Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Helper Rank Has Officially Been Removed!

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Yeah, you read the title right helper rank has been removed! You don't have to play hypixel every

day to know that there are staff ranks, helper was once one of them. You probably noticed the

lack of helpers recently. A few days ago I made this video speculating about the removal, two days

after this video went live we got this someone asked: "Does this mean that the staff team will

no longer be voluntarily?". Frozen the community manager replied: "Yes some point in the future

we will no longer have volunteer staff!". I know it doesn't directly say that helper rank is gone

but he is clearly hinting at that. You probably think right now but there are two volunteer ranks,

yep that is true mod or moderator rank will be removed in the future. As you can read here:

"sometime in the future we will be officially phasing out the moderator

rank". Let me know do you think it's a good idea that they removed the helper rank?

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