Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PAPER MARIO • Happy Music Compilation

Difficulty: 0

The Sticker Fest (Sticker Star)

Main Theme (Color Splash)

Port Prisma (Color Splash)

Town of Toads and Stickers Decalberg (Sticker Star)

Fight! (Color Splash)

Tilt Island (Super Paper Mario)

Bloo Bay Beach (Color Splash)

Sticker Battle (Sticker Star)

Ruddy Road (Color Splash)

Snow Rise (Sticker Star)

Daffodil Peak (Color Splash)

Cherry Lake (Color Splash)

Blue Skies White Clouds (Sticker Star)

The Juggler (Color Splash)

Event Battle (Sticker Star)

Lineland Road (Super Paper Mario)

Sunglow Ridge (Color Splash)

Mixed up Scramble Trio Battle Theme (Paper Jam Bros)

Onstage at Oceanfest (Color Splash)

The Rampaging Din (Sticker Star)

Minigame (Paper Jam Bros)

Lemmy's Grand Finale (Color Splash)

Brobot Battle (Super Paper Mario)

Snifit or Whiffit! (Color Splash)

Gooper BlooperMedley』 (Sticker Star)

Papercraft Battle (Paper Jam Bros)

Spectacular Finale (Sticker Star)

Staff Roll (Sticker Star)

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