louis and East Croydon - which train

do I take for Victoria please

9:28 this end of platform - when does it

get in it gets there at 11:30 for must I

change no it's a through train three

which platform for London Bridge please

9:27 from platform one what time does it

arrive it takes roughly two hours so

you'll arrive just before 11:30 is it

necessary to change no there's no need

to change for what time's the next train

to Victoria please 926 platform for

right up at the front when do we get

there it's doing at 11:35 but they're

running late today need I change trains

yes change at East Croydon

five the London Underground conversation


one which way do I go for Queens wave

geez take the Bakerloo to Paddington the

district to Notting Hill and then get

the central where do I go now take the

escalator on your right - how do I get

to Lancaster Gate please catch the

Metropolitan - Liverpool Street and then

change to the central line which

platform do I want follow those signs

you can't go wrong three which line do I

take for Marble Arch please well that's

easy it's a next station down the

central line how do I get down to the

trains get that lift over there for can

you tell me the best way to get to Bond

Street please you want the Victoria -

Oxford Circus and then you change onto

the central which way do I go first go

straight down the stairs and turn left

at the bottom

six booking airline tickets

conversations listen one I want to fly

to Geneva on or about the first I'll

just see what there is I want to go

economy and I'd prefer the morning

Lufthansa flight LH 203 leaves at oh

nine twenty what time do I have to be

there the coach leaves for the airport

at oh seven forty five


I'd like to book a flight to Munich for

Monday the temp I'll have a look in the

timetable for you I'll need an economy

class open return KLM have got a dc9

leaving at oh nine twenty five what else

ought I to know the latest time of

reporting is Oh 8 20 of the airport 3

what flight sada from London to Vienna

tomorrow if you'd like to take a seat

I'll find out for you I'd like to travel

first class

please British Airways flight ba five

six one takes off from Heathrow at oh

nine twenty five and flies direct what

time have I got to get there you'll have

to be at Victoria coach station by Oh

7:45 four are there any plans to Zurich

on a Sunday if you'll excuse me for a

second I'll check by the way I don't

want a night flight there's a Swiss Air

dc9 out of London at oh nine twenty when

am I supposed to check in if you're

going to the airport you must be there

before Oh 8:20

seven hiring a car




how much is it to rent a large estate

car 24 pounds a day or 135 pounds a week

will I be able to have one next weekend

have you got a current license yes I've

been driving since I was 18

good all you do now is complete this

form - what's the rate for one of your

medium-sized vans

the daily rate is 23 pounds and the

weekly 128 pounds right then I'd like to

book one for next Friday please is yours

a full license yes I've had one ever

since 1978 okay if you'll just fill up

this form Oh book you 1/3 can you tell

me the higher charge for minibuses

please you can have one for 20 pounds a

day or 138 pounds for a week all right

I'll take one for the week starting

Tuesday next it's your driving license

valid yes there's no problem there fine

we'll need some particulars and a 25

pound deposit

Oh suppose I wanted to hire of them how

much would it cost 22 pounds per day 130

pounds per week fair enough

reserve me one from the 1st to the 10th

please have you held a license for over

two years yes here it is right in that

case there's only a form to fill in

ate at a garage

conversations listen one could you put

me in for a full service please

certainly madam I just need to know the

year and model I can't remember the year

but it's a deregistration I think I can

fit you in first thing tomorrow morning

that'd suit me fine and while you've got

it could you have a look at the brakes

as well yes we always check everything



I'd like to arrange to have my car

serviced yes of course which year and

model is it it's a 1986 model the

smallest one in the range I would next

Friday afternoon sir that'll be perfect

and could you also try to improve this

starting yes we'll do that as a matter

of course

three could you book my car in for a

service it's well overdue that's no

problem can you tell me the year and

model it's a 500 series and it's less

than a year old

can you bring it in on Thursday that

should be okay and perhaps you could see

to the clutch it keeps slipping yes I'll

make a special note

for my car needs servicing can I get it

done here yes I think we can help you

which year and model please it's last

year's model the estate version how

about next Wednesday morning that's fine

and at the same time could you do

something about the sunroof let's the

rain yes we'll do that for you

9:00 at lunch conversation listen

one you must have some more chicken no


I'm supposed to be slimming can't I

tempt you well maybe I could manage a

very small piece too wouldn't you like

to finish up the omelet no really thank


I just couldn't eat anymore come on now

surely you can manage it No thank you


I must have put on pounds as it is three

another piece of meat pie no thanks

really I'm on a diet please do you

hardly eat anything it's delicious but I

don't think I ought to

for do have the rest of the mashed


no thank you I've had too much already

just take it to please me okay but only

a small piece or I shan't have room for

any pudding

ten teatime conversations listen one

would you care for a cup of tea

only if you're having one you take milk

and sugar a dash of milk and two lumps


- I expect you could do with a cup of


couldn't you I'd rather have a cup of

coffee if you don't mind milk and sugar

a milky one without sugar please

three how about a nice cup of tea before

you go yes I'd love one

how do you like it a strong one with 3

spoons for me please 4 would you like a

cup of tea only if it not too much

trouble do you like it with milk and

sugar not too much milk and just half a

spoonful please

eleven with a friend in a coffee bar

conversation listen one what would you

like to drink a black coffee for me

please how about something to eat yes

I'd love a portion of that strawberry

tart right I'll see if I can catch the

waitresses I - what can I get you to


an iced coke would go down well wouldn't

you like some cake - yes I think I'll

have a slice of chocolate Spanish right

sit down there and I'll bring it over

three what are you going to have to

drink I'd like something who would you

care for some cake yes I'll try a piece

of cheesecake it certainly looks

tempting I wouldn't mind some myself for

what do you want to drink I feel like a

cup of tea you fancy something to eat

yes I'd rather like some of that fruit

cake that's a good idea I think I'll

join you

twelve in a restaurant conversations

listen one can I take your orders huh

yes I'd like to try the steak please and

to follow ice cream please - have you

decided on something sir yes

haddock and chips for me please how

about the sweet no sweet Thanks

just coffee three

have you chosen something sir

yes I think I'll have the curry please

what would you like afterwards I'd like

some fruit if you have it for may I take

your order sir I'll just take a small

salad please do you want any sweet apple

pie and custard would be nice

13 in a pub conversations listen

1 what are you going to have 1/2 a bit

of please are you sure you won't have a

scotch thanks very much but I'm driving

- what's it to be the same again please

won't you make it a pint this time I'd

better not thank you all the same

three what would you like to drink

just a light Hale for me please won't

you have a gin and tonic with me that's

very kind of you but I don't think I


for what can I get you

I'd like a lager please wouldn't you

care for something a little stronger no

I think I'd better stick to hearts


14 offering cigarettes conversations


one cigarette no thanks not before lunch

please have one it's a new brand I

honestly don't feel like one at the

moment thanks to have a cigarette no

thanks I've just put one out please do I

always seem to be smoking yours perhaps

I will then have you got a light

three would you like a cigarette

no thanks I'm trying to cut down go on I

owe you one from yesterday okay but next

time you must have one of mine for help

yourself to a cigarette no thanks I'm

trying to give up come on I insist no

really thank you I've got a bit of a

cough fifteen at a hotel

conversations listen


I wonder whether you have any vacancies

for tonight yes I can offer you room 24

on the first floor how much is it 27

pounds 50 a night excluding service can

I see it please certainly would you take

a seat for a moment


have you a single room for two nights

yes but only on the top floor what price

is it 34 pounds with service and TV fair


can you show me the room please of

course would you like to follow me

three can i book a double room from now

until Friday you can have room 33

overlooking the sea what's the price 28

pounds 75 not counting the service can I

have a look at it please yes of course

come this way


have you got a twin-bedded room for one

night I can let you have a room at the

back what does it cost with a private

bath 31 pounds service included can you

show me something a little cheaper yes

of course I won't keep you a moment 16

finding a room conversations listen one

I believe you take in foreign students

yes if you don't mind sharing how much

is it 39 pounds per week including

heating do you think I could have a look

at it please we're having it decorated

at the moment will Friday do too

I've been told you might have a vacant

room yes I've got a spare single what

are your terms 37 pounds for bed and

breakfast could I have a look at the

room please it's a bit awkward just now

could you come tomorrow 3:00 a friend

told me I might find some accommodation

here yes I'll have a room free after the

weekend what's the price of the room

thirty-six pounds a week but I can't do

lunches do you mind if I come in come in

by all means but it's in a terrible mess

for I wonder if you can help me I'm

looking for a room I have got a vacancy

yes what sort of price are you asking 40

pounds a week excluding laundry would it

be convenient to see the room can you

call back later we're right in the

middle of lunch

17 making an appointment conversations

listen one will dr. black be able to see

me at about 9:15 tomorrow sorry but he's

fully booked till 11:00 unless as a

cancellation would 10 to 1 be convenient

yes he's free them to I wonder whether

the dentist could fit me in early

tomorrow I'm afraid there's nothing

before midday

how about 12:45 sorry but that's taken

two three I'd like to fix an appointment

with the principal would 9:00 tomorrow

be all right

I'm afraid not he's got rather a full

day tomorrow could I make it quarter to

1:00 sorry again but I'll ring you if

somebody cancels for do you think the

staff manager could see me tomorrow

before 9:30 he won't be in till 10:45 so

the earliest would be 11:00 is 12:40 any

good yes I'll make a note of it

18 finding a job conversation listen one

have you many vacancies for full-time

staff what did you have in mind

something in the domestic line have you

had any experience no I'm more or less

straight from school well I can't

promise anything but I'll do my best - I

was wondering whether you needed any

part-timers what were you thinking of a

hotel job of some sort have you ever

done anything similar

not so far new there's nothing at

present but look back in a week three

I'm looking for a job where I can live

in what exactly did you want I wouldn't

mind working in a pub have you done

anything like that before

well I once did a bit of waiting fill in

this form and I'll let you know if

anything turns up for can you fix me up

with a part-time job anything in

particular that appeals to you I was

rather hoping to find something in a

school have you done that kind of thing

before yes I was doing the same job last

summer I might be able to help you but I

need references

19 at a bank conversation listen

one I'd like to change these marks

please how do you want it it's all the

same to me did you want anything else

yes I'd like to open a deposit account -

could you catch this traveler's check

please how would you like it five pound

notes please anything else yes

I'm expecting some money from Paris is

it in yet free a new cheque book and

these dollars into Sterling please how

did you want it pounds please do you

want anything else yes I'd like to know

the rate for Swiss francs for do you

think you could change this note for me


how shall I give it to you notes and

large silver please was there anything

else yes could you tell me my balance

20 at a barbershop conversations listen

1 how do you want it sir just a trim

please would you like it washed no thank


just leave it as it is - how would you

like it sir not too much off please how

about the shampoo not this time thanks 3

how should I cut it sir very short all

over please shall I put some oil on no I

don't think so thanks for how shall I do

it sir just tidy it up a bit please do

you want some spray no nothing at all

thank you very much

21 shopping conversations listen 1 are

you being served no what have you got in

the way of brown suede jackets size 42

sorry but we're sold right out are you

likely to be getting any more in I

should think so yes

if you leave your phone number I'll ring

you - is anybody looking after you no

I'm after a size 40 v-neck pullover in

gray the best I can do is a 36 could you

order me one I should imagine so yes if

you leave your address I'll contact you

free are you being attended to no I'm

trying to find a navy blue raincoat size

42 I can do the size but not the color

do you think you could get one for me

yes of course

looking again monday week four are you

being seen - no I'm looking for a

pinstriped suit with a 34 waist I'm

afraid I can't help you at the moment

will you be having any more in I doubt

it but you might be lucky at our high

street branch

22 at a theater conversation listen one

I'd like to put two seats for tomorrow

would you like something in the front

stalls I suppose there's nothing further

back is there not unless you come to the

matinee - can I still get tickets for

tonight's show the front row of the

dress circle is fairly free

are there any boxes no I'm afraid that's

all there is three are there any seats

left for Saturday night

a 11 and B 14 are all that's left

haven't you got anything cheaper only if

somebody cancels for is it still

possible to get tickets for tonight you

can sit wherever you like in the first

row isn't there anything a little less

dear no I'm afraid you've left it rather


23 police registration conversations

listen one I've come along to register

with you as your passport been up to the

home office yes they've granted me three

months I'd like your address in this

country please - I was told to report to

the aliens officer as your permission to

stay being extended yes I'm all right

until July I shall have to see your work

permit as well please

sorry I've come to see you about my

registration as the school sent your

passport up to London yes I've got until

the end of the year then I'll need two

photographs and the registration fee

please oh I understand I'm supposed to

register as your employer arranged for

an extension yes I've been given three

months can I see your registration book


twenty-four asking for change

conversations listen one excuse me but

could I trouble you for some change let

me see do you want coppers or silver I

want some change for the parking meter

you'd better have silver then - sorry to

trouble you but have you changed for a

pound I'll have a look

what do you want it for I have to get a

book of stamps in that case you need

silver three excuse me I wonder whether

you could change a pond

let's see coppers or silver it's for a

phone call will tens do Oh

excuse me could you oblige me with some

change I'll see what I've got

what's it for I need some cigarettes

from this machine I can let you have

some tins if that's any good 25

telephoning one conversation listen one

counter please I'd like to make an ADC

personal call two oh one four eight six

two four three five please what is the

name of the person you wish to speak to

Miss Susan green gr double e n e what is

your number please

Brighton double one eight six five two

number please Eastbourne seven four six

double five personal with ADC please who

do you want to speak to extension two

one four what number are you calling

from Aberdeen six oh five three

number please could you get me lutein 1

to 507 make it personal please the name

of the person you are calling please

the export manager where are you calling

from belfast 745 204 number please can I

have a personal call to Bedford 6 4 5 9

3 2 please

who are you calling I'm not sure of the

name but it's room 2 double one your

exchange of number please

Swansea double 6 9 3 2

26 telephoning to conversation listen


Eastbourne 546 double 5 hello John here

can I speak to Mary please hold the line


ok sorry but she's out would you tell

her I ran I'd be glad to 2 4 8 6 double

4 5 9 hello

David black speaking may I have a word

with June I'll just see if she's in

right Rob I'm afraid she's not here

could you take a message

yes of course three black four one five

oh one four

hello this is James here is Alice there

please hang on a moment all right

I think she's gone shopping would you

ask her to call back


four nine two six five three oh hello my

name's Frank Duncan could I talk to

Linda please I'll find out if she's at

home right sorry

but she won't be back till Monday can

you tell her to ring me when she gets

back with pleasure

27 in a post-office conversations listen


what's the postage on these letters to


please I'll have to check do you need

anything else yes a 50-piece stamp

please that'll be seven pounds 95 in all

- could you tell me how much this parcel

- Frances I think I'd better look that

up was there anything else yes a postal

order for one pound 25 and an heir

letter form 7 pounds 85 please 3 how

much is this registered letter to

Germany please I'll just make sure

anything else yes

half a dozen airmail labels and a book

of stamps 8 pounds 50 exactly please for

what's the surcharge and postage on this

Express letter please I'll have a look

did you want anything else yes

while I'm about it I'll have a large

registered envelope that comes to 8

pounds 25:28 asking about health

conversations listen 1 how's your father

keeping he's been off work for a day or

two what's wrong with him

he's gone down with a cold tell him I

hope he soon feels better that's very

kind of you I'll pass it on to where's

Tony this evening he's not feeling very

well really what's the trouble now I

think he must have eaten something give

him my regards and tell him to take

things easy thank you very much

I'll tell him what you said 3 how's your

brother these days he hasn't been too

well just recently I'm sorry to hear


what's the matter I think he's been

overworking I hope he soon gets over it

thank you

he'll be pleased to hear you asked after

him for I haven't seen Bob lately who is

he as a matter of fact he's laid up oh

dear what's up with him

we don't know but we're having the

doctor in tomorrow let me know if

there's anything I can do

thanks very much I'll tell him you

inquired about him

twenty nine at a doctors surgery

conversations listen one I've got a sore

throat and my chest hurts how long have

you been like this two or three days now

I should think you've got flu there's a

lot of it about

what do you advise take this

prescription to the chemists and then go

straight to bed

- I feel shivery and I've got a pain in

my stomach how long have you had it the

best part of a week by the sound of it

you've caught a chill what should I do

I'll give you something for it and come

to see you in a couple of days


I keep feeling dizzy and I've got a


how long has this been going on and came

on yesterday I should say your general

ear under what ought I to do it's

nothing serious but you better stay in

bed for a day or two for I'm running a

temperature and I feel sick since when

have you been feeling like this it all

started the day before yesterday you

seem to have picked up some sort of

infection what do you think I should do

stay away from work till Monday and

don't overdo things

30 at a chemist's shop conversations

listen one the doctors given me this

prescription it'll only take five

minutes so perhaps you'll wait have you

also got something suitable for sore

lips rubbing this cream every four hours

- could you make up this prescription

for me please

I do it for you straight away by the way

what do you suggest for sunburn this

vitamin should clear up a trouble-free I

just been given this prescription by dr.

Worrell you can call back for it in

about an hour can you also give me

something for this rash try this tube of

jelly for

can I leave this prescription with you

I'll have it ready for you by 5:30 I'd

like something for a thigh to put this

lotion on three times a day

31 meeting people after a long time

conversations listen one we haven't seen

you for ages

have you been ill nope I've been up

north for a month

where was that two hours go I got back

the day before yesterday - how nice to

see you again wait have you been no no

I've been visiting relations whereabouts

I went to sterling to see an uncle of

mine three come in and sit down we

haven't seen much of you lately no I've

been away on holiday where exactly


I've got a cousin there for you're quite

a stranger have you moved or something

no I've had a few weeks in Scotland

where did you go

Aberdeen I stayed with my brother

thirty two introductions and opening

conversation gambits conversation listen

one Wendy I'd like you to meet my

brother Sam how do you do how do you do

what do you think of life in England I'm

still feeling pretty homesick it's bound

to be strange at first too mrs. Hughes

this is Peter Brown how do you do how do

you do how do you find things over here

if it wasn't for the climate I'd like it

very much

it won't take you long to settle down

three mother this is Joe's brother David

how do you do how do you do how do you

like London it's quite different from

what I expected

don't worry you'll soon get used to it

for mrs. Stacy I'd like to introduce my

Greek friend

Melo's how do you do how do you do what

are your first impressions of England of

course it's much colder here than it is

at home never mind you'll be all right

in a week or two thirty-three Christmas

New Year and Easter greetings

conversations listen one happy Christmas

thanks very much saying to you are you

doing anything special we're having some

friends round what are you doing I dare

say I just take things easy - Happy


thanks and you too are you doing

anything I've been invited over to Pat's

and you my roommates giving a party

three Happy New Year thank you very much

you too are you going anywhere

I thought about going to my sister's how

about you I'll probably just stay at


poor have a good weekend thanks the same

to you have you got anything planned I

can't afford to do much what about you I

expect I'll stay with my family 34

saying goodbye conversations listen what

I've come to say goodbye when you off

I'm flying home on Sunday

grab Aaron and all the very best cheerio

say goodbye to the rest of the family

for me won't you - I'd like to say

goodbye to you all what time are you

going my train leaves at 7:25 well

goodbye and have a good journey goodbye

remember to look me up if ever you're in


three I'm reading to say goodbye when

you're setting up I'm catching the 11:35

boat cheerio then

don't forget to keep in touch goodbye

and thanks for everything

for I just called in to say goodbye what

time you leaving I'm going to try to get

away by 10:00 goodbye then and remember

me to your parents goodbye see you next


thirty-five television conversations

this one is there anything worth

watching on the other channel I think

it's a Western do you mind if we switch

over well I rather wanted to see the

football match - do you happen to know

what's on after the news I've got a

feeling it's a documentary does anybody

mind if I watch it but don't you want to

see part two a four cereal three

do you remember what comes on next I

believe there's a variety show we

mustn't miss that let me look in the

Radio Times first for what's on BBC two

at eight o'clock as far as I can

remember there's a crisp program would

you mind if I watched it now I've been

looking forward to it all evening


thirty-six thanks for hospitality

conversation listen one it's time we

were off so soon can't you stay a little

longer I wish I could but I'm late

already what a shame

thank you for a wonderful meal I'm glad

you enjoyed it - I really must be going


but you've only just come wouldn't you

like to stay for a snack that's very

kind of you but I mustn't be too late

what a pity

thanks very much for the party it was a

pleasure to have you three I think it's

about time we made a move what already

don't you have another coffee I'd love

to but I have to be up early tomorrow oh

dear what a shame

thank you for a most enjoyable evening

not at all hope you can come again for

if you'll excuse me I really should be

off now not yet surely have another

drink at least no thank you all the same

oh dear what a pity thank you very much

indeed for the delicious meme thank you

for coming

37 asking people to repeat and offering

lifts in a car conversations listen one


sorry but I didn't quite catch that I

said can I give you a lift

isn't it out of your way no it's on my

way home - I beg your pardon

I said sorry I'd Drive you home

won't it be putting you out no I can go

that way around just as easily three I'm

afraid I didn't quite hear what you said

I said there's no rush I can take you in

the car won't it make you late no I'm

going right past your place for sorry

but I miss that I said I run you back in

the car are you sure it's not too much

trouble no it won't take a minute to

drop you off


thirty-eight asking favors conversations

listen one is there any chance of

borrowing your typewriter

how long for until the end of the week

yes I think that would be alright -

would you mind if I had some time off

when exactly Monday and Tuesday of next

week I'd like to say yes but it's just

not possible

three do you think I could possibly have

my meals a little earlier left would

depend on when just over Easter I'd have

to check with my wife first for I wonder

whether you could put my friend up for a

few days

tell me where next weekend actually let

me think it over and I'll tell you later

thirty nine complaining conversations

listen one I wish you wouldn't have your

TV server sorry were you trying to sleep

yes and while I think of it please us

when you borrow the iron I really ought

to have known better

sorry - do you think you could keep the

noise down a bit sorry have I been

keeping you awake

yes and another thing would you mind not

using my toothpaste I'm sorry

I thought you didn't mind three that

radios terribly loud could you turn it

down a fraction sorry is it disturbing


yes and something else wouldn't it be an

idea to buy your own soap sorry I didn't

realize you felt so strongly about it

for do you have to have that record on

quite so loud sorry is it bothering you

yes and while I'm about it please don't

use the phone without asking so sorry I

meant to ask you but you were out

forty apologizing conversations listen


I'm afraid I've spilled ink all over the

tablecloth oh never mind about that

I'm terribly sorry won't you let me pay

for it no I won't hear of it - I'm

awfully sorry but I seem to have mislaid

your scarf oh don't worry about that I

just don't know what to say I'll replace

it of course no that's quite out of the

question three I'm very much afraid I've

burned a hole in the rug oh that's all

right I do apologize I'll buy you a new

one first thing on Monday of course not

I never did like it anyway for

I'm dreadfully sorry but I broken a

plate oh that doesn't matter

I'm ever so sorry tell me where you

bought it so I can get you another no

certainly not I wouldn't dream of

letting you do that

41 what should we do this evening

one conversation listen one how would

you like to come bowling I'm not over

keen actually what about a Chinese meal

then no I thought I'd have an evening at

home for a change

- do you fancy a game of tennis it's

nice of you to ask but I don't think

soon well how about coming to see Tony

no I honestly can't afford the time

three feel like a stroll in the park I

don't think I will thanks all the same

oh come on a spot of exercise would do

as good no if you don't mind I think

I'll stay in tonight

for let's go ice-skating no I'm really

not in the mood for it this evening then

why don't we just go out for a coffee no

really I've promised myself an early


forty-two what should we do this evening


conversation listen

one how about coming out for drink with

me this evening I'd like that very much

thank you shall we say round about 8:00

fine see you then - why don't we go for

a drive in the country that'll be very

nice thank you I'll pick you up about

7:30 right see you later

3:00 do you feel like going into the


that sounds like a good idea thank you

let's make it 6:30 at your place that'll

be okay by me for would you like to come

to a party with me tonight I'd love to

thank you very much I'll call room for

you after supper okay

I'll be ready

forty-three complimenting people on

clothes conversations listen one what a

nice cardigan does it look all right yes

and it matches your scarf perfectly I

got it for 28 pounds fifty and a sail

it's incredible - I say I like your new

raincoat is it a good fit yes it looks

fabulous it only cost me 29 pounds

wow that was very good value

three you're looking very smart in that

new jacket does it suit me yes and I

like the color too you know I only paid

27 pounds 75 for it you got a bargain

there for that's a very nice blazer

you're wearing do you really like it yes

and it goes well with your new pullover

- you'll never believe it but it only

costs 29 pounds 50 very reasonable

indeed 44 the weather conversations

listen one fairly mild for the time of

year yes quite different from the

forecast they say we're in for snow

let's hope he keeps fine for the weekend

- it seems to be clearing up it makes

cheap doesn't apparently it's going to

turn colder still another month should

see us through the worst of it

three nice and bright this morning yes

much better than yesterday the wind will

probably get up later as long as it

doesn't rain for it's good to see the

Sun again a big improvement on what

we've been having it's supposed to cloud

over this afternoon I didn't think it

would last


The Description of English Speaking Situations - 44 Topics