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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: どうやら今日は子猫が一緒のベッドで寝てくれるみたいです。

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There is a cat looking at me from a distance.

Shima, what's up?

Maybe Shima sleeps with me?

Recently, Shima has sometimes come to sleep in my room.

I like playing with Shima like this~

Shima is grooming the part I touched...

In fact, Pomu was next to me.

Pomu is shaking...!

Pomu, you forget to store your tongue~ lol

I'm getting sleepy...

Today, Pomu and Shima sleep together, so I can sleep well.

Shima is becoming to like me little by little.

Bye now!

The Description of どうやら今日は子猫が一緒のベッドで寝てくれるみたいです。