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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND ON CAMERA!! (EMOTIONAL)

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her setting up a big surprise for Liz and I have to go over to Liz s and

convince her to pick up the phone when car closer and that we're going out so

that will end up bringing her here for the big surprise but look they're

sitting out with candles around the pool

I'm going to go to Liz's house now are you ready are you ready Millie ready are

you guys ready

wake up wake like you knew her

I just don't me should go somewhere you I thought you said that you would you

know well my older thought okay let's go wait I have to tell you something uh I

have to tell you something yeah what's that Hardison text me you

what is he even saying respond to him that mean so hi hey sorry about today

didn't mean it already okay let's question mark I don't respond you

couldn't text them and just like explain that you don't he's been calling me but

I haven't been picking oh did you watch that video there you don't know Carter

made whatever it's not experienced yet but um maybe you should pick up the

phone usually you told me not to what yes you did what okay

this thing on alright guys what's up what's up Liz's

vlog what's up Liz's Channel so this is Liz's camera and it's about 8:30 or

something at night and I have a plan I have something huge so if you guys have

been watching the last few vlogs you guys know that this tried to ask me out

and it went really bad and I even made a video because it hasn't been texting me

at all for like a couple days now she's not returning my texts or like answering

my phone calls or anything like that so I made a video says I made this video

and it's called Liz please watch this and it explains everything I don't know

if she watched it cuz I was looking to see if she commented but I didn't see

anything so but in that video I was asking you guys I need help what can you

do what can I do like give me ideas of how I can get Liz to come over and then

what can I have here I wanna have a huge surprise here waiting for her that she

can walk into and that's how I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend because I

was that was the whole thing she tried to ask me but I didn't want her to ask

me I wanted to ask her and what it make it do some huge special thing but I

wasn't ready so she kind of beat me to it that's where all the problem started

so that's where I am now so I looked at so many I read all the comments on the

video that I posted and you guys had such amazing ideas I read through so

many of them and it kind of combined pieces from all of your ideas so thank

you so much for commenting on that video on my channel it's gonna mean so much to

me it's gonna mean so much to Liz and so I'm just getting started I'm gonna need

a lot of help to get this up but here is what we're looking at right now guys we

have a bunch of candles here and I even have candles that'll float on the pool

and I'm gonna put the pool lights they can change color so I might do like red

or blue or something and I also have like 2000 rose petals and it's gonna be

awesome a little update on my life is that right now I'm just like upset with

Carter because he lied to me he tried to like ghost me and I caught him in the

act of trying to go so just sketchy so I'm just gonna like get him off my mind

and go out and like we're gonna have like a girls and I asked your me phone

we're going some pizza and like just like laugh and

have a good time also if you guys haven't noticed yet there are a lot of

things happening right now on our end and we have so many things coming out I

have like new brand new merch coming out for you guys and I'm just super super

excited about so you guys could you go you guys should go check it out also

Kelsey's right next to me but you're not allowed to see her face but yeah if you

guys have like a best friend comment down below who your best friend is my

best friend is Kelsey well it's really Millie

but yeah Kelsey told me if I told you guys that Kellis it was my best friend

she would give me $100 that's all reason why I said it

but yeah comment down below who your guys's best friends are cuz best friends

are awesome because what would you do it without your bestest friends ever like

what would I do I've Riley here all alone and like mope around because I'm

mad at Carter because he used to be my best friend but now he's not mad at him

all right guys if you guys want to come along with me comment down below but I

feel like it might be kind of boring and guys this is only part of the setup I

have is a lot more to it it's gonna be so amazing I think liz is gonna be so

happy so thank you guys so much again for commenting on my channel all the

great ideas you have so now I see to go return Liz's camera back to her place so

she can have it but don't let her see this footage you

know what I mean so this to me so I made this is gonna be a huge surprise liz has

no idea what's going on and I actually don't even know a whole lot I've been

actually talking about Kelsey he's been kind of keeping me updated of what liz

is doing but she has not been texting me so

wish me luck guys I'm gonna finish this set up I want a time lapse it and then

once it's completely set up to come over here you can just talk to Carter because

you don't know maybe he just talked to result because you did like in you still

like him a lot seriously all I wanted

all I wanted was Ruth boy every girl out there just think nothin I gotta talk to


but it knows I'm not worrying about them okay Carter how we looking

I think it looks pretty good I think liz is gonna like it

guys we've been setting up for the last like but now it's been over an hour yeah

it's been maybe a couple hours this was not an easy setup and he's not gonna be

an easy cleanup either but it's gonna be totally worth it liz is so amazing she's

so wonderful and she's also upset so this needs to be extra super amazing for

her and I just want to make this like the most special day for a life that

she'll never forget for the rest of her life

and I think that this is gonna do it so Ryan the next step is now that

everything's set up is we need to get Liz to come here okay how do we do that

so let's go inside we need to call her I don't think she's gonna answer guys this

is probably they're gonna be the hardest part is getting Liz to actually I come

here so I'm gonna call her let's see it's me yeah it's ringing on speaker

hello okay okay Serena

come on ervice Oh No okay seriously though we should just go

to dinner okay she didn't answer so the other thing is that I've been working

with Kelsey so she came over earlier and I told her to get Liz to like answer the

phone so hopefully Kelsey is working her magic right now so it was good actually

answer he doesn't answer them this is just gonna sit here she'll never see us

we have to get her here it's super important so I'm gonna try calling her

again and if she answers I'm just gonna like

make it sound like it's a kind of emergency and she's to come here right

now there's no time to think just get here now that's that's my plan so if we

can just get her to walk through that door all of this is gonna work perfectly

got it it's good let's try calling her again

we're Carter's calling me again pick it up pick it up I'm doing it for you if

you don't do it I'm scared hello

um Liz you need to come over here as soon as you can it's an emergency Liz I

don't have so much time to explain but just get here as soon as you can it's

super important tell you but just get here now okay oh man where is he

as house Treecko okay well we can just take my car it's good I hope I hope so

okay okay so now you need to get ready yeah we need to get ready so let's go

okay let's do it doors are shut

let's get up light okay we're here come on let's go what the gates open okay

guys come up here on the rooftop I'm just waiting for Liz to come over see

the flowers work her way out to the back yard to see the pool to find the message

and then hopefully understand the riddle work her way up the stairs and find me

up here waiting for her kind of nervous because yeah there's a lot less to do to

kind of understand what is going on to make her way up here but if she does I

know it's gonna be like the most epic surprise ever

I walk over this way to look over the back and see the backyard so let's see

if we can see the pool at all so there's the pool you got the letters for the

candle lights and the message is right here you can't really see it because

it's so dark but that's where it is

it's like there's like a trail rose petals oh look at the pool it's like all


whoa it's like a carpet of candles oh wait what's going on no signs of

lives right now so we got to just keep waiting but I think she'll be I think I

hear whoa do you see the pool it's so pretty

wait where is everybody where's Carter Carter because you know

what's going on

no wait it says look up

don't see anything what is all this this is like crazy there's candles I know

look it's real candles that's so cool I didn't know candles blow this is so

pretty the pool looks so pretty lit up it looks like a bunch of stars so you

look good with the stars maybe I don't understand what's going on what is this

what is all this here's like rose petals everywhere this is so cute

there's no slip implant it says look up I don't see anything

Carter okay how's this working she made it all the way out to the backyard I

found the pool which is the easy part she found the message and she read it

out loud kick hear that she read it doesn't look up si means the wind didn't

blow the lows the leaf rose petals away and now she just needs to figure out

what lookup means which means come for the rooftop

I'm in a good position she might be coming up here any second kind of

confused Carter is anybody should round

I'm so confused yet let's take a lap around the pool the candles go all the

way around the pool there's gotta be at least like a hundred candles like there

are so many candles you know like I musta taken so long to light up all

these candles I still don't understand what it means like if I look up Oh what

wait there's a rooftop let's go check it out I'm starting to get nervous guys I'm

gonna be standing here inside of a heart made of Christmas lights with flowers


beating out of my chest wait there's rose petals on the stairs I think I'm

right god I think she's coming I think she's on her way here this is the moment

of truth right now guys it's just so nervous it's just so crazy here she


did you find me okay so I got these for you yeah they're really pretty aren't

they you see the heart of everything in the

backyard yeah because you're the most amazing

girl I've ever met and I always had so much fun with you every day

he just means so much to me I had so much fun we went on our dates and our

first kiss and everything and I know the last few days we're like crazy but

hopefully this will explain everything because I wanted to ask you first

every time like Carter's in line tweets because he was setting all this up

because he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend before I asked him to be my

boyfriend oh my god that's so cute that is pretty special

check out my new girlfriend she's so cute isn't she

the world's Keita's girlfriend go on a date or did we get spaghetti and then

yeah well then I'm sorry the first night is boyfriend and girlfriend and if you

thought the surprise was over Liz you're wrong oh wait there's no work with

something downstairs waiting for you okay let's go find it oh I'll show you

you can give it away surprises

you wonder woman came out if the beat drops into the lights maybe and you

didn't tell me all I had to get you ready and then tell them to pick up tell

you to pick up the phone otherwise I wouldn't be here it's so cute I'm so

happy and now I have a boyfriend we can film so many cute boyfriend and I have

pizza so I gotta go you thought but comment down below what twin of videos

Carter and I should do as boyfriend and girlfriend and I'll see you guys next

time bye

is one

thank you guys so much for watching and make sure to stay tuned for our movie

coming out this December bye guys