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what can i do for you today

Uhh... just wait one sec.

McDonalds Worker: Sure.

Passenger: Ok, go, go, go.

Uuuh, excuse me?

Do you guys have any like... tacos on the menu at all?

McDonalds Worker: No... :3

No, you don't?

McDonalds Worker: We have wraps, like chicken wraps...

Uhhh, no, I just, eh, I'm feeling taco.

That's alright I'm not gonna get anything then, sorry.

McDonalds Worker: Alright no problem! :D


McDonalds Worker: Alright

That's a good cheat...

that is soo much egg

If you keep asking for tacos every day then they're gonna be like "what the fuck?" :o

(laughing) I'm just gonna keep asking for tacos

I have-- I have a feeling

Dude, that guy sounded like Matt White

I don't like it

Quick... quick, quick

Alright, let's go, go!

Dude, he just gave them their food already

That guy-

dude that guy's not even cl-

we're fucked

Nah, just stay here-- will you just stay here for me?

I'll stay here, but somebody's looking at me

Oh, he just gave him money... :O

Alright... give him the change, asshole

No, definitely not-- oh what the fuck dude

someone just hopped out the fuckin' window

No, not yet, not yet

this is priiimme.

You still gotta wait, though, don't go immediately

'cause they'll be like "oh, there was supposed to be another car that was supposed to go by"

Dude, this guy is not getting his change back

Oh, he just did.

And we're good, dude :D

Aw dude, they're swapping toys up in here? :o

Love it

it's just creepy

you gotta, like, turn off this light

Wait, wait a little bit!

Hi :3

is there a straw in here?

Ok thank you

Asthma attack and laughter X3

You got it all on film? (yeah I got that whole thing, dude) Awww, sick

Alright, go back and watch it

Should I just end it now?

So we got fries

Oh dude I got a big burger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So we got some fries and some nappys

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