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uh he has two proposals so two new proposals that he

just uh released earlier today so we're gonna talk about that

and then we're gonna do q a actually we're gonna listen to uh trump too

because trump trump is getting a little he's getting a

little angry now a little frustrated but i think his

frustration we'll we'll talk about it but the

frustration is is not directed at the right place in my

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more people in here okay so there are two things let me see

here yeah we'll break it down this way all

right guys so we're going to go ahead and talk today about the coronavirus

assistance for american families act so this is

mitt romney and he authored this bill with

our this proposal with marco rubio bill cassidy and steve daines

so it's interesting how how they're doing this and

we'll we'll talk about it because i think it's kind of

i don't think it's a good way to go about things

and i'll explain that but basically what they want to do is

they want to have a thousand dollar stimulus check

so for per individual so instead of the 1200 they want to be a thousand

per individual and per dependent so if you have dependents

so if you have let's say a family of four you're going to get four thousand

dollars so that's the way they want to work this

so everyone gets a thousand dollars and the reason why they want to focus on

this focusing on it like this is they want to focus on family so

instead of doing individually 1200 stimulus check

and then 500 per dependent they want to focus on family so give everyone a

thousand dollars it sounds good if you have a family if

you have dependents it makes sense but if you don't it doesn't make sense

right and for a lot of people they'll look at

it and say well i don't want this because

i'm losing 200 out of the deal if i don't have a family if i don't have

dependents and so i don't know how far this is

is going to go this is kind of an alternative to

what we're looking at now and if you look at the numbers

the the cares act if if you're looking at the cares act or looking at the

the heels act so the karzak and the heel zack are the same when it comes to

stimulus checks uh relatively the same there's a few minor differences but

the the heels act right now twelve hundred dollars per individual

so for husband and wife twelve hundred dollars for both of you guys so that's

twenty four hundred dollars and then 500 per dependent so a family

of four that's thirty four hundred dollars if

you're looking at this uh mitt romney's proposal you're looking

at a thousand per individual so it's four thousand dollars so you're going to

get more with romney's proposal for a family of

four now if you're looking at the heroes act

so we can't forget about the heroes act because

although they're not going with the heroes act it still comes into play

because you're going to have you're going to have democrats that are

going to be pushing for what the heroes act had when it came to

stimulus checks so when you look at the heroes act is twelve hundred dollars

for individual and twelve hundred dollars uh for dependents

up to three dependents so if you're looking at a family of four there it's

forty eight hundred dollars so you can see that uh even though

the mitt romney's proposal looks good it looks better than what the heels act is

offering it's not it doesn't look better than

what the heroes act uh was offering so just to kind of give you

guys uh an idea but i i think it really it's really

gonna hurt it's it's gonna be a hard sell for for

an individual because they're gonna look at it and say well this is not

this is not what i want you know we're going in the wrong direction

i don't know why mitt romney didn't try to go

keep it at twelve hundred keep it at the twelve hundred dollar stimulus check

and do it just like the heroes act twelve hundred dollars

for individual twelve hundred dollars for uh for dependent

or you can even i don't know get a little tricky

twelve hundred dollars for individuals eight hundred dollars for dependents

i don't know i just i think by them doing it

by them doing it this way it really makes people feel a little weird like

i'm getting less for a stimulus check instead of more

that doesn't make sense to me so obviously the focus is on family and

that's what they want to focus on but i i i just think it kind of

it it doesn't it doesn't feel right it just doesn't feel right to me i can tell

you that i don't have a family of course but

so of course i would want more but it just doesn't feel right to go

in the in the other direction they should have worked it out a different

way like i said give everyone twelve hundred dollars

and then give dependents 800 instead of 500 or something like that

or it just feels like you're still getting the same amount that was

proposed initially you're not losing out on anything and

the dependents are getting a little bit more i think it would have been a better

a better sell that way so let me know what you guys think in the in the

comment section below uh also in the chat let me know what you

guys think about that the next thing i want to talk about uh

this is uh so mitt romney and i believe he's the only author on

this bill maybe susan collins is also a co-author but uh

mitt romney is trying to the the real big issue right now the real big fight

is the enhanced uh unemployment they can't figure out how to work this

like the right now the heels act they want to go with um they want to go

with dropping it from 600 per week to 200 per

week and so what what mitt romney wants to do

is he wants to adjust it now it's it's unclear here and i have to do some more

research on this because what he's talking about is he's giving

the states an option so giving them two options

because what's what's happening is you have

you have senators right now saying that are

with the hills act 200 per week for august and september and then in october

do 70 of their wages so

the only problem with doing 70 of their wages the unemployment offices

they need a beefed up system in order to be able to calculate

all this stuff and that's the whole reason why they're doing the 200 right

now for the the two months because they want

to get these unemployment um departments up to speed so they they're

they'll be able to do these calculations and so what mar what mitt romney wants

to do is he wants to start it so august would be 500 per week

and then in uh september will be 400 per week and then in october it will be

300 per week that's one option uh the other

option would be eighty percent so it would be

eighty percent of your wages so it'd be a little bit more than what the heels

act is uh it will be offering um in in october

and then give two billion dollars to state and local government so they can

update their systems so that's that's his plan

for the enhanced unemployment but right now the enhanced unemployment is is the

big issue because it expires tomorrow and i was just

watching earlier on the senate floor of course you have

um you have mitch mcconnell on his side you

have chuck schumer on his side they're going back and forth

on the floor and they did vote uh to to proceed with an emergency

uh enhanced unemployment uh i don't believe they're working tomorrow i think

they're off tomorrow i was gonna check that right before i started

uh it's easy to do you just go over to the senate website

and it will tell you what's on their calendar if there's nothing on their

calendar guess what they're not going to be there so i i

didn't get a chance to check before the show

but i believe i believe they're they're not going to be there tomorrow

we'll see but i mean we'll know because it

it would be unfortunate if they weren't at work tomorrow because tomorrow

is the expiration date it would at least look good if they were there trying to

do some some work for the people but we'll have

to see how that goes okay we have a super chat

susan thank you for the super chat thank you very much susan i really

appreciate that all right thanks for being you thank you

for liking me being me i appreciate that all right so those are

the two items that i wanted to talk about today

and i want i want to i want you guys to let me know down below let me know in

the comments section how you feel about these things

i don't know how far they're going to go right now the negotiations are so

just they're so stalled that i don't think they're this is going

to go anywhere and it's unfortunate but that's just the way

it is like you you have you you don't even have

people meeting um and and i've talked about this in the

last couple of videos that uh mitch mcconnell is not even

meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer actually

chuck schumer called him out today about that the fact that that mitch

mcconnell's not even meeting with him i mean they're they're going through the

white house at this point trying to negotiate something

and it's funny i'll show you a clip right now

trump is very very you know he's very animated and upset

and he's he's focusing his anger on the democrats

when and i'll play the clip so you can listen to his

his demands or listen to what he's concerned about

and he's concerned about the things that the republicans aren't doing

so he's lashing out at the democrats but his fight is really with the republican

senators just listening to the topics we'll we'll

i'll play it right now and then we'll we'll talk about it on the other end let

me go ahead and get this going

so that you don't get evicted you work on the

payments to the people and the rest of it was so far apart we don't care

we really don't care we want to take care of the people the democrats aren't

taking care of the people the payments aren't enough the payments

aren't enough you understand that they're not making the payments they're

not making them high enough the democrats are not taking care of the

people nancy pelosi takes care of herself but

she doesn't take care of anyone else you look at what's going on with humor

so when humor and pelosi can get together and take

care of the people we'll do something in the meantime we

ought to stop the victims because that expires very soon so we

want to stop the eviction

all right so you guys saw that and the the the craziest part about it is

all the demands that he's making all those the things that he's talking

about the eviction moratorium that expired uh last week the eviction

moratorium they've been talking about trying to

extend this democrats have been on board like hey we need to extend the

the eviction moratorium uh so people won't be getting evicted and and

the republican senators they didn't even put it in the heels act

it's not even a part of the heels act and so i don't know how they're going to

extend it at this point they're going to have to have some kind of emergency

something but that that issue is with the republicans they didn't want

to address that and they didn't put it in the hills act

um the the heroes act actually has funding i think 200 i want to say 200

billion dollars for housing and part of that was was going to go

toward the eviction moratorium and mortgage

forbearance and things like that and so trump is really upset about this but he

needs to look at the see what's going on is you have the white

house you have the democrats and then you have part well

you have a large group of senators republican senators

that just don't want to hear any of this stuff and you heard he said you know

we're just we we don't even care about the other

stuff so he's talking about direct payments that's what he's talking about

direct payments evictions and we don't even care about

the rest because the republicans are not on board

the republican senators aren't on board on a lot of this stuff

and so uh he's frustrated but he's frustrated with the wrong with the wrong

people uh just in my opinion like i've been

following this debate ever since we received our first

stimulus check and the things that he's putting out

there right now are things that the democrats are on board for the only

reason they would not be on board is if they want to do the piecemeal and

do little bits and pieces and that's what if you listen to to

the way trump is is talking that's what it sounds like he wants

he wants this this slimmed down version of you know he wants to just address a

few things at a time which really is not a a good strategy

because the democrats don't really have to move on this

and the reason i mean the the the way that this thing has been set up

in a lot i mean it's just been allowed people have been allowed to or people

politicians have been allowed to just sit by for the last two months and not

do anything and so because of that now there's a

sense of urgency but there wasn't a sense of urgency when

the democrats put something forward when they put the heroes act forward

it wasn't addressed and now all of a sudden it's like oh there's an emergency

we have to we have to get going and how dare the

democrats not do anything well i think the the average person will

look at this and say well you know what you guys took two months to do nothing

and say you wanted to wait and see but now you want to you want to move all of

a sudden you know this this week you want

everything done and now you're not going to be able to get everything done so you

want to do little bits and pieces well if you do little bits and pieces

guess what a lot of stuff is going to get left out and then you

lose that leverage so for example we have some super chats let me give

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he's saying that trump said today that he wanted more money uh to

the people okay he did say that check out my video check

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and i gave my strategy or my strength i gave my

opinion as far as strategy and so go over there check it out i i you know

it's it's an interesting move uh that he's

asking for this because understand that he he could have

uh let's see he could have demanded this in the in the bill right

in the in the proposal so i just think it's interesting now

that he's he's really pushing for this uh right now when

he could have pushed for it before so that that's pretty interesting

let's see i can't do two things at once or at least i can but you know it's a

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it out i appreciate that make sure you go over there if you if

you checked it out you didn't hit that that button that uh like button please

do that please do that but uh yeah just just to

piggyback on what you were talking about yes

he did talk about the he wanted a bigger you know bigger stimulus check so he

wants it more than 1200. the reporter asked he asked him directly

do you want more than 1200 and this was actually this was yesterday

i believe this was yesterday yeah this was yesterday that

that she asked him that and he said yeah i want i want more

than 1200 i want it bigger than 1200. so that's good i mean

it's good that that he's saying this now and like i've said this plenty of times

you have to understand who the players are

he is he's on the sidelines right now so he's trying to

he's trying to root for more when it comes to a stimulus check

but he is not he is not a legislator so he's not going to be

the one that that well ideally they're not

they shouldn't be drafting bills but we we we kind of know that

in this bill the the white house took a big part in

drafting a lot of this stuff in this bill which is

i mean generally you have that separation of powers and you have that

for a reason because you don't want to have allow the

executive branch the what you know the white house the

president you don't want to allow him too much power and so you do your own

legislation legislation as a legislating legislative

branch i don't know why i can't say that word

as a legislative branch you do your own work

and then you can send it to the president but it looks like in this

situation a lot of this stuff was was done by the

white house stephen mnuchin mark meadows played a real big part in

determining what goes in this bill so

i understand having them work together but

the reason that i know that they were drafting

a lot of the bill is because of the whole fbi bill building

that really you know they showed their hand there because

if you if you didn't catch it actually if you watch my video you'll you'll see

what i'm talking about but um mitch mitch mcconnell didn't even

know that the fbi building funding was in the proposal

and he was questioned about it and he was like

huh and really it's in there i didn't know

he didn't say i didn't know but he he said i don't believe it was in there

is it like really this is your bill you should know what's in your bill but

and then he openly opeland openly just said

like yeah you know this is something the white house

you know put in and this is something that they wanted and

and then and then deferred to the white house as far as

further explanation because of course the press jumped on that they're like

what this is your proposal you don't know

what's in it like are you for it and he would not he would not answer

that question if he was for it or against it

he's saying that you have to ask the white house and

that that's a that's a huge breakdown when it comes to government and

you know i i'm look i'm uh you know i i major in political science so i'm

really big when it comes to government and their role and everything

but that's a that's a big a big problem when you when you as a

legislator you're deferring your your job

to the other branch i mean you're giving them too much power or you'll have to

you'll have to ask them about that if they

you know no no you're the legislator you're the one that's going to be voting

on this proposal they're not voting on it the president

will sign off at the very end but this is this is your job

you're not doing your job and you're diverting your job to someone else

so yeah that's that's not a good thing all right so yeah so we'll we'll see i

mean yeah i would chris chris brown right

here saying 2 000 for single and 500 for dependence i mean that would

be a better that would be something that sounds good

right most of us would be able to jump on board with that

um but if you i guess you're saying we're focusing on the family but you

know what if you're if you're a family husband and wife two thousand for the

husband two thousand for the wife there's your four

000 right there and then you get the extra 500 per dependent i think that's a

good a good framework and it looks good

and it would satisfy what trump wants more

um i'm sure the democrats would be fine with it

but i don't know how much the democrats are really going to push now i i don't i

just uh i don't know it's going to be

interesting to see how they roll this out because

if they do do something more as far as a stimulus check

they they know that they're they're they know how trump is going to react to

that like oh this is all me when in reality if if we get more for

stimulus check it's not going to be the republicans

it's going to be the democrats because the republicans have already

said there's like 20 republicans right now if

not more that don't want a stimulus check they

don't want a stimulus package they don't know why we're even having

these these this discussion right now and they're very upset about it so and

that that's the the reason for the hold up right now and

that's the reason why i think trump is so frustrated

and he's has to lash out but he can't lash out

you know to you know against all the republicans because then he really won't

get anything uh but that's that's the holdup

they can't they can't come together with something because if you really if you

really had the republican support

then you don't need the democrats you don't need them at all and actually you

can put pressure you can do just like nancy pelosi did

you can put pressure on the house to do something and the way that you do that

is you get your proposal together you have the majority

in the senate the republicans have the majority in the senate call it to the

floor vote on it approve it send it to the

house guess what now the ball's in their court

now the ball's in nancy pelosi's court now she has to do something with it and

if she doesn't then she's going to look like mitch

mcconnell did a couple of months ago when he said up we're just going to wait

and see and now they can't wait and see we can't

wait and see because things are expiring enhanced unemployment's expiring

the the eviction moratorium has expired already

we have ppp is expiring in august august 8th

what else i mean there are different things that are going to be

we're going to be losing and so things have to happen now

so if they had the numbers that's what they would do they would send it over to

nancy pelosi and now she's forced to to address it

and she's forced to make these different decisions but

they don't have the votes to even get it approved they need the democrats to

to come on board and that's why they're doing the negotiating right now well

that's why the white house is trying to negotiate with the democrats right now

whereas mitch mcconnell is he's he's not taking part in the negotiations so

we'll see where it goes but it doesn't look good

it doesn't look good right now and like i said when it comes to piecemeal when

it comes to doing these little skinny you know

skinny bills or whatever you want to call them

or it's just going to be like um we'll address the enhanced unemployment and

stimulus checks and then we'll and that'll be one bill

and then we'll address you know the what else is on the table

liability protection and something else and then we'll address just keep doing

all these little bills the only problem with that is things

will get left things will definitely get left out

because you have to have something to go to

negotiate with and so if you don't if you start

breaking things up you're you're basically giving uh

um you're giving mitch mcconnell what he wants

and that's what he wants and it's it's it's this

basically what he has done and if you watch you watch the way he

responds on the on the on the senate floor he's really frustrating he's like

this is an emergency we have to get this done right away and you know democrats

are sitting on their hands and all this stuff

but understand he sat on his hands for two months and so now there's

this sense of urgency he wants to get things done right away

but guess what you waited so long and now you're upset

but really you should be upset with yourself because

you waited this long and so now you're going to blame

the other side which i don't know we'll i don't think it will work i think

there are too many eyes on it right now i think in the past it probably would

have worked because people weren't even paying attention

but now that everybody's watching and they know and they're like where's my

stimulus check i don't know how many people have asked me that

uh where's my stimulus check where's my stimulus checking they were asking a

couple months ago when the heroes act was passed

people are they're tuned in they know what's going on

okay if you guys have questions we'll go ahead and open up questions so if you

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yeah you know and another thing about trump

he never says an amount right he's always saying it's going to be big it's

going to be big but he gets pressed on the amount and he

never wants to say the amount or he'll say

um he'll how did he say it oh as far as like it's

being negotiated you know i can't i can't tell you if i tell you then you

know it gives it gives it away to the other side

and all this stuff but yeah he never says an amount

uh so tammy and i don't know if you're asking about

uh mitt romney's proposal the thousand dollars

so that that the requirement would be the same so

tammy was just asking is it gonna be the 40 000 uh cap

uh so 40 000 or less no it would be the same as the cares act the same as the

heels act so the 75 000 or less you get the full amount and then as you

move up uh up to 99 out between 75 000 nine nine

thousand that's when it starts breaking down uh

so for a couple be 150 000 or less

you get the full amount

uh eighteen hundred dollars a month yeah i don't think we're gonna see

monthlies i think those are those are gone but something interesting

just to not to you know we're thinking far ahead but um

you know joe biden is running for president we all know that

and a couple of days ago on one of his uh cards that he has you know when he

brings out to read or to do his uh speeches

he had uh kamala harris on there uh her name on there with a few little

bullet points and so we all know kamala harris is for

uh two thousand uh two thousand dollar stimulus checks monthly

so i'm just saying it could be a situation if we haven't

found a vaccine by the by next year early next year

that could be talked about again if she happens to be uh the vice president

is what i'm saying so she is on the short list for vice

president so if that does happen i mean we could potentially see it even

if it doesn't happen if we're not out of this by

january 20th of next year when if if if there's a situation where let's say

trump does not win and we have biden coming in with a new

administration it could be very possible that this

whole debate this whole talk about stimulus checks can continue

and uh if you know a lot of times what happens

and this could be one of those situations where people are fed up with

the whole government as a whole and that really

um that benefits that benefits the people who aren't in

power basically so you have republicans are in power this you know

they're in control of the senate you have the presidency you know

republicans are in control of the presidency that will

hurt them the most if if people look at government and say you know what i'm

just tired of government as a whole so they'll get the president

out they'll get the sen the the senate majority they'll no

longer have that majority so you might have a sweep where you have

democrats in control of all um you know all branches of government are

the two branches of government so there's three branches but i'm just

saying those two branches executive and legislative so you still have the

you know supreme court so judicial branch which

right now is being controlled by the conservatives but

when it comes to the to the executive and legislative you can have that being

controlled by uh democrats and if that's the case

there could be a situation where this question comes up again next

next year and if things are not better we do not

have a vaccine we could potentially see something come

from that all right let's see here

yeah you know i had someone ask me or not ask me they actually made this

comment so which would you rather i'm i'm going

to ask you guys just let me know in the in the comment section

i'm actually going to ask you guys two questions so the first question

is would you rather see more in a stimulus check

or more in the enhanced unemployment so like 600 per week in enhanced

unemployment or would you rather see like a 2 000

stimulus check or even a 2 500 stimulus check

just a one-time check so let me know down in the in the

chat which you guys would like and then also

i have my lights are my lights on no they're not okay so let me know

what color you guys want me to change the lights here are my colors right here

so you guys can see him and i'm not doing pink why is this not focusing

there it goes all right those are the colors

and no pink and some of these colors i don't even know what they are

um yeah uh but anyway when i say i don't know what they are

you know what it's kind of weird but i don't know if this is a guy thing but

yeah like teal i've i i've heard of it before but i

couldn't tell you which color is teal and like all these different colors

variations of purple yeah i don't know it's kind of crazy i need

help um so yeah let me know right would you

rather have a stimulus check or would you rather have

the uh would you rather have the enhanced


all right let's see here i'm gonna go all the way down the bottom and then

i'll work my way back up so yeah just let me know up

i just just skipped through here we got a bunch

two thousand dollar check let's see a lot of people are saying two thousand

unemployment unemployment okay the reason that i asked that is

because something that i wasn't even really

thinking about when it comes to unemployment

the only problem with getting unemployment is you have to pay taxes on

it with a stimulus check you don't so

if you get a stimulus check you're not going to have to pay taxes on that

that's a tax credit it's for it's it's it's advanced to you

so you don't have to pay any taxes on it but with it with the

unemployment you have to pay taxes on it so just something to think about like

i mean this could be part of the negotiations too like

which what is more beneficial to the average person is it more beneficial

obviously you're going to get more money in the

enhanced unemployment but you do have to pay taxes on that whereas you can get

a 2 000 check and not have to pay taxes on or

2 500 check and not have to pay taxes on it

i just think it's uh yeah it's something to consider right

something to think about all right but a lot of you guys are

saying stimulus and i do see someone and then again you

have to understand the stimulus checks go to everyone or

almost everyone whereas enhanced unemployment is only

going to go to the people who are unemployed

so that's another thing so i'm hearing green

i'm seeing green i'm seeing purple i think i saw blue

yeah purple purple purple you guys like this purple

that's what i had it out yesterday

not true david tell me why it's not true jason

don't just say that because i won't know i can't remember what i said

so tell me what's not true yeah

all right yeah let me know wrong about the tax thing i think i think

let's see enhance unemployment was tax free i know because i was getting it

so well i know i know unemployment is taxed

so are you saying the enhanced unemployment just the

600 is is not taxed i know the other port the state portion is taxed

i know that for a fact i learned that the hard way when i was a young kid

and i got unemployment i didn't know and didn't know i had to pay taxes on it

and was like what i owe money at the end of the year

yeah so i know that portion at least but if you're saying the 600 i'm not i'm not

100 sure on that

let's see but nonetheless i mean you have to pay taxes on

on unemployment

so would it be more beneficial to get a lump sum of

money for stimulus check or even for the year if you got

1200 at one time and then you get 2000 or 2500

another time would that be more beneficial

to you people are still saying pink you know what i'm gonna try yellow that's

i haven't seen too many people put yellow but we're gonna do yellow

actually i don't know if that's is that yellow

this is uh yeah we'll do that we'll do that that's that yellow is good

thank you who said yellow i can't see who was it i lost them

orange it's almost orange oaky kind of the orange yellowish kind of

vibe yellow tea monster we're going with tea

monster today all right so if you guys have questions

just put it in the chat at tec fifteen thousand dollars a month

for one year wow yeah that's that would be rich

that would be good

all right

oh we got over a thousand likes cool thank you guys very much for the likes i

appreciate that if you guys are here and you haven't hit the like button feel

free to do so also if you are new if you guys are new

here hit that subscribe button we're going to be doing late night

stimulus check talks on a regular basis so i'll do it at

least four times a week um

monday's for sure every monday i'll be doing it live

but uh the rest of the week it's kind of up in the air depending because i do

have to still go to work come home and then if i have some time i

can sit and and we can chat especially if

there's stuff going on if there's like some

some real good information that i that i want to share with you guys i'm

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channel you're going to know if you hit the little bell notification you'll know

because i'll give you i'll give you a warning and also if you

join the discord if you join the discord you'll know

because uh it gets it gets posted in there

automatically okay sherry what's going on sherry i'm

disabled on ssi i appreciate any extra money that i can

get to help me keep my bills in good standing yeah so

hopefully helps on the way i don't know where everybody's trying to try to

figure out this timeline like when when would we be receiving anything um

and and i agree with most people if if it's done by august 7th which is their

target right if it's done by august 7th signed by

august 7th then it's probably going to be the last week

of august that we'll start seeing things we're i'm looking at about two weeks

about a two-week period where they're gonna have to get

everything together and then start sending out checks now

not everyone's gonna receive it at the same time and like if you're

you are an ssi if they go with the same kind of the same pattern that they did

that they did before ssi did come at the very end of the

direct deposits so they went with 2018 2019 tax filers

first and then they started to roll out the

social security ssi ssdi so and then they had you know

different time periods where you needed to add stuff into the portal and all

that so if you guys receive the first check you

guys know what i'm talking about but uh yeah i think it'll take at least

two weeks before they can get us the first

checks and then from there then we'll see

we'll see you know we'll probably see checks coming out further

all of september after that

all right come on man don't post this spam

no need for that let's see

september or october

yeah that's probably good i mean that i would say that

august early september probably around the time that's if they can get things

done before they go on recess they can get

things done in august that's not a guarantee

the way things are looking right now i don't know i don't know what's going to

happen but things aren't looking they're not

looking good but this is all i mean this all could

have been avoided and that's what really upsets me about everything miss

happy apple thank you for the super chat thank you very much um

this all could have been avoided that that's that's the the part that that

really rubs me the wrong way and when i listen

to mitch mcconnell it it's upsetting because this is the

same person that wanted to wait and see and i don't care i don't care how you

feel about mitch mcconnell you have to look at the fact

and all you need to do is go back to may 15th and listen to his words

right after the heroes act was was approved

and sent over to him just listen to what he says that whole time from may 15th

until july we'll even say late july or everyone won't say late

july we'll say mid july and that's when mid-july's actually when

trump started to come out saying yes you know we're going to get more

stimulus checks and all that stuff then you start hearing mitch mcconnell kind

of come out and say yeah we're going to when we come back we'll

we'll discuss it and because even before then he

he was not on board like fully on board for another stimulus package

and he said the whole plan was when they came back from recess

in late july july 20th they would see if there's a need that

was their thing they would see if there's a need for another stimulus

package so he still was not 100 on board and

then when when trump started kind of putting it

out there like yes more stimulus checks and another stimulus package the white

house start coming out and saying yes there's gonna be another stimulus

package well guess what then he changed his tune

and now he was saying yeah there'll be another stimulus package

for sure but we need to figure out you know the details and all that

and so he waited around and he even had an opportunity

and if you if you if you if you're new to my channel

watch you know take a little bit of time and watch a few of my videos back

in june and you'll see because i talked about it a lot like

in june or june and july like early july we got our job numbers in july early

july right that first week of july that first thursday the jobs numbers

came out that's what they were waiting for

according to mitch mcconnell and some of the other republicans they wanted to see

what the jobs numbers looked like because

jobs numbers looked good in may they wanted to see to see how they looked in

june or in july um did i say that right yeah

the jobs numbers in june look good for may and then the jobs numbers

in that they were going to receive in july looked good for june

but they just wanted to wait for those numbers to come in and so when those

numbers came in early july they were on recess

or they went on recess but they had an opportunity

at that time to come back because they already had that information that they

were waiting for but they didn't come back they just

waited until the until the 20th so they could have come back a week

early and guess what we would have been probably had a deal already so

the the urgency was not there until they came back

and it really still wasn't there that first week they came back it so wasn't

there it wasn't the urgency wasn't there until they put

the proposal on the t on the table on monday

and then now there's an urgency and now it's just you know how dare you guys

not do anything with this and you know it's everybody's fault but there's

no it's it's mitch mcconnell's fault

let's see uh once the senate and congress agree on a bill

and it goes to the president if he does not agree

and not sign the bill can it become in a stalemate well if

if the if the president decides to veto this bill

which he's not going to i don't care what go

what comes before him he's not gonna veto it

uh it would just be it would be political suicide because it we already

know it's gonna have a stimulus check in it we know that for a fact

and so because it has a stimulus check in there if he vetoes that that's

it's a done deal as far as you know his political aspirations

from this point on so he's not going to he's not going to veto it and he

actually his red line is no longer a red line his red line was

payroll tax cut it's no longer a red line it's not even in the bill

so if there was a situation where he decided to veto it it goes back

to congress okay it goes back to the senate goes back to the house

they can they can override his veto with a with a two-thirds vote

uh in both the senate and the house the only problem is

you have a lot of senators that don't want they won't get the two-thirds

they won't get the two-thirds because you have senators right now

republican senators that don't do not want a stimulus check

or stimulus package at all they don't even care

and you have to understand another thing too not all these senators are running

for reelection you only have i believe it's about 26

republicans it's either 23 or 26 republicans that are running for

re-election and then uh 12 democrats so not all of

them are running for reelection so some of them you know they they have

that that opportunity to just say you know what i don't care i don't want

to vote for it i'm not going to vote for it

i'm going to vote against it so they could put i mean if it got to that point

like i said the president will sign whatever comes

in front of him he's going to sign it and if it's not what he wants as far as

the stimulus check he's just going to blame the democrats that's what he's

going to do as far if the stimulus checks aren't

more than 1200 she's going to blame the democrats

oh we just need to get this done they don't want to work with us this

this that so that's already going to come out but the

the the only only issue with that if that stimulus check isn't as good as

the heroes act the stimulus check and the heroes act

well they really don't have any they don't have any leverage to say well

it's a democrat's fault well the democrats wanted 1200

stimulus checks for both dependents as well as

uh individuals and we're passing a 1200 stimulus check with you know for

individuals and then 500 for dependents so it's it's different

it's not as much even if they go with a thousand

per individual thousand per dependent it's not as much

so you really don't have that arg you really can't make that argument

i i shouldn't say that you could make the argument but if

people look into it they're going to realize

hey wait democrats were asking for for a better deal

or wanted a better deal

okay let's see let's see let's see

all right guys any other questions go ahead and put it in the chat

my chat just froze right now okay let me see

no it's been doing that a lot lately where it will freeze up

jason thank you for the super chat jason let's see david i sent

a screenshot of the 600 on discord okay i'll check it out i'll check it out and

you're sending me that saying what it's tax-free is that what you're saying

i think that i think that's what you're saying and that would be great

but i do know the other portion is not tax-free that's for sure

so you do have to pay taxes on some of it

but yeah that is good if it is if it is tax free

let's see

yeah who's saying this uh bride's biscuit

they don't care about kobe 19 they're corny chaining

in the mansions with the servants yeah and and and i think you know

i i think the solution to the problem is the virus

that that's the solution taking care of the virus i think we're focused on the

wrong thing we we want to force things back to normal

but uh we we can't get things even to

uh we can't get things back on track until

we address this virus and if we have to wait that out

then unfortunately we have to wait it out like we cannot force our way back

in you see you see right now sports teams and stuff trying to

baseball or you know trying to get things going and people

are still getting the virus and things like that

so it's going to be very very hard for us

to to force our way back into this whole thing i mean you guys saw um you know

r.i.p to herman cain you saw he passed away

uh today and you know that that's crazy and i i'm trying to think

i can't think of anyone that well known that's that's passed away

you guys don't have to remind me in the chat if i'm missing someone but

a pretty well-known person right 999 we all remember when he ran for for

president and

yeah he was last seen at a trump a trump rally and after that i don't

know if he you know there's no way to prove that he

got covet 19 there but soon after that that's when he when he

was when he tested positive and then from

that point i think he was in the hospital for like a month

and he's at that age i think he was at 74 75 years old

and unfortunately he uh i think he had some pretty

pre-existing conditions but still i mean it's it's just a crazy thing

but we have to fight the virus people see this

and they know that this stuff is happening so who's going to feel

comfortable like there's a lot of things right now that i don't feel comfortable

doing and that's because of the virus like i

love to travel you guys know that check out the title

of the of the you know of the channel but

i don't feel comfortable traveling right now i just don't not outside of the

country like not any long distance i don't even feel i

don't even feel comfortable traveling if i had the choice like if i'm going to

i live in southern california if i'm going to vegas i would drive

i'm not flying where normally i would fly

because it's 45 minutes and i don't even you know

i i used to love and this used to be like my my

i used to go to vegas all the time actually i went to college in vegas but

even after that i would go to vegas that was like my weekend getaway

and i love to fly because you can get out there in 45 minutes and then you can

you still have the rest of your day to to to enjoy

whereas if you drive it's like three and a half hours four hours

by the time you get there you're you know a little tired you've been driving

all day it's just yeah so i'd fly all the time

but now you wouldn't catch me on a plane not

even that short of a distance

uh let's see angela's saying the six hundred dollars is tax

too okay yeah and i don't know i don't know i

i i would i don't know how yeah i would think that they would tax it

they taxed the other half why not tax this i don't know but

um just just be careful if you're receiving that money

you might want to talk to a tax professional when it comes down to it

all right

and chris is saying yeah yeah ted cruz doesn't want a stimulus yes

he's one of the people that's very vocal about not wanting

another stimulus package stimulus check or anything like that

uh i i you know i don't know how

i don't know how people look at that i don't know like politicians

i would think they would be looking at their their constituents and looking at

their their states and and i mean he's from

texas texas is not doing so well right now

when it comes to to the virus and everything like that so

uh they're they're they're having to modify restaurants and bars and

so people are really struggling in his state

and he's still adamantly against you know a stimulus package i don't know

like it's it's it's interesting to me

all right all right guys we'll be on for oh wow it's already one it's already uh

an hour so we'll be on for five more minutes guys

i'm gonna have to get over to the discord so i can uh

chat with people it's funny because i know what

any time i say anything in the chat now i'm going to tell you right now

the first time that i chat is not going to be the cash app okay

because it's funny when i start chatting because it shows you like when you start

chatting it'll say like someone is typing

and then you just see all these cache apps cash app ids come out

so when i go over there the first chat is

it's not going to be it's not going to be the uh

the cash app id uh let's see ken and santa have family in texas uh

they tell me about 5 p.m well it keeps moving by 5

p.m it's a ghost town yeah that's crazy

yeah i i really think i mean i guess we're kind of in a situation where

there's not much we can do well there is we can

you know we can slow the spread uh by wearing a mask and washing our hands and

doing doing those little things but we're not

gonna be able to get rid of i don't think we'll ever be able

to get rid of this virus but we could at least get it under

control and that's going to be the key to

to us getting back on our feet i guess you could

say let's see here in alabama there is no drinking

alcohol after 11 p.m that's deborah saying that okay that's

interesting what is this wearing goggles thing i saw

someone else say that jennifer's saying that uh

uh faux she's saying that we should be wearing goggles

i have not heard that but i'll you know have to look

i don't i haven't done much much it's it's it's crazy because i do spend

a lot of time doing research for the stimulus check stuff

but uh that means that i i i don't always be i'm not always able to

see all the other stuff going on especially with the the kovid 19 stuff

all right let's see let's see okay guys any other questions

we'll be on another three minutes and then we're gonna head out

i really appreciate all you guys stopping by uh and if you have not hit

the like button please do that please do that i really appreciate that

uh that will help us when it comes to royce and face shields

okay so yeah i haven't heard anything about wearing

like face shields and and stuff like that

but it's kind of weird i remember the first time i guess we're getting on this

whole covet 19 thing i remember the first time i went to a

grocery store and this is a big chain

grocery store and i walk in and it it it was costco so it was a big

you know big costco's um and i have to say that just because

it's kind of like weird like in a warehouse right

and you're and i was walking through and they had these speakers

and the speakers were saying that you know like

where your your mask your your uh your face coverings and all that but it

was the weirdest feeling it was like i was in a movie

like i'm watching one of these crazy like pandemic movies

and it just it was a weird feeling this is the first time now it's like normal

like i go and it's not a big thing and they don't even have to

announce it but they had this speaker just repeating this

uh and so it was it was just it was a weird feeling and then you're walking by

people and i don't know about you i don't know

how you feel but i feel kind of like disconnected from everybody like

not in not not feeling comfortable engaging with people

talking and you know it just it feels weird it does feel weird now i wear a

mask don't get me wrong i wear a mask i want

to stop the spread but i'm just saying it feels a little

weird like when you're as far as interacting

with people and stuff like that you feel a little weird even when you're like

talking through a mask it feels a little a little a little strange


all right guys looks like we're about gonna wrap it up here

yeah like i said i appreciate you guys all stopping by let's see we got one

more thing why nobody is talking about the essential workers

yeah johnny you know i i agree when it comes to essential workers

it's unfortunate and that that's like i was saying when they're talking about

doing these little skinny bills uh doing little

piecemeal put two things together and then

get that pass and then put two more things together and get that pass

the main reason that they want to do stuff like that is because they don't

want to address some of these things like essential workers

the democrats have it in the heroes act and they want it they still want it

but the republicans they didn't put that in in the heels act

that has never been anything that i've heard mentioned

from uh the republicans i was even interested to see

they didn't put anything in the heels act that was like a

back to work bonus and i know that that that you know that that's kind of a you

know hard how can i say it that wouldn't work

either because it's kind of a slap in the face

or it is a slap in the face the people have been working this whole time

which is interesting because mitch mcconnell did mention that in his speech

yesterday if you guys didn't catch my live stream

yesterday watch my live stream you don't have to watch the whole thing

but watch just the portion where mitch mcconnell was speaking

uh because he did talk about that as far as you know it's kind of a slap in the

faces people have been working this whole time

and you have people who are on unemployment making more money than them

and you know he's kind of like playing it

that way but when it comes to you know saying you know what we're

gonna take care of you we know you've been working hard and we do know that

these people on unemployment were making more money than you so we're going to

give you a bonus for you for for your hard work

but yeah it's not being talked about right now

it really isn't so i don't know what i don't know what i don't even think

right now they're even focused on it when i say they i mean the democrats

aren't focused on it right now because they can't even get through the easiest

or i won't say the easy stuff but the stuff that they

thought would be a little bit easier like the enhanced unemployment

and the i don't think they're really even discussing the stimulus checks

either i think it's mainly in it the enhanced unemployment and then

the liability protection they're just not they're not for it and

the people aren't really for liability protection uh they're not

because the way it was was designed is a little bit i don't

know like it's it's not a

it will allow like malpractice like in in in a doctor to do

it it's it's not it's not just cover related basically so it's

any malpractice so it's like well hey like if it's not even related you're

telling me i i can't file a lawsuit because of this bill

that's a statement you know that stem from

covet 19. so the the vast majority of people are

not on board when it comes to liability

protection and mitch mcconnell just he wants it

he wants it bad so they're not they're not even on the same page

they haven't even gotten down to some of these things like hazard pay and stuff

like that all right guys we're going to have to go ahead and take off because i

got to get over there before it gets too late

so i'm telling you guys go over there join the discord

and uh we will talk to you later i'll probably be back on well i'll be back on

on sunday sunday and monday i'll be back on live

i'll be putting out a video every day so i do daily videos as well so you can

catch those and i might do i could potentially do a

live stream on saturday as well i haven't decided yet

but i will definitely let you guys know thank you for stopping by

hit the like button on your way out subscribe if you're new

talk to you later bye

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