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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WWE’s Carmella & R-Truth Ready to Kick Nick Cannon’s A** ? Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

Difficulty: 0

(mellow hip hop beat)

Uh, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, uh

- Alright, I got both of you up here, no way,

alright, two, alright.

Uh, uh

Mella, you look like you need some help

This (beep) so black, I thought you showed up by yourself

(crowd grumbling)

(bell dings) (laughing)

Hey, hey, hey

You heard of Dance Break

Well, allow me to teach class

I'll take my foot

And break it in your scrawny ass. ♪

(bell dings) (crowd groaning)

- I believe him.

- That's your new wrestling move?

(crowd laughing)

I ain't (beep) you.

(crowd laughing)

Hey yo, Nick, I'm confused

I don't really see the plan

Where they hell did you find Beenie Man? ♪

(all laughing) (bell dings)

- Nah, I got you.

Look, after I say this here man

You might get mad at me

But with that skirt on

You look like you're wrestling with your sexuality

(crowd grumbling) (bell dings)

Yo, yo, he gon' talk about my kilt

Don't get me worked off

I could (beep) your momma

Without this skirt off

(crowd laughing) (bells dings)

(sharp laugh)

- Uh oh.

- What up ladies, let me get Justina.

Right here, Justina. (crowd groaning)

- Uh oh. - In the ring, Justina.

Get these part, okay, here it goes.

Yo, right now you need to get Cook right

If Orphan Annie (beep) black guys

This is what it look like

(crowd groaning)

- Okay, okay, look. (buzzer beeps)

- [DJ D-Wreck] Eh, a little shaky.

I'ma tell the whole world how you really a trick

How you got up on this show

♪ 'Cause you (beep) on (beep) ♪

(crowd groaning) ♪ Thinking that you hot

I'ma tell you that you not though

You let everybody put they meat up in your taco

(crowd cheering) (bell dings)

Wait wait, wait wait, Nick tell the truth

Nick Nick tell the truth

Were you being patriotic

Or like the way she red white and blew

(bell dings) (crowd cheering)

- Oh, that's a bar, that was crazy.

You thinking that your cute

Hoping I might go last

You such a thot

You Jennifer Ho-pez

Girl please, my flow is too strong

They call you MyVerse, ♪

I'm the whole (beep) song

(crowd cheering) (bell dings)

- Finish her!

- I'll see you next time, Justina.

- It's okay, hey yo, DJ D-Wreck.

- Yo, what up?

- Cut the beat.

(rhythmic air horns) (crowd cheering)

- Respect me.

- Oh, really?

- Nick, you think you bad, but you really my son

since you wrap your head like a girl,

come get slammed by one.

(crowd grumbling)

- Okay, let's go (beep). (bell dings)

I'll see y'all later, who won?

- Conceited, you look like the most gangster smurf

I've seen in all of my life.

(crowd laughing)

You are so tiny that T.I. calls you his wife.

- Oo. (crowd laughing)

(bell dings)

- Hey, yo, Charron, you always a trip,

it's ironic you mention T.I.,

'cause your mother's always on a tip.

(crowd cheering) (bell dings)

And then you said he calls me his wife,

man, that's no biggie, well you such a white bitch

that T.I. calls you Iggy.

(crowd laughing) (bell dings)

- Oo, bitch.

- Hey, yo, Ron, listen, I know you like the rapping,

but you so dark, you make Michael Blackson

look like Michael Jackson.

(crowd groaning) (bell dings)

(laughing) - That was crazy,

that was crazy!

- You so short, you get off the bus

and bump your neck on the curb.

(crowd grumbling) (bell dings)

- That's true, and whenever you're watching wrestling,

you're always in the background,

no wonder this the wrestling episode,

'cause I bring your girl and I give her the Smackdown.

(crowd cheering) (bell dings)

(rhythmic air horns)

- D-Wreck, who won?

- I gotta give that to the Red Squad,

what y'all think, Red Squad?

(all cheering)

- Help, help!

Wild out, wild out

We gon' wild out, wild out

We gon' wild out

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