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- [Narrator] With a servo motor,

you don't just give it electricity

and have it spin endlessly.

You also need to give it a control signal

which says to which angle the driveshaft

on the servo should rotate.

Tell it to rotate to 180 degrees, it will.

Tell it to rotate to 20 degrees

and it'll go 160 degrees back the other way.

Also, most servos don't rotate freely over 360 degrees

like a normal motor.

The simplest way to use a servo motor is to have it set

to it's minimum, median and maximum values using code.

Remember though, servo motors are not particularly powerful

and won't be able to lift large loads.

To connect a servo motor to your Raspberry Pi,

find the three jumper wires extending from it.

Different makes have different colored wires

but you can be fairly safe in assuming that the five volt

or power wire will be red

and you should connect that to pin two.

The ground wire will be black or somethings brown

and can be connect to any pin marked GND

on your Raspberry Pi.

The remaining wire will be your signal wire,

which you can attach to any numbered pin.

Just remember which pin you are using for your code,

if you don't copy the diagram shown here.

In this example, we have wired the servo to pin 17.

Once you have wired your servo to the Raspberry Pi

you can test it's working with this script.

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