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All: NBC!


Alisa: Who's gonna be more famous, Jay or Eddie?

Sarah: I vote, I vote Eddie.

Alana: Jay.

Alisa: I vote Eddie too.

Look at that face!

Alana: Jay.

Alisa: No way! Eddie!





Oh, this is great!


Hello, good to see you!

Alana: She's psyched!

Hi everybody!

Good to see you!

Hello Anne!

I am so excited that you're here!






This is a display to...commemorating the people at NBC News who have died in the line of duty.

Bill Sedman...Steadman excuse me.

Up here, he was at the World Trade Center on 9-11, taking care of the tower,

the top when the planes hit the buildings.

David Bloom, who is a very good friend of mine,

as a correspondent, he was covering the Iraq War.

He did live shots going across the Iraqi desert and David

got a clot in his leg that killed him, he was only 39.


There was something called the Jonestown Massacre, back in...

Jimmie: 1979.

Exactly. Very good.

We unfortunately lost a cameraman and a correspondent

in a shootout at the airport and Bob Brown and Don Harris.

Bob Brown was the cameraman, Don Harris was the correspondent.

Anne: And so these are all some of the people that we've had the pleasure to work with and

who we love in and who we've lost, so.

We have to remember that sometimes things do go wrong and you always

have to be aware of that, so we remember everyday.





Wow, look at that!

Look at that!

Alana: Oh my god!

Watch when it comes down.

It can come down, it can go up, and it's like it's flying

through the studio that's that shot.

Alisa: Look at that!


Anne: You can see that, that's what.

Oh, look how beautiful this is, it's so cool!

Wayne: We should get one of those, Alisa!

Oh look, this is really where I belong!

(Alisa laughing)

Three, two...

Welcome to Ablevision Nightly News!

I'm your superstar host Jimmie!


Hi, welcome to Ablevision Nightly News!

Welcome to Ablevision Nightly News!



I'm here to be here for the first time on NBC! Wow, incredible!

Nightly News with Anne Thompson and the rest of the cast.

Anne: As it should be!


Brian might have an issue with that, but I like it!


I've seen you all on TV!

Are you having a good visit?


Is Anne being nice because she's not always nice, I'm teasing.

Alana: Brian, I love you!

I love you back!


Everybody say "Go Yankees"!


How did the Red Sox do this year?

Annie: Oh, he's mean! Mean, mean!

It nice to see you, I've seen you on NBC Nightly News though.

Good seeing you too.

Oh yeah, we have that in common.

So, how long you've been working here?

I've been working here sixteen years.

I've been in this job for five years, that's a long time.

I started when I was two.

Zach: I heard this thing before!

I'm teasing you.

How long have you been on television?

You've been working on TV for a while.

Six years!

Six years! well, there you go, there you go.

Are you happy you visited us today?

We're very happy you visited us.

I'm very happy to be here!

Good, it's a cool place.

I love this place!

I did too! Everybody loves this place it's 30 Rock! It's got a skating rink out back.

I love it!

Christmas time come back and see us, we got a tree outside and it's fantastic!

Yeah, this is awesome!

Thank you.

Thank you for your time.

Alisa: Chrissy, ask him what his favorite story that is he ever covered.

What's your favorite story that you ever covered?

Oh boy, you know what? I watched the Berlin Wall fall down,

I've seen happy things, I covered Katrina that wasn't so happy.


I covered the White House that was prettty exciting

because you get to fly in a better than average airplane.

So, I don't know what my favorite would be because unfortunately

in my line of work so much of what I do is sad it's

after something terrible has

My favorite is interviewing Kevin James.

Oh, is that right?


I like him.

That's my favorite.

I just saw him on TV the other night, he was "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".

Yeah, I was one of the people who paid money to see that movie

so Kevin James if you're out there, seven dollars please!


Eight dollars!


I get the Senior Citizen's Special, you don't!

What is it like interviewing Obama?

Oh, he's a interesting guy, of course I never thought

I'd get to meet any president, so that's...

I want to meet him, that's my dream!

You will, well, look I think if you play your cards right you're already on television,

if you play your cards right you just might meet him.

He's got to come to Massachusetts.

I want to go there and meet him.

All right, we'll see what can we do.

You drive a hard bargain.

She drives a hard bargain.

Jimmie: How thou true.

I love to go there!

All right, well, I think if he knew about Ablevision,

maybe he would want to participate, all right?

Sounds good!


Thank you for your time.










Anne: They're from Ablevision!

We know!

We put your name out there!

Anne: They're the reason why it said, "Welcome Ablevision".

Alisa: Oh, thank you!

And they put up the heart.

I'm in charge of all the technical stuff and the crew that all work together to make

sure that the producers and the director have everything they need for the show.

And while we're on the air, I sit here and

I help cooridinate, bring in all of the live shots,

all the people who are on the show, who aren't here, they're not in New York,

they're all over the country, all over the world in some cases, and they're here via satellite.

I help to work all that out and bring them into the show.

Alisa: How do you keep track of everybody?

I have lots of people who help.




It's nice to meet you!

Have a good bus trip home!

Chris: We will Anne, we will!

Now, don't wash your face because Brian Williams kissed you!

I am not! I am not!

Have a good trip!










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