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Hello everyone, welcome to this lesson, my name is Michelle. In this lesson, we are going

to learn some very interesting tips about learning English. I'm sure you've seen so

many lessons on YouTube and maybe you've also attended some lessons in the classroom and

you've learnt multiple ways of learning English. Everyone has something different to suggest.

But in this lesson, I've decided to reveal my own personal English learning hacks that

you can apply to learn English. Of course, you know that English is so important. Over

2 billion people use English to communicate with each other and over a billion people

can speak English fluently. No wonder you can also be one of them. So please keep watching

to learn the best tips to learn English.

So the first very useful tip that I have for you is, focus on your learning system rather

than on your goals. What are goals? They are wishes actually. You know and there is no

way of achieving them without an organised learning system. But what do I mean by a learning

system? So a learning system is a dedicated number of hours that you decide to spend every

week to learn English. But there should be some organisation in this learning system.

So maybe one week, you wanna focus on fluency and some speaking and the next week you want

to focus on grammar. Maybe the third week in the month, you wanna focus on listening

skills or reading skills and the last week writing skills. This is going to evenly distribute

your time while learning. Because it's very important to focus on the learning system

more than the goals because this is the correct way to achieve your aims. Of course, if you

say that you know I wanna achieve the B2 level in English and write the IELTS exam, that's

just a goal. What you need is a learning system and a dedicated number of hours that you wanna

spend. So do some classroom learning. But other than that make sure you do your homework

and do some fun activities as well like watching your favourite TV show in English or may be

listening to your favourite song. So make sure you have an organised learning system

and not just wishes or goals.

Active beats passive, and we all know that and this is the second tip that you must follow

to learn English better. So basically, you know about what are productive skills and

what are receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening, where you receive

information and productive skills are writing and speaking where you produce the language.

So it's very important that you be an active learner and not just a passive learner. I'm

sure you are already listening and reading English but when it comes to producing English,

most of us are very hesitant because we are worried about the fact that whether we are

correct or not. But actually, you don't have to worry about it. There are certain things

that you can do to learn English that can really help you to be an active learner. But

there are also things that can demotivate your learning process and that could be maybe

you listen to BBC every day for 15 minutes but then you switch it off. So what's the

whole reason for listening to it coz you are not producing anything? You are receiving

information but you are producing nothing. It would be much better if you give yourself

a task after watching BBS for maybe half an hour. So maybe you want to summarise the news

that you've heard. Maybe you wanna write it or share the news that you've heard with any

of your friend or somebody you know. Thatll help you produce the language. Or if you are

following a discussion in the classroom and it's like a group discussion but you are not

participating and instead youre thinking about a date later in the day that you have

to go on. So that's really bad. Its important that you participate in all the classroom

discussions and may be if the discussion is about New Year resolutions, you sure want

to find out about your friends New Year resolution and participate in the discussion, so that

you are an active learner and not a passive learner. So make sure that you are very active

while learning English and don't focus only on passive learning.

The third hack that I have for you to learn English is, that you focus on fluency first.

Yes, you focus on speaking first before worrying too much about grammar because if you don't

speak you do not learn and this fact is 100% true for English. So it's important that you

focus on your fluency coz that makes you feel more self-assured and confident about learning

English. And importantly if you've been away from the game or if you've been out of the

game that is if you've not been speaking English for a while, then you must start by interacting

with the people around you and starting to speak English again. You know what, speaking

English is more like cooking a meal where fluency is the raw material. So if you don't

have the raw material you cannot add other ingredients. But if you have the raw material

that is fluency, you can think about adding other ingredients like vocabulary, pronunciation

and grammar, of course not salt. Im sure you don't salt with your gerunds. So if you

want to learn English, start with fluency and start with speaking.

Learning English is a bit like learning how to dance. Yes and that's the 4th tip that

I have for you. So you know what when I started learning salsa, my teachers could have just

sat in an office or in a classroom and they could have given me a lecture for 90 minutes

about dance. But thats not what they did. Instead, they taught me how to dance. So right

from the start, the lesson was very interactive and I wad connecting with my teacher. But

why was it important for me to start dancing in the classroom? My teacher made sure that

I was dancing and not sitting in one corner and that I was participating regularly because

my teacher wanted to find out what was my level. Had I not been dancing, she would not

have known my level of talent. The same way, if you are not participating in your English

language classes, then possibly it'll be very hard for your teacher to find out your level

of the language. And maybe, they start the book on page 1 that you are reading. Maybe

you don't even need that. Maybe you are already at page 5. But how will your teacher know

that? for her to know this, you need to start speaking English so that she gets to know

your level and that she can give you the correct guidance, right from where you need it. So

please speak more English in your classroom coz it's just like learning how to dance.

Think of yourself as a language detective. Yes, this is the 5th learning tip that I have

for you to learn English. What do you mean by being a language detective? Who is a language

detective? Well observing and noticing is still very important. So that's why you should

hear your teacher very carefully in this classroom or maybe while watching a YouTube video like

mine. You must hear me carefully and look for words that you can steal or may be verbs

or phrases that you can steal from me and use for your daily interactions. So maybe

the phrases that I or your teacher uses to talk about their weekend, maybe they have

some really cool phrases that you can use to talk about your weekend to your friends.

Or what about their grammar pattern? Maybe you could notice the grammar pattern that

your teacher uses and how about linking words? You know they are really easy to catch. Words

like you know, how, how about it, well, okay. All these words are really easy to catch and

you can use them to talk in your everyday English. They will be real, really helpful.

So be a language detective and steal these phrases from your teachers for your usage.

Do you see learning English as a cost or as an investment? If you don't have an answer

to it, then let me answer it for you. Learning English is an investment in yourself. So even

if you are spending some extra money to learn English, it's alright, you should be proud

of it. Or maybe you're also consuming some bandwidth to learn English from me, don't

worry about it, you are using your time and money at just the right place. So make sure

that you consider English as an investment, you consider learning English as an investment

and not as a cost. Because it has the potential to make you the person, you want to be. It

will be the bridge from who you are today to the person you want to be tomorrow, it

will help you experience new cultures, new people and new relationships. Surely learning

English includes a lot of growth as a person and it will also get you new job opportunities.

So learning English is an investment and not a cost.

So here we are at the end of this lesson where I've shared with you some interesting hacks

that you can apply to learn English. English is the lingo or franc that you can use to

connect with people from different parts of the world and if you are interested in connecting

with them, then make sure you follow my tips, they are gonna be very productive for you.

And don't forget to subscribe to my lessons. I'm Michelle and come back in the future for

more lessons and more fun learning with me. Thank you for having me, I'll miss you, bye.

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