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the Holy Spirit came to me and he told me various things and he is with me

what we don't know is that the Holy Spirit is not subjected to nobody - no

personal the Holy Spirit is not subjected to to the control of humans is

a spirit and it comes from the Father in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit is it

creates the Holy Spirit come form the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit

our experienced love when you do love when you love people is not about sex

sex is another form of creation Oh God made the man in the women so they

can create and they can love each other but both the Holy Spirit Tomita he's not

subject to no person you cannot say oh look at here look at their sometimes I

asked the Holy Spirit but why how are you like Jesus Christ gave His life so

we can gain his spirit when he left to the heaven he gave power to humanity to

receive His Spirit to receive his spirit so when when I haven't experienced that

wing when the Holy Spirit came to me it was supernatural to do wanna feel

some supernatural because because it's like if you had to be clean because like

we have negative thoughts when everything started

Adam Eve especially if because I'm a woman she was talking with this serpent

in this serpent told to her lies about God and it is torn image the story

distorted her reality she was like this daughter so the Holy Spirit was moving

around let's say that the Holy Spirit is God

right now let's say it is God but is 3 person that's why is to differentiate

but God is the Holy Spirit but the father is is there in heaven because the

father you can now you cannot approach the the father God like that without

cleaning your spirit the Holy Spirit is holy is clean it is love it's gonna come

for you it's gonna come for you it's gonna you're gonna learn a lot of truth

with the Holy Spirit but what I don't know is if the Holy Spirit live

we cannot say we cannot reject the Holy Spirit we cannot say the Holy Spirit is

gonna do these that that no we cannot say that because we are not the Holy

Spirit we had the Holy Spirit I don't know if the Holy Spirit leave and I'm

not gonna answer that because I'm not God but I asked that every time you know

because we come here same sometimes but the Holy Spirit confirm that the Holy

Spirit is God they give you the Holy Spirit now now that you become God no

because you keep being a human in this life so you have to are like a human you

know you have to be human the basics you have to be compassionate with other

people and everything but when the Holy Spirit came to me it was one night and I

fell I felt I felt the true-true I had and then I felt like it was coming

to me like water and I felt we are I felt we are and then I thought we will

comfortable and I feel like happy I don't know how to describe it but you

gonna know when you receive the Holy Spirit and then and then he she talked

to me because he because I'm a warming I heard sometimes like he sounds like a

woman but is he John Sam and it was so beautiful because he told me to repent

and to pray and they didn't know how to pray he was about couple of years ago

like 2017 soon tonita when i first first first knew that it

was the Holy Spirit in them she says Christ like they did on the Sun of

Christ she's right she says come after but the Holy Spirit you have to defeat

differentiate because it's the Holy Spirit that gonna be with you it's a CEO

life he's gonna he answered you have you pray to God he answer you he taught to

you he come for you he make you feel good he make you feel if you're a pain

to God because the Holy Spirit if you don't read the Bible through your own

pray if children do nothing yeah you kind of feel like very sad because if

you have the Holy Spirit you gonna constantly

when a beam is war in the world God and Jesus Christ is these three parts so

it's one but two differ in see a history person M yeah Jesus Christ is God but he

came as a human he came as a human to feel everything like those so oh so

that's why they I'm some right but he told his disciple you don't believe that

the father is in me and I am the father and the father is in me and we are one

they during understand either but the way they were asked him asking and

asking and us that's how they knew but when the Holy Spirit came he told me I

have to leave so the Holy Spirit come to you and he gonna teach you everything

that I father is gonna teach you the Holy Spirit comes like a wing also also

really cool demos when he was talking with the Pharisee about the Holy Spirit

it was about the Holy Spirit was talking he was saying here on he was talking

about them died about the spiritual things with the Pharisee but he didn't

understand the Pharisee because they were too physical some people had to -

physical like they think everything is material like we are now or a living


so the Holy Spirit came to me through my head and I felt I felt and then he he

talked to me and he said to repent because I was and I know the knowing a

lot of religions but learning or the doctrine that was fake like fake

tottering like New Age you know that so many people were like that too they were

looking for the truth and they find many lies

we had the Sun like it is so it is not easy to talk about this Sajid because

some people start starts to giving opinions and they don't believe you when

you telling them they just want to send you to a psychiatric or something they

say oh you were doing minding indeed so the Holy Spirit came to me and I felt it

was so nice because he said something that was funny to when I was about to to

to bend my knee to pray because that was the first time that I heard that boys it

was so calming he said and he's they are preparing repent like like to to read

constantly I wish she subscribe we we got father and I way and bend my knee

right I bow down and and I start to I don't know how to say to press in a like

the Catholics right because I believe so I don't have a denomination yeah but

I'm a colleague so so I bend my knee and he told me oh you crucify me when I did

that cross in my head when I did presenation

he said to crucify me i that was so funny like I was gonna laugh but I was

so afraid that day because you thought you have somebody see this video and you

had the same spelling another thing as very Buddhist the same supernatural

experience please tell me because this is like he was funny like what he said

then after a few days dane idea I was Jesus that came because first of all is

the Holy Spirit that baptized you if the Holy Spirit AMA ties you then you cannot

because sometimes you can dream which is you can but if you don't have

supernatural Spelling's right there like like something like you feel when the

Holy Spirit with you you have been being baptized okay thank you very much


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